Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 2016 Term Break - 3D2N Staycation @ Equarius

During the one week term break, 3 days were spent on Sentosa Island, #TheStateOfFun , for a staycation @ Equarius Hotel. We managed to convince Xav not to hold a party for his birthday but chose a short staycation with the family instead, coupled it with an activity which he was longing for and was able to finally put an end to his 2 years wait.

We booked the hotel through Agoda, it totalled up to $500 plus for a 3D2N stay which we felt was quite reasonable. No regrets for choosing Equarius though it was further away from the bustling areas where Festive Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel was. The tranquillity at Equarius was very much preferred by me minus the blood sucking mozzies. Anyway, they have a shuttle service that goes in a loop between the hotels, which saves a lot of walking time and it's complimentary.

I was walking back to the hotel from Hard Rock Hotel, no mozzie repellent applied as I was at the pool before that and I did not want to wet the mini bus with us dripping wet from head to toes. The horrible mozzies had a feast on me! While I was walking, I spotted one sticking on me, near to my shoulder as I turned over to check if I was bitten as I felt irritation. I won't forgot that three big bumps !

Back to the hotel, it was definitely much more quiet than the others. The moment we stepped in, a big waterfall on the giant screen, gave us a relaxing welcome.


On all smiles !

You should have seen how Vera jumped on the bed with joy ! It was like as if she knew it was a staycation ! The very spacious room with a see- through glass panel that divided the bathroom and the bedroom.

The see through glass panel seems perfect to play peek a boo where Vera was happily playing with her bao bei (Daddy) , yes and this is how she addresses her daddy.

Playing peek-a-boo

The spacious resting area aka Don's bed. He had sacrificed himself to sleep on the couch so that the three of us had more space on the bed.

A rare photo without the kids.

TWG tea bags and bottled water were given.

The place where all kids will love because there was a bath tub !


Double love when there was a screen in the bathroom as well ! Our tv addict happily glued himself right in front of it.

We went out to the yard but could hardly stay for long as we did not want to be the feast for the  mozzies.

Holiday mood !

At the swimming pool, I liked it as the water was surprisingly not too cold. Lesser crowd but not too kids friendly as compared to the man-made beach pool, at Hard Rock Hotel. Anyway, we went to both on two different days. Vera was very spontaneous when comes to water play. I would say that she is a dare devil and would gamely try jumping into the water. As long as she could instructions well, I hope I can get her to start on official swimming lessons just like Xav by next year.


I tell you, once is really not enough. We bought a package of 5 sessions for Skyline luge. The korkor was happy as he was tall and independent enough to be on his own while meimei took her first !

All ready !

Wave HI !!

Vera was totally cool, no fuss from her and she was enjoying the rides !

The highlight of the staycation was at Ifly Singapore.

Someone was really excited about it, gave his brightest smile as he put on the suit, helmet and goggles. We purchased a package (The Adventures) for first timers, 7 years old and above. The package consists of four skydives.

I'm ready for my flight !

We topped up another $40 dollars on the spot for a 5th flight ! We hoped he had an unforgettable flight experience !

Ifly Singapore is located just right beside Beach station:
43 Siloso Beach Walk
Singapore 099010

And if you have missed out on my previous post on MOSH! ,

Singapore's First Digital Edutainment attraction is located At Palawan Kidz City, where Kidzania Singapore is located too. These awesome attractions are all located at Beach Station !

One of the evenings, after dinner, we managed to catch the Sentosa Merlion Magic Lights! It was beautiful but Vera was freaked out by the loud music.

From 4-31 March 2016. Every half an hour from 7.45 pm to 9.15 pm (till 10.15pm on weekends), location : Merlion Plaza. Tomorrow is the last day, do catch it if you are planning to spend a day at The-state-of-fun !

Pretty lots of fun even for Vera who was just 32 months ! We brought her and Xav to Adventure Cove too during the last Dec holidays. (To be blog later)

Have a great mid week ! Planning for some weekend fun out in the park should the haze is better ? Do check out my post on Forest Adventure or head towards Singapore Changi Airport T3 for The Great America Vacation Showcase .

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Jenn-mylilbookworm said...

Wow! The lobby is nice! Your room is HUGE! Got TV in the bathroom means doing business will take longer too! :P
But, really, so fun! I think X must hv enjoyed to bits! Happy Belated Birthday to X!

xavvy said...

Thanks for the blessing, Jenn !

LOLssss !!! too funny !! Thankfully the toilet cubicle is in a cubicle and not open with the TV right in front else I think I would faint from the suffocation in the shower cubicle! =P But indeed it was a really nice place to stay. =)

Bumble Bee Mum said...

OMG BATH TUB! That's all I need!!

Ai Sakura said...

so fun and that room is awesomely luxurious!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Jolin said...

What a nice staycation you had. $500+ for 3d2n at Equarius is a pretty good deal! I love how spacious the room is. Skyline Luge is one of our favourites when we are at Sentosa.

Veron Zhen said...

The Skydiving thingy looks fun! Happy Birthday Xavier! :)
PS. It will be tough convincing Adam not to throw any party.. He's already telling me what cake and theme he wants.

Pooja Kawatra said...

Happy 8th birthday to Xavier and your stay looks awesome. he must have been thrilled to enjoy his ifly session like a dream come true.

Unknown said...

The hotel looks awesome and you guys sure look like you had a lot of fun! Happy belated birthday Xavier! :)

-Priscilla @ Punggolbabies-

Shub said...

Happy Bday to Xav and staycay is a great idea to get the best of Travelling without actual travel.

May said...

Wah Xavier really had the time of his life! He did ifly, luge, mosh and got the biggest hotel room in RWS! Equarius is one of the nicer hotels I agree. Spacious too! Glad you had s great time.

xavvy said...

@ BumbleBee_Mum :I know right ! I am attracted by the most recent post you shared from your JB trip !

@ Ai Sakura Can't agree more !

@ Jolin : yes, it got to be Agoda ! Love it when we booked our rooms from there, we get to earn some points too to offset the booking for future bookings after accumulation.

@ Veron : haaaa give it to him heh .. in a few years time, he may choose not to celebrate it anymore. Thanks for the birthday wishes !

@Mumsand Babies, @ Priscilla & @ RainbowDiaries website: Thanks for the birthday wishes.

@May: lol he is the greatest on his birthday and yes got everything covered !

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