Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello, Two, O, One, Five !

Today is the last day of 2014. I am thankful for a fruitful and smooth sailing year, with the abundance of opportunities be it on blogging and my expanding oily business with Young Living Essential Oils. Along the journey, I am happy to befriend more fellow parents and parent bloggers who have shared with me their parenting experiences and of course forging new friendships with new people whom I have met and guided along the oiling journey through my sharing sessions.

I was looking back to count my monthly blessings,  here are some highlights to summarize our year of 2014 !

January - Our Chinese New Year Celebration with our new addition !

February - Vera went on her first road trip ! We went for a staycation in our neighbouring country, visiting Legoland and Hello Kitty Land.

March - Xav turned 6

Celebration in school

and was indeed very blessed to have spent his special day with the group of March / April 2008 babies over a baking session !

Photo Credit : Esther Ng

April - Had his first advertorial shoot done with Label of Love Studio & Ashley Low Photography.

May - Went for Xav's all time favourite - Cold storage Kids' Run 2014.

June - Had an opportunity to visit Young Living Headquarters in Utah - Salt Lake City,

attended the International Convention - 2014  and brought back my Silver Award.

And thanks to dear's blessing, I got to visit the Grand canyon (West Rim). It was like a wish come true to visit one of the seven greatest natural wonders of the world and yes, I went alone.

@ Grand Canyon West Rim

July - Baby Vera turned 1  ! Nope, we did not hold any major birthday bash for her. But celebrated over a nice steamboat dinner with immediate family members at Hai Di Lao @ 313 Somerset.

and we had our first family run together @ The Garfield Run 2014.

August - Xav's first make and take class at a local scrapping store.

September - Went on a date with Xav, to watch the show for the year "Cavalia"

Vera took her maiden flight to Taiwan when we went for a 8 days 7 nights stay.

@ Leofoo Resort (To be blogged soon)

October - Attended the graduation concert for Xav.

Vera went on a flight again with us and this time we visited Hong Kong together with my in laws.

@ Avenue of Stars

November - A month filled with many first time for Vera. We visited Universal Studios Singapore and she took her first ride !

Had her first official indoor playground play at Singkids.

While it marked another new milestone for Xav in another three days time. Official schooling starts ! Things didn't went as smooth as we thought. We were balloted out phase 2C and was glad that at least we managed to get in our second choice during Phase 2C supplementary. Nope, I did not tell you. The adrenaline pump in me lasted for a whole day after the balloting !

@ Springdale Oreintation

December - Was a great month being able to catch up for some catch up with school mates and fellow mummy friends !  Happiest was Vera gave me the best Christmas gift - her first few baby steps !

I am looking forward to welcome a new chapter in 2015 with new resolutions to work towards ! Here, we wish all readers of Xavvy-licious a Happy 2015 and may the new year fill with abundance for all !

Pic taken by Orange Studios (#notasponsoredpost)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas ! Vaby Box - December 2014

Merry Christmas from Vaby Sg ! I opened up my mail box  only last evening as the whole of December was kind of much busier than the normal school days !

What's in the December Vaby Box ? You can expect the following:

- KCA Baby Diaper, Size L (9 -14 kg); it allows easy and multiple refastening, stretchable waistband to ensure comfortable fit and prevent leakage.
- Made4baby Nappy Rash Cream; contains zinc, castor oil for protection, rosehip, avocado and aloe vera for healing. You can try it on dry patches of skin too.

- Sulcura Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray; it is developed for regular use for babies 3 months + onwards and children, who are prone to eczema and severe skin dryness.

- Sulcura Bioskin Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream; it is for targeting flare ups in babies 3 months + onwards and children with eczema or severe skin dryness. Use after Sulcura Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray or better results.

- LoveSprings Bamboo Fibre Face Towel; Bamboo fibre is extremely resilient and durable. Much better moisture absorption and ventilation than cotton.

- Naturvital Hair Loss & Mask (Anti Breakage); it restructures the hair fibre from deep inside, while nourishing the root of the hair, increasing the resistance to breaking. Recommended for repairing weakened hair and contains phytoactive formula that helps to prevent hairloss.

- Biolane Essential Cleaning Emulsion; it is soap free, cleanses and purifies the baby's skin while maintaining the skin's natural balance, leaving the baby's skin clean, soft and subtly scented.

- Spatone Iron Apple Flavour; 100% natural liquid iron-rich water soured from the mountains of Snowdonia, with delicious apple taste and vitamin C. Clinically tested to be gentle on stomach and easily absorbed. Ideal for children from 2 years onwards, pregnant, post natal women, vegetarians, teenagers and elderly.

Vaby Sg are on Instagram, Twitter too !

To thank all of you for supporting Xavvylicious , I would like to in turn bless this box to one of you who wish to try out the samples from this December Vaby Box! Totally brand new, box is opened for picture taking only.

Just follow the simple steps below :
1. Follow Vaby Sg on Facebook
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3. Leave a comment in this post with your name and email address.
4. Giveaway will be from 30th - 31st December 2014, 2359 hrs.
5. Giveaway is for contestants residing in Singapore only.

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Disclaimer :  I received a free Vaby box from Vaby Sg for the month of December for my collaboration with them. No monetary compensation is involved. All the info above are extracted from the product listing as enclosed in the box and the giveaway is solely by my own initiative.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Proud moment for Xav and myself

I just have to blog this down though there are loads of backlogs for me to catch up. But I fear I may forgot about this as my brain is really failing me these days. I want Xav to read it when he has the chance. Something which he made me proud of him and myself. To some people, this may be nothing but it means a big deal to me. =p

I'm sure all parents will have to agree parenting is not an easy job. Right from the beginning, even before the arrival of Vera, I have to admit that my expectation of Xav is pretty high. No, not in terms of academic BUT in terms of his behaviour especially when I bring him out. I have always expect him to be on his best front.

And did I tell you he is always an angel in school and is always ever so popular among his friends in school from the other levels as well ? Only dear and some close friends of mine knew the "dark" side of my stories of me complaining to them that am at wits end recently and I do not know how to teach him further. Despite all the constant reminders and repeated naggings that made me felt so old and at times and his choice of words used (not vulgarities) and behaviour at home just sent me turning straight into a raging monster. I felt so guilty about flaring up but I just can't help it !

I do not crave for any praises by my family nor strangers for how Xav was being brought up, his mannerism especially. But today, I felt really proud of Xav and myself. (No, I would not boast that my upbringing is really that good but I did my best). It happened today on our way back home, on the train.

I was carrying Vera with me in the carrier, pushing a pram with a diaper bag and a heavy swimming bag. Xav as per norm, was very thoughtful towards me. The old lady moved from the corner seat to the empty seat next to it so that I can have a seat. It was really, really kind of her and I felt so bad that she had to move from her seat. We were then pushing the seat to each other as I wanted him to sit down so that he can read his storybook while he wanted me to have the seat. But I insisted not wanting to sit as the pram may blocked some of the commuters which I did not want that to happen.

Ultimately, Xav managed to made me have that seat while he told me he would be by the side with the pram. I was really touched for that moment. My boy seemed to have really grown up. One commuter standing near the door, saw it and gave me a smile over what he had seen earlier.

Somehow, Xav got seated after a few stops as some seats were freed up. This 80 plus year old lady, actually shifted to her left (the 3rd seat) as it was vacant and wanted me to get Xav over to be seated with me. She was kind to "reserve" that seat by sitting in between two seats and gestured for Xav to come over.

Xav reacted with a wide eye look at the old lady and shook his head and followed by " no, no, no, Por por you sit ok ?" He was afraid that the old lady would be left without a seat if he was to come over to me. I have to tell him that it was alright because por por would be seated until she reached the next stop and there was a vacant seat, he could join us with no issues at all.

The six year old was happily seated beside me and the old lady gave praise to him for being a thoughtful boy and told me in mandarin "you have taught your child well!" For that moment, I don't know why, I felt that no matter how tired and helpless I have been recently going through this challenging journey of parenting my 6 year old, the old lady's praise surely gave me a boost and made me felt that my efforts in nurturing Xav have not been done in vain. Thank you.

I thank her back with a smile and gave Xav a pat on his back and told him "Well done!" I hope he would be ever so thoughtful towards everyone around him, treat everyone with kindness and sincerity. I hope to nurture him further in other aspects and make him a better person. On the other hand, I wish his kind and easy going nature will not be taken for granted by others. He has to learn how to protect himself. Well, this is my 6 year old, Xav.

It does really feel good to have something nice to put an end to 2014 in 3 days time. A new chapter begins for Xav in 2015 when official school starts. =)

Photo taken from our recent annual family shoot by Orange studios (#notasponsoredpost)

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Best Christmas Gift for 2014 !

On the evening of Christmas, I was given the best Christmas gift more than anything else,

definitely something not of any monetary value. Friends whom I have spoke to with regards to Vera's weight and growth will totally understand how I am feeling now. Yes, it's a new milestone unlocked ! But why would I be so "emotional" about her first few, unsupported baby steps ?

She was a term baby, she had a pretty nice weight of 2.78 kg. (Read Vera's birth story) but three months later, her weight did not double. She was growing very slowly and her growth were all way below the third percentile.

She is now at 16 months & 25 days old but she looks to teeny, weeny , tiny. All strangers whom we met were "shocked" when they got to know that she is already over 12 months. Pictures of Vera that you see on my Facebook album somehow made her looked "bigger". She looks like a 7 / 8 months old baby in real. I was kind of worried that she may be undeveloped at the rate she is growing.

No I am not trying to compare. I knew that all babies are different but most of her peers could walk and talk much earlier (as early as 9 months old) ! I can't help but felt a little worried about her growth development.

I consulted two different Paediatricians, both advised me to send Vera for blood test to check if she has any deficiency in Vitamin D as well as Calcium. Hence, one fine day I brought her in for a blood test. It was on my Instagram post about 5 months ago (She was 11 months old then) - "While I was fighting hard to hold back my tears for fear that she be in pain and fright of the needles, #mytoughcookie surprised the nurses and me with no cries at all! Despite the blood was draw from the back of her hand #notafingerprick #"

It was such a great relief that the blood test result were all cleared ! I just have to convince myself that probably she takes after my genes. After all, I was a pre-matured baby, who has decided  to arrive on earth 2 months earlier. My mum was telling me how small I was. I was just like the size of her palm, looking dark and hairy just like a tiny little kitten.

Back to Vera, 5 more days to her turning 17 months. Some of her milestones can dos, cannot dos, likes and dislikes, which I would like to note down for Vera :

- Loves animals, to be more exact, moving animals, especially dogs. She will attempt to make woofing sound whenever she sees one. Fearless and this girl sure does not know her limit when  she happily when to "pinch" on Collie's nose. But Collie was really nice and patient to everyone, especially babies !

Collie, can we be friends please ?

- Love to kiss soft toys when they were brought near to her cheeks, awwww ......
- Loves to eat ! "WAH!!!" is what she usually reacts to when she sees food on the table.
- Love Letterland songs, especially "Annie Apple" and could do action along with it.
- Love to see herself in the camera and will smile when we are taking selfies / wefies.

pardon my drool please, I can't help it with so much feasting !

- Able to react by saying "Bye bye" whenever she hears me saying "See you!"
- Able to identify Star by saying "TAR" and goes "Ball ball ball" when she sees balloons !
- Able to drink from the straw.
- Able to understand commands like "sit, stand, lie down, eat, open your mouth" I just find it so amusing when I told her to lie down so that I can change her diaper. She just went lying down but on her tummy instead !
- Able to eat one Chinese bowl of porridge.
- Able to stand on her own without support FINALLY !
- Able to take at least three steps unsupported.
- Able to sleep through the night

We are looking forward to more milestones to be unlocked by Vera ! One more month before she steps into the official toddlerhood !

Loving her with much love from Daddy, Mummy and Koror =)

Have a Jolly, Merry Christmas, everyone !

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

RELAX & PLAY @ Happy Willow -One KM

With the recent daily showers, it is simply impossible to lug both kids out. When comes to such situation, if you really have to get out of the house, what else but some indoor playground fun would be most ideal !
People, there is a new mall in the east and Happy Willow opened up a new branch just right at One KM ! And how happy Xav was when I told him "let's go to Happy Willow !" Before the opening of this outlet, we used to go to the outlet at Fushionopolis (One North MRT)

Let's play for the morning !

Before I lost sight of Xav, thank you to the staff of Happy Willow who took this for us.

Right behind the ticketing counter where the spacious Willow Lounge is, parents can chill out over a cup of coffee while waiting for the little ones.

Xav checked out the Toddlers' Turf with Vera. This area is recommended for the age between 9 months and below the age of 3 years to enter.

Ride ons for the little ones
Waddling away on the giraffe

James "zoomed" in and joined Vera.

uh oh ! Did I squashed that lady bug !

Just nice, James was on the other side while Xav helped to balance up her side.

The best combination would be the two younger ones on one side, Xav on the other. What happened when she went up ? SCREAM in delight of course !

She was totally enjoying the see-saw ride !

Not forgetting to say hi to the cuddlies sitting by the side.

Aunty Danessa,can I give a kiss to bunny ?

Some games mounted on the padded walls for the toddlers to exercise their eye hand coordination.

Both had a ball in the pool of balls, busy covering each other with the balls.

Just right beside the ball pit, let's pretend play ! An area equipped with toys like wooden toy trains, kitchen set, push carts to allow the kids' imagination to run.

Kids who are of 3 years and above, welcome in to the Kids' Den. A mini trampoline on your right to expand their energy.

My happy Tarzen !

There are a total of three slides of which, one lands you into a pool of balls !

Rock climbing wall

Thank you Happy Willow @ One KM  ! Korkor and me had a great time ! My smile said it all !

To celebrate the official opening of Happy Willow @ One KM, do not miss out the fabulous discount entitled to the following for both outlets :

- Get 7 play sessions at the price of 6 ! Package can be used among the two outlets and shared between siblings and friends who are in the same age group.
- Get $50 off for any party packages booked.
- Get $100 off for any private party packages booked.

Note, the above discount is until 30th Jan 2015 at both outlets.

For more details, you can email to : or call :
6466 6300 (Fushionopolis) / 6341 6468 (One KM)

Happy Willow ONE KM is located at :
11 Tanjong Katong Road
#02-01/02 One KM 
Singapore 437157
By Car
- From Paya Lebar Road, turn left to Sims Avenue, then right to Tanjong Katong which leads you to the car park entrance of One KM.
By Train
- Paya Lebar MRT Station
Take the Circle or East-West line and alight at Paya Lebar MRT station (Happy Willow is located just a few minutes from the station).
By Bus
- Services 2, 7, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 40, 43, 51, 67, 76, 135, 154, 155, 197, 853C, NR7 
Drop-off / Taxi Stand
- Driveway is along Tanjong Katong Road (near Bossini and Esprit)

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Disclaimer : We were invited by Happy Willow @ One KM for a session of fun, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.
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