Thursday, December 23, 2010

Phuket - JW Marriot Vocation Club

Had an awesome 5D4N stay @ Phuket - JW Marriot Vocation Club (Mai Khao Beach) with the Hans and mummy ! Thank you my dear for giving me an official break. I'm off for the trip without my boys !

Day 1 - Free and easy as we went around exploring part of the club.

Welcome by the nicely folded towel elly. We couldn't help but take pictures with it.

Well, something that made me "WOW" was the bathroom in the masters was like bigger than my room with a jacuzzi tub !

The Hans upgraded the suite to the ground floor hence we had our very own swimming pool !

For lunch we had an Eat-all-you-can Ribs buffet.

Had a game of pool in the club before we went for dinner. Looks pro heh ? hahaha ...

Just next to where we stayed is Turtle village, where we can dine and do our shopping.

Day 2 - Discovering Phi Phi Island !

The adventure started at Boat Lagoon Marina. But weather hasn't been too good until we reached our last stop @ Khai Island when Mr Sun decided to come out !

Edna's gearing up herself !

Our first stop ! Gear up and snorkle ! The water here is not as clear as the next few stops which we went to later. Anyway, half way @ the beach, the rain came again =S

This is Viking Cave, where you will see traces from a very distant past, when Vikings were the master of the seas. Now, it's the swallows' bird nest empire !

@ our next stop (I forgot the name of the island hahaha)

Our tour guide gave us some bananas to feed the fishes ! How excited we were ! To be swimming among the fishes and the close encounter with them is really a memorable one.

These fishes are pretty smart ! They ate the bananas but not the skin hahaha

We get to see pretty nice corals under the sea !

Mummy doesn't know how to swim so both Edna and her fed the fishes with bread crumbs from the boat.
Took a rest and some pics before we left for the next stop.

Thai and International Lunch @ Beach Front Resort

@ the hidden natural paradise - Pileh Cove

Yay !!! I made it up the rope !

Jo is still trying hard !

Next stop was to Monkey Beach but due to the sea condition, it was pretty dangerous for us to go onshore. Hence, that stop was skipped.

On the sunny Khai Island after lunch ! 150 baht for 2 chairs and an umbrella ! and going to the washroom was sure pricey ! 20 baht ($1 SGD) !!! But I gotta go ! hahahha

Guess whose feet ?!

How sweet ! Am sharing coconut juice with Edna !

Day 3 - We went to the town area where the most happening Patong Beach is.

Had our lunch @ Le Siam before we hit the streets !

Busy beach filled with activities and the bustling streets just across the road !

Sending our greetings with Ronald Macdonald !

We went to Phuket Old Town as well.

It gives me a feeling like as if I'm in Malacca. They have more Chinese community staying in that area.

Pretty happening in school ! I wish I can go in and buy from the vendors !

In the evening, we went to Bypass Restaurant on our way back to the resort. The setting resembles so much to that restaurant which we dined in @ Hokkaido. Difference was, we had the pacific ocean facing us back then !

This is real nice ! It's fresh and sweet tasting !

We went back after a day of "sight seeing" and continued with our "shopping" at Turtle Village for that evening.

Day 4 - We spent some time in the morning at Mai Khao Beach.

Silly Edna loved to rub her head and mine together and laughed heartily ! Silly gal !

Went picking seashells

My usual practice ... drawing my own beach hahahah

This is "Serene's beach "

and spent the rest of the time suntanning by the poolside

and dipped in our private pool.

Day 5 - Its time to go back to reality and face my challenging Xavier ! How I miss him and daddy ! Was really hoping that he could join me in this trip !

And the two cousins were so happy and excited to see each other , that they hugged and hold hands with each other the moment they spotted each other !

and I guess Xav was the happiest upon my return as deardear told me, he was not bahaving in the usual manner he used to be during that 4 days ! Thank you to my dear for keeping the house spick and span and keeping Xav in good hands !

Am looking forward to our short holiday soon ! This round with the boys !

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