Wednesday, November 30, 2016

1st Ever Craftholic Pop-up Store @ Raffles City

For all Craftholic lovers ! For the first time, Raffles City Singapore collaborated with this well-loved, Japanese lifestyle brand, CRAFTHOLIC and the Pop-up store allows shoppers to soak into the atmosphere of warmth and joy with a series of CRAFTHOLIC-themed activities as well as exclusive merchandise at the arts and fahion-centric mall.

We got to see the creator of CRAFTHOLIC !

In the middle: Ms Ikuko Yamamoto (Creator of Craftholic)

In addition to the variety of cute and irresistable CRAFTHOLIC products, a limited edition CRAFTHOLIC Denim Collection, featuring the two main characters - Rab Bunny and Sloth Bear, priced from $16 to $210, is available exclusively at the Pop-Up store.

The mascots were simply irresistable! You can get to meet them too! *Pre-registration is required at Level 1 Concierge.

Play Date with CRAFTHOLIC mascots (Limited to the 1st 50 pax)

Date: 2-4 Dec, 9-11, 16-18 Dec 2016
Time: 3pm and 7 pm

We were lucky to caught them appearing next to our table! Super great photo opportunity! We were wishing secretly that we can hug them home!

Art in the City brings you Craftholic Workshops, per session is limit to 50 pax based on first-come, first served basis.

Dates: 2-4 Dec, 9-11 Dec 2016
4 pm : Craftholic 3D gift card-making
5 pm : Craftholic Hairband-making

Xav glued himself to the seat, meticulously fuss cutting out the images. I thought the card looked awesome even it was not completed ! Love the pop-ups !

While Vera was seated at the next table, giving her 101% focus to string the beads into the wire to make ears for the hair band.

Apart from the two activities as mentioned, there is also something for female shoppers. With minimum purchases of CRAFTHOLIC products at either the Pop-Up store ($50 nett) or any store ($80 nett) in Raffles City, female shoppers can get themselves pampered with a CRAFTHOLIC manicure session. *Limit to 30 redemptions per day, based on first-come, first-served basis.

Dates: 3 & 10 December 2016,
Time: 1-5 pm

There are a few colourful and pretty standees, totally Instagram-worthy !
Spot the real bear ?
With the young
Even the moms had to take one together.

From left: Cynthia and myself

He has a soft spot for soft toys. He said he really loved this. So I bought 2 small ones so that he could bring out if he wants. Prettyh good deal too at 1-for-1 !

Wanna win some vouchers ? Simply take a picture of yourself or with your friends/ family with the 15 metre tall Christmas tree, designed with CRAFTHOLIC- inspired motifs. You can hashtag #RCSChristmas You can locate the tree at Level 3 Atrium.

Craftholic Inspired Christmas Tree

Go and jingle into the festive season at Raffles City now! This is my last post for November before I jet-off with the family for a short break. Happy holidays !! 

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

[Media Invite] Pika ! PIKACHU !! Gotta catch'em all @ Changi Airport Singapore

[Media Invite]

About one year ago, The Force Awakens at Changi Airport Singapore. This year, this cute yellow anime character and his friends, have taken the world by storm and they are going to delight airport visitors and travellers this year end holiday season.

To be honest, the only character I knew from Pokemon was Pikachu. I did not feel any love for it, which as a result, I did not bother to find out more about it and the rest of the characters. It was right until the craze of playing Pokemon Go started, I was "educated" by Xav on the other characters. I installed the game too but only played as and when I could if I have some free time.

I was so excited on behalf of the kids when I received the invitation to witness the first ever PIKACHU PARADE ever held in Singapore. Just imagine 10 life-sized dancing Pikachu marching right in front of you !

To join in the fun, we could not help but borrow the really cute Pikachu visors from the kids for a selfie.

The Pokemon fans !

The throng of fans cheered as they made their appearance, bobbed and marched towards the Gingerbread house right at T3 Depature hall where this 7m tall, larger-than-life Pikachu stood.

You can catch a glimpse of Santa's Workshop and Mrs Claus' Confectionery, which is filled with toys and yummy delights.

The Pokemon fans were being treated to a 100 seconds stunning light showwith music and dancing trees amidst soft falling "snow".  I shared another short clip on my timeline too. Vera was also shouting in delight with her "Mummy, see! Ka-chu, ka-chu !"

The mascots were simply too adorable !! Love the "snowy" effect !!

Shortly after their dance, the little fans could not wait any longer but to rush up and gave these cutest pikachus their warm little hugs !

Shortly, the Pikachus marched their way towards the end of Row 11. It was total madness, I could not even see where they were initially as it was pretty packed with the crowd lined themselves along the path but could only heard the sound of the whistle. Safety was the first thought that came to my mind as the kids were all with me. I had to make my way all the way much ahead the rest and managed to catch the one any only shot of them in a line.

After the Parade, we made our way to Terminal 2 to catch SNORLAX at Snorlax Garden! Another hot favourite ! Visitors can catch not only one but THREE life-sized Snorlax lounging at the garden. This is a perfect backdrop for photo opportunity! Be sure to snap a few pictures before leaving Terminal 2.

To this nice gentleman, you have definately made the kids' day when you granted them permission to go onto the platform for that moment to give Snorlax a squeeze and have a picture taken together. Thank you, Mr Goh. =) But to members of the public, please do not attempt to go onto the platform.

Someone had to make full use of the opportunity to take another photo with Snorlax.

These group of mums just made the moment more fun! Thanks for the awesome company!

From left: Me, Edlyn, Meiling, Cynthia

At Terminal 2, just further down Snorlax Garden, visitors can participate at the Z-Moves activity kiosks or have some fun having their face "painted" on screen to transform to Pikachu lookalike.  Short videos can also be made and these fun moments can be share with families and friendss through social media platforms. The Z-Moves activity kiosks can also be found at Terminal 1.

Do remember to download your QR code beforehand.

Pokemon trainers out there, if you are game for more adventure, embark on the Pokemon Trail and hunt down the 26 Pokemon spread across various locations in Changi Airport. I learnt 3 new characters from Nintendo's new Sun and Moon series.

From left: Rowlet, Litten & Popplio

Take any 3 pictures with the pokemons you found at the Poketrail sites and go for a sure win lucky dip for some exclusive Pokemon Merchandise. Remember to hashtag all your photos to #PokemonatChangi .

During weekends, you get to Meet-and-Greet sessions with Pikachu @ Terminal 3 (next to Check-in Row 11) on Saturdays & Sundays at 6pm & 8pm (except 3 Dec).

Note that phototaking is limited to the first 80 families and one photo per family. So be there early to catch it !

Last but not least, spot the Bulbasaur and Pikachu which the kids were holding ? This set of 9 limited edition Pokemon plush toys is available exclusively at Changi Airport. If you have done your shopping or dining, you can :

Redeem a Pokémon plush toy for S$9.90 with a minimum spend of S$60 at the Public Area; or S$90 on; OR S$120 at the Transit Area, Changi Recommends and supermarkets in a single receipt.

For Changi Rewards Members:
Redeem a complimentary set of 9 Pokémon plush toys with an accumulated spend of S$1,800 (S$1,500 for Platinum Members).

Click here for the date of release from 18th November 2016 to 11 Feb 2017.

For updates on activities and promotions, you can follow Changi Airport Singapore on their social media:


Thank you Changi Airport Singapore for the invite, the family had tremendous fun! We will be back !

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Pezzo Pizza's New Christmas Menu

As we approached the season of giving and sharing precious moments with our loved ones, Pezzo Pizza Sg has created a new Christmas menu ! I have been to Compass One basement and spotted Pezzo Pizza but I did not know that we can actually sit in and enjoy our slices there ! It's their latest outlet, a  3-in-1 concept at Compass One, sharing it's space with the other two names :Stuff'd and CRAVE.

Our elves could not decide which flavour to choose. I thought it's really awesome to be able to mix and match up to 6 different flavours in pan! It's like you can have something different to cater to your friends or guests.

Pezzo Pizza Sg has come up with two unique flavours, Carbonara Pizza and Flamethrower Pizza. Both flavours are selling at $4.90 per slice.

If you can take spice, go for Flamethrower Pizza. Initially, it was tongue burning for me (my threshold for spicy food is pretty low) but after I'm "immune" to the spiciness, the spiced chicken chunks were actually tender and aromatic, together with roasted onion, fresh chilli and mozzarella all immersed in Pezzo's special curry sauce. I find the sauce a little saltish but on the whole, this slice is going to be a hit with people who loves give their tastebud a tease with it's intense flavour!

Flamethrower Pizza , $4.90 per slice

This savoury Carbonara Pizza is put together with an enticing medley of roasted turkey bacon and ham, oregano chicken chunks, ushrooms and mozzarella, all pulled together by creamy carbonara sauce. Take this slice when it's hot and I love the generous amount of cheese and not forgetting the sprinkle of dried cranberries which gave a slight sourish-sweet taste to entice the taste of the slice. It sorts of balance it off if you find it to be too cheesy or saltish. I heart this flavour !

Carbonara Pizza, $4.90 per slice

Don't forget to check out Pezzo spicy drumlets .My opinion was it was more "fiery" than the ones from Pizza Hut ! Shiok to the max when I sank my teeth into crispy and flavourful skin of the drumlets, yet the meat was succulent and tender. It was pretty managable to get the meat off the bone! I can't stop at just one! For your info, usually I would prefer mid-joints more than drumlets. But this is something not to be missed!

Pezzo Spicy Drumlets, $5.90 for 6 pieces

I personally think that Pezzo pizza slices are really huge in portion, pretty value for money! Just for 25th November 2016, Happy 4th Anniversary to Pezzo Pizza Singapore ! All slices are going at $4 per slice (U.P $4.90) ! * Burps * I bought three slices for lunch to share with Xav !

Pezzo Pizza (New outlet) at Compass One is located at:
1 Sengkang Square
Singapore 545078

You can also check out the location of other outlets here.

For updates and promotions, you can follow:
Facebook: Pezzo Pizza Sg
Instagram: Pezzo Pizza Sg

And you may be keen to find out what is behind the scene and how is it like for food bloggers when we attend food tasting session. Hop on to Dinomama's blog to check them out!

And not forgetting that there was an arty corner as well with the talented Serene Wu, a water colourist + calligrapher from The Work Room. She had my name writtenly beautifully in shade of blue. I was so inspired that I bought myself a cursive penmanship practice book to start off with, if you are keen and would prefer to attend a class, you can check out the schedule here. I was so happy to find a roll of washi tape in my stash that has compatible colours to add on to the calligraphy.

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Millenia Kids Challenge 2016 - 9km Community Cycling

We participated in Millenia Kids Challenge 2016 for the second year. This was the family obstacle challenge from 2015. This year, as per Xav's request, we signed up for the 9km community cycling since we have our own bicycles and thought it would be fun to cycle with the community. Indeed, the whole cycling event was awesome and it was great to see families coming together and get active as a whole.

Weather was great and cooling from the shower earlier that morning. The overcast sky did not dampened our mood from proceeding for the event. The 9km community cycling was flagged off right at Anchorvale Community Centre after a warm up.

and at certain road junctions, there were road marshals directing us, looking out for the traffic, slowing down turning / on coming traffic so that we could proceed safely. Though we were cycling on the extreme left lane but I had to keep turning back to check on my blind spot  and making sure that there were no vehicles behind us, just to play extra safe unlike cycling along the park connectors where we don't usually turn to check our blindspot.

We cycled all the way to Fernvale vicinity, then back to Anchorvale, made another round before we arrived back to the ending point where the sounts lined up to welcome us!

Xav's feedback was, it was awesome as he got to cycle on the main road which he usually does not get to do so and the feeling was great to be able to cycle with so many people ! He would love to participate again next year! 

This is a community event co-organised by Sengkang Health, Tobacco Free Generation 2000, Sport Singapore, National Cancer Centre Singapore and Health Promotion Board Singapore, to encourage families and the community to bond through an active lifestyle, at no cost at all and you get a goodie pack as well!

Completed the 9km cycling and got a medal !

For more photos of the event, you can click on this link. Here's what we have to say about Millenia Kids Challenge :

Thank you Sengkang Health for the invitation, we willl be back next year! Wish to join in Millenia Kids Challenge next year, do follow Sengkang Health, for future updates on their social media pages :

Facebook Page - Sengkang Health
Instagram page - Sengkang Health
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

[Giveaway] J.OIL - A Very Special One Drop Christmas Bazaar 

Many of you would have know by now that I am a Young Living Distributor and yes I am an active user and does occasional sharings on oiling on Instagram or on the blog once a while, you can just click on Young Living Essential Oil tab on the right of the blog that leads you to the oiling related post.

I have been oiling my family for the past three years using Young Living Essential Oils for anything from immunity building, skincare, incorporating into my crafts, culinary journey as well as for cognitive support when it comes to Xav's revision, tests and semestral periods. He felt the difference and feedback to me accordingly. I hope to get the post done soon hopefully before I jet off this december.

The oils have been fantastic, not saying that they can treat or cure but they did make a big difference in the family especially for Xav's health. His attendance in 2014 was full, when he first started his official school in Primary 1. He was not absent at all as his health was in tip top condition. Even if he was feeling unwell, it was just that one or two occasions of slight cough and probably a scratchy nose. I worked on his diet, made sure he was cut off from dairies and sugar, with frequent application of the essential oils and diffusing, his body was brought back to balance and he was well to go to school again in the shortest time. Hence, to summarize on how to bring the body back to the balance state, do remember: Diet changed + lifestyle (let's get more active) + frequent oiling at the early onset when I see symptoms kicking in.

When comes to oiling, I have alot to share and I can just go on and on but give me sometime to write especially on the oils I used for his cognitive support during exams. If you cannot wait, you can just drop me an email or a pm to find out more. Do not worry, I will not hard sell to you simply because I am not a sales person at all. I do not know how to do sell but I do share what works for me anad my family. Ask me, I am friendly! I can only say that my kitchen cupboard has lesser medicines on standby but more of these wonderful essential oils around the house, which help support the balancing of our body systems.

So what's for this coming December? A local essential group; One Drop brings you a Christmas Bazaar - J.OIL that will leave you giddy with delight!

For retail therapy, be prepared to be spoilt for choices where you can expect more than 15 local traders bringing in their very special items - some personally crafted, some sourced carefully around the world. There are plenty of quirky and beautiful items that will make one-of-a-kind gifts for Christmas. And yes food items too - so yummy you will not resist!

There will also be a total of 6 FREE essential oil and lifestyle workshops guarantee a value-added experience as you shop. If you are totally new to essential oils and would love to find out how do these oils work. Go join in the workshops ! Be sure to be there early to "chope" yourself a seat as seats are on limited capacity and it's based on first come first served basis. Do not worry if you be drag to a corner where they hardsell to you nor force you to sign on any papers. One Drop is a an oiling community that give wonderful oiling support!

So what made this event even more meaningful ? Let us Giveback!

At One Drop, we believe the absolute joy in Christmas really is when we can give. Not necessarily just in buying the perfect presents for gifting; but in finding means and ways to make life just a bit better for another. Therefore, 100% of the collected entrance fees will be donated to One Life Global Charity to fund a project to buy medical and trauma equipment for children in Syria affected by the on-going civil war. Isn't it great to join in the event with your family and friends and at the same time you can #Giveback too.

Details of J.Oil :
Date: 3 December 2016
Time: 12pm - 6pm
Location: Park Hotel Alexandra Botanique Room

For the event onsite special promotion, for new members who sign up for a Young Living account, you will receive :

1. A free 5ml Lavender Essential Oil
2. A copy of Live Alive book (For New One Dropper Members only)

+ There will also be having a special Ningxia Red Promotion on the event day.

on top of the above, should you sign up and enter #1470886 as your enroller and sponsor, you will further received from me:

3. Unlimited Free Zyto Scans from me. This scan actually scans and picks up biomarkers randomly from our palms and recommended us the list of essential oils which our body needs. (This is only applicable for members who are on Essential Reward Program) This is one way which I support my team in their oiling journey. You can read about the experience from Motherkao.

One Drop has kindly sponsored 5 pairs of J'OIL Entry Tickets and a bottle of Young Living Rosemary essential oil to giveaway to 5 lucky readers (1 of the 5 winners will get to win the bottle of Rosemary essential oil + a pair of J'OIL entry tickets), who are keen to attend this event with a friend / family member to pick up some essential oil knowledge, looking at how to improve the well being of your health to gear up for the coming 2017 or to even do some shopping!

Benefits of Rosemary essential oil includes:
1. Cognitive Support -  this is one of the oils I like to diffuse when Xav did his revision. It helps with focus and mental clarity, enhancing and improving of the memory. It's a great oil to have for learning and office settings.

2. Aromatherapy - Diffuse this to promote relaxation. It may help to reduce the drumming in your head.

3. Hair Care - Rosemary helps to promote healthy hair and scalp. It helps to strengthen hair follicles and helps prevent hair loss. Usually, I will add 3 drops into

4. Skin Care - May help to soothe and soften dry skin. You may wish to use it with a carrier oil.

5. Cooking - It can be used in place of fresh Rosemary for a robust flavor like how I used the oils in my cooking.

6. Disinfectant- You can also diffuse to disinfect the air.

Last but not least, it is a good oil to protect your liver! Simply jusy apply over your liver daily ! Love your liver !

After reading through, here's how to join in the giveaway. Simply just follow the following steps:

1. Join One Drop on Facebook ( Optional* only if you would love to learn more about what is going on with using these essential oils.) It's a page for community learning
2. LIKE Xavvy-licious on Facebook
2. Comment on this facebook post with a simple answer on "What is the name of this event and where willl the sales of tickets be donated to?" and tag 3 friends in it. (Its optional to share this post on your personal wall but if you do, that would be great.)
3. I will also be running this giveaway on Instagram too !

Terms and Conditions :
- Contest runs from 22 - 27 November 2016 and ends at 2359 hours.
- Contest is for residents residing in Singapore or if you are from overseas and would be visiting Singapore and at the same time would love to join in. We, One Droppers welcome you to participate in the event !  .
- Any incomplete entries will be disqualified.
- All winners will be notified by email, after winners have been selected.

If you would love to try your luck and increase your winning chances, hop on to:
Mummy Ed
My Oily Fun Scoops

and join their giveaway as well! Find out more about the event line-up and buy your tickets here:

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Disclaimer: This post does not involved monetary compensation. I am a Young Living Distributor, ID #1470886(Gold Leader) , all opinions are of my own.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

[Media Invite + Giveaway] Of Music and Art : The Legend Retold [ 乐。艺:传奇新传 ]

If you are not travelling this holiday or if you are still planning for what to do with the kids this coming school holiday. This is a great opportunity to expose the kids to Chinese Orchestra if they have yet to be exposed to, experience, listen and watch how Chinese Chamber Music can harmonize between different art forms and get them transport to the shores of Sisters' Islands, reliving the tale of the two fateful sisters, using additional multimedia elements for  an immersive experience.

For the first time, Ding Yi Music Company incorporates sand art and Javanese Dance by collaborating with sand artist - Lawrence Koh and Javanese Dancer, Garrett Kam. 

Sand artist - Lawrence Koh, is an international sand art virtuoso and multi-disciplinary artist specialized in both visual and performing arts. A celebrated artist in Singapore’s entertainment and arts scene, Lawrence’s career spans across theatre productions, cultural fusion performances, short films, corporate videos, television programmes, television commercials, documentaries and live concerts. Click on the caption on the picture below to read more about Lawrence Koh.

Lawrence Koh - Sand Artist

Javanese dancer, Garrett Kam, a native Hawaiian, is an accomplished performer and choreographer of classical Javanese dance in the Yogyakarta court style.

He did his dance studies in 1975 in Hawaii, before continuing in Yogyakarta with master teachers such as Sasminta Mardawa (KRT Sasmintadipura) at his prestigious Mardawa Budaya and Pamulangan Beksa Ngayogyakarta dance schools.

In 2013, he became the first American male to regularly participate in dance activities at the sultan's palace since it was founded in 1756.

Garrett also adds movements from other cultures, especially from Okinawa and has created dances by blending the two styles called “Oki-Jawa”. Besides performing and collaborating with artists internationally, Garrett also curates and authors books on Balinese and Indonesian art.

Garrett Koh - Javanese dancer

Ding Yi is going to present this multi-sensory performance; 6th Edition of the Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold  [ 乐。艺:传奇新传 ] , conducted by Conductor Kwek Ling Kiong.
This is definately not to be missed, a performance which can be enjoyed by the whole family.  There is only one show available and will be on stage on:
Date : 3 December 2016 (Saturday) Time : 7.30 pm
Duration: Approximately 1 hour, without intermission
Venue: Esplande Recital Studio
Ticket price: SGD $25

Ticketing information:

Every purchase of 4 tickets or more, entitles you to an Exclusive Workshop (for one parent and child , suitable for 5 years old and above) . The workshop allows you to have an upclose and personal interaction with DingYi Musicians as well as Javanese Dancer, Garrett Kam, as he will be bringing you through the Javanese dance moves and its musical influences. Should you be keen to find out more about this workshop, email to : Wait no longer as there are limited seats for this workshop.  

30 November 2016
Time: 3-5 pm
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre

And Ding Yi Music Company has kindly sponsored 5 pairs of tickets to giveaway to 5 lucky readers !

Simply follow these steps:
2) Under the comments of this post, answer this question: 
    " Which legend is this performance going to re-enact?" 
3) Tag 3 people under comments (on facebook page of Xavvy-licious)
4) Share this post on your wall (Optional) to earn more entries.

Terms and Conditions :
- Contest runs from 16 - 20 November 2016 and ends at 2359 hours.
- Contest is for residents residing in Singapore only.
- Any incomplete entries will be disqualified.
- All winners will be notified by email, after winners have been selected.

To learn more about Ding Yi and Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold performance, please visit

About Ding Yi Music Company

Founded in 2007, the first Chinese chamber music ensemble in Singapore, Ding Yi Music
Company charms with its distinctive approach to composing and interpreting a wide repertoire that ranges from traditional Chinese music to contemporary and even cross-genre works. 

Ding Yi has become an active ambassador of Singapore, performing, collaborating and winning awards at key music festivals locally and internationally. Led by principal conductor Mr Quek Ling Kiong and assistant conductor Mr Dedric Wong, the 20-musician strong ensemble continues to experiment and create more unique sounds from Singapore.

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !

Disclaimer: We were invited for the performance, no monetary compensation is involved.  The giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed by or associated with Facebook.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

[Review] Janod Wooden Toys (With My Miracle Baby)

Janod - a French brand which you would likely see in MothersworkEarly Learning Centre (ELC) Singapore and Mothercare Outlets. Janod is a brand specialised in wooden toys for over 40 years. They are recognised for their striking range of children's wooden educational toys, each beautifully designed with bright bold colours with children's learning in mind.

I love wooden toys myself more than anything and personally preferred wooden toys over plastic toys. In my opinion, wooden toys can last much longer than plastic toys. I am still keeping the wooden blocks which I bought for Xav 8 years ago and Vera is now playing with them whereas, I had just discarded a plastic kitchen set which lasted less than 8 years. The plastic fruits that came along with the set started to crumble into pieces.

Just then, My Miracle Baby sent over two sets of Janod wooden toys , a set of Janod - Magnetic World Puzzle for Xav and a set of Janod - Mademoisella Maxi Cooker, for Vera.

Thank you, My Miracle Baby

My Miracle Baby - an online distribution website which sells accessories and toys for mummies and babies, carrying Janod as one of the brands that offers good quality wooden toys.

The box came with all the little parts bubbled wrap to prevent any scratches.

Since Don was away on an overseas trip, I got my hands busy to set up the kitchen set. No hammering is needed, all done and set up with the alan key provided.

Alan Key was provided to screw the nuts and bolts.

There was an instruction sheet included, so it was kind of a breeze to set up but I did struggle with unscrewing and re-assembling a few times when I got to the top part, likely that I could have read the wrong instruction or saw the wrong illustration ?

This area below actually have a plank in the middle to divide the space into 2 tiers. On the left (exterior), there is a door designed to look like an oven while on the right (exterior), it is the door to  cabinet to store the utensils. But once you open the doors, it can serve as a storage space for the cutleries and utensils.

Halfway through, Missy came for inspection as she could not wait to start playing!

We fell in love with this sweet, pretty pink set! Sweet enough for little girls!

In the mornings, when I am busy in my kitchen, Vera will be spotted at times keeping herself busy at her kitchen. She has creatively placed the wooden beads (purchased by me) into the pots and pretended to cook them.

She, too, loves to fill the sink with the wooden fruits (bought by me) and pretended to wash them.

What drew her to stay longer at the stove? The dials on the stove actually make clicking sound when turned. Am sure this sure does spark up the imagination in Vera to cook like how I usually do in the kitchen. The Mademoisella Maxi Cooker comes with the following as well:
- Some starter accessories includes three pieces of cooking utensils that can easily hang on the back wall, frying pan with egg, pot with lid, and an oven mitt, just nice for her little hand.

2. Janod - Magnetic World Puzzle (English Version)
I love to get anything with world maps that are beautifully illustrated. The spinning globe from ELC which can be lited up was the first world map toy I introduced to him. They are never too young to be exposed and be taught on what are the countries around the world and their geographical location and sometimes, we do talk about which countries we would love to visit while we recollected memories of those we have visited.

They got the whole world in their hands with just 92 magnets! Learning Geography with Janod - Magnetic World Puzzle (designed in France) is made more fun!

The board measures 77am by 46 cm and came with a protective plastic sheet covering it.

The colourful world puzzle differentiates the different continents by using bright, bold colours.

Xav can learn the names of the continents and countries and their capital. The magnetic pieces were "colour coded" by the continents. It makes it easier for the child to self correct themselves if ever they place the wrong colour into the wrong continent. Having said that they can first sort out the colours of the pieces.

Since we had been travelling wih Xav since he was younger, he is able to remember some iconic landmarks for certain countries. I got him to place the toobs (landmarks) on the specific countries on the board.

On the other hand, Vera can learn basic things like colour recognition and do colour sorting before giving it Xav. In my opinion, this set of magnetic world puzzle is not just for 7 years and above. I love how the shape of the puzzle piece fits onto the "perforated" printed shape on the base. In another words, young kids can match the shape of the puzzle piece, in a way they can train their fine motor skills by piecing the pieces together as well as their eye hand coordination.

Being an animal lover, Vera was delighted to see the beautiful illustrations on the base of the puzzle, she pointed out and named me the animals she knew and I did name out a few animals and got her to spot and point out to me on the world map!

To make it more interesting, I gave her some marine toy creatures (bought by us) and match with the animals she can find on the base. Infact, there are many ways  to play with this set if you do think out of the box.

It is safe for younger kids to hold the pieces as the puzzle pieces do not have not sharp edges and the edges are nicely smoothen.

I have no complaints about the puzzle, just that it is really heavy. I have yet to find a place to hang up as I intend to give our walls a new coat of paint. Hence, at the mean time, the puzzle will be rested against the wall.

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Disclaimer: We were sponsored with the above sets for review purpose only, no monetary compensaton is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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