Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick fix - Salt and Pepper Codfish Fillet

Doing a happy dance this evening as I could finally dish out the codfish fillet nicely in one piece.

I do not know if the part of the fish plays a part ? Normally, when the fillet is cooked, during the flipping process, it's bound to break and my fillet became bits and pieces.

This piece bought by dear at the wet market, near to his office. This fillet, I realised has more bones as compared to the fillets I normally bought from NTUC which was thawed and could not be freeze back.

What I did was using McCormick Black Peppercorn and Seasalt Grinder, I marinated the fillet and simply just pan fried it with a knob of butter till cooked.

Then, I drizzle a drop of #YoungLiving Orange and Lemon Essential Oil over the fillet. The fruity aroma makes one more appetizing ! What I got from my 6 year old was "Nice ! Nice ! " and he helped himself with more servings. Totally no fishy smell, the meat was fresh  and sweet. Even the hubs who is particular about fishy smell, love it too ! This is definitely another no brainer quickfix which you can prepare and cook within minutes.

Would love to learn and hear from the cooking experts out there ! How do you pan-fry a codfish fillet without breaking it when you served ?

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post for Young Living Essential Oil. I am a Silver Leader (#1470886) of YLEO and opinions are solely of my own. If you need any sharing sessions to find out more about the essential oils. Should you be keen to sign up as an Essential Reward member, click HERE. Feel free to drop me an email or pm if you have any queries with regards to the usage of the YLEO.

Behind the scene of Xavvy-licious - Writing Process Blog Hop

Xavvy-licious was created 6 years ago when I was pregnant with Xav. My morning sickness was real bad and I needed something to distract me away from the thoughts of wanting to puke. My sis was telling me "So eng ah (meaning too much of free time as I'm not working then) ... go start a blog and blog down the things you can and cannot intake!"

So that's how I started to blog about anything before the arrival of Xav. I was thinking hard for a name to name my blog. I was thinking since the blog is going to be about baby (Xav) and to document down some recipes which I was learning how to cook then, "Xavvy-licious" it shall be !
1. What am I working on?
I am working on blog posts that documents their growing milestones, our travelogue (sad to say, I still have a few backlogs, all done half way), home-cooked recipes, self planned activities for home-learning before they are sent off to playgroups.

Occasionally, I would do some products review relevant to both Xav and Vera. I am hosting a Giveaway currently. Do hop by to give your support !

I, too share on kids' friendly restaurants / cafes to visit as well as any places that is #funforfree. See my most popular posts on Singapore's largest thematic outdoor playground "Westgate Wonderland"as well as Eat.Play.Love Café. Not all are sponsored posts. But if I can share with all on places with fun and great food. Why not !

What is coming on my way, I am looking into revamping my blog, tidy up the labels and what am I looking forward to, is "Xavvy-licious" very own mobile apps where you can get updates on the latest blog post, Giveaways etc. If you are a blog shop owner, an entrepreneur in starting your own business or a self employed, looking to applify your business. Do drop me a pm ! I can't wait for my very own apps to be ready and of course don't mind sharing what is going on !

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I would have to say, each blogger is different in their niche. I do not have any intention to monetize my blog nor I have any speciality. But I do host a monthly linky << Chinese Fun >> to share on ideas and any activities that can make learning Chinese a breeze. Join me at the first week of each month, it will normally be on any of the first three days or unless I'm away, else << Chinese Fun >> will be there.

3. Why do I write what I do?
Xavvy-licious is set to document down the growing milestone and everything of Baby Xav then and now with Baby Vera in as well. I have the intention of handing the blog over to them one day if they are keen to continue writing and document down the happenings in their life.

Seriously, I think I can't keep too much details in my head. Parenthood pushes me to step into the kitchen to learn how to cook, taught me how to lower myself to see things in a perspective of a child at times. There are plenty to document down so that they serve as my memory backup should one day memory fails me.

4. How does my writing process work?
Actually, there isn't any particular writing process. Normally, I will start with snapping photos away on my smart phone. Too heavy to carry another heavy camera out with all the bags, pram and taking public transport.

When am alone without the kids, I will select the photos which I wanted out of the whole collection, watermark them and got them sent to my draft.

The blogging part comes in the midst of doing house chores or in the morning when I have completed the morning chores while waiting for Missy Vera to wake or after the kids are asleep after 9.30 pm.
Normally, I will be seated at my dining cum messy working table in the living room, typing out my random thoughts on the laptop. Most of the time, when am settled down at night, my brains would be fried by then to do anything more. Hence, a blog post can take up like a few nights to complete. This is where I tried to play around with my time. Spot the nice namecard which my very talented BFF Delia designed for me ! Thanks Delia =)

Anyone of you looking at designing your own name cards or brochure and needs Delia's contact, drop me an sms or an email too =)

Writing Process Blog Hop
Being introduce to the Singapore Mom  Bloggers (SMB) Community by PrincessDanaDiaries, blogging widens up my network of mummies who blogs and be inspired by them. The mom blogger who invited me to hop on the Writing Process Blog Hop, is none other than WaiWai from PeiPei.HaoHao

She is also a full-time-working-mother with two children, dedicating her blog to them (Her blog's name tells it all). Look out for her sharing on activities with her children and be sure to enjoy the lovely drawing by Wai Wai herself.

Next in the blog hop:
Joey from Joeycraftworkz -  A stay-at-home mum with two lovely daughters (Big E and Small E). She enjoys sharing her sewing, scrapbooking and integration of crafts into her children's life on her blog. She also sells her handmades on her online shop !

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{Review + Giveaway} Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream 123

To me, nothing is more important than having a happy baby who is happy and comfortable all day. One of the most important factor is to be diaper rash free if you remember my post on "Ultimate Comfort makes a Happy Baby & Happy Mummy".

Want something silky smooth, non sticky and does not stick to  the skin when cleaning it off the butt cheeks. With the Rebirth of Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream 1>2>3 (VBC 123),

I am more than happy to bid goodbye to the thick diaper rash creams from other brands which I have tried before.

The former Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream (VBC) was also silky and light to touch and apply. I did a review on it before with some other Mustela products.

More often than not, we are always "battling" with our little ones during diaper change. New and inexperienced parents may find VBC 123 usage a breeze with the easy clean off.

The light & silky texture
It's non greasy, silky dry finishing after applying

What's about the new and improved Vitamin Barrier Cream 1>2>3 ? Mustela has developed the first diaper change formula to guarantee a three-way efficacy by acting on the sources of the factors causing diaper skin discomfort.

They selected and patented 3 natural active ingredients, which belong to a new generation of biomimetic active ingredients: from natural origin that are able to act in perfect affinity with baby's skin, while combining maximum tolerance and targeted efficacy.

It's a complete skincare for the nappy area, which is constantly stressed being wrapped in the urine absorbed diaper and ineffective medical creams. Delicate enough for daily use with 0% fragrance preservative and 98% ingredients of natural origin.

- PREVENTS irritations and redness at each change
- SOOTHES from the 1st application
- REPAIRS continually
 *Includes babies newly-discharged from neonatal care.

Vera's skin is still pretty sensitive though her eczema has cleared from using Calecim. As soon as I spotted the irritants on her skin, I applied VBC 123 after cleaning the area with wet wipes.

Irritations on the skin spotted during one of the diaper change

After an application, the redness disappeared and the  baby smooth skin was back again.

@ the next diaper change

PhysiObébé No-rinse cleansing fluid face and diaper area , till now remains as one of my must have to bring overseas especially. Click on the caption to read my previous review on it.

PhysiObébé No-rinse cleansing fluid (Review)

Watch this video clip to find out more on how Vitamin Barrier Cream 1>2>3 works.

Mustela Singapore has generously sponsored a total of 5 units of Vitamin Barrier Cream 1>2>3 to 5 lucky readers from Xavvy-licious.

If you or your friend is a first time mum, join in this Giveaway and you may be one of the lucky ones to walk away with a full size Vitamin Barrier Cream 1>2>3 worth $15.

Simply follow the steps below.
1. LIKE Mustela Singapore on Facebook.
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3. Share this post on your profile wall.
4. Remember to leave a comment indicating your name & email address so that I can notify you should you be the lucky one.
5. Giveaway starts on 22 July 2014 - 5th August 2014. Winners will be contacted directly by Dynamic Resources Pte Ltd.
6. This Giveaway is strictly for contestants residing in Singapore Only.

Mustela is also available at all Kiddy Palace outlet, Takashimaya, Robinsons, OG, Mums & babe, Motherswork, selected Spring Maternity, Unity, Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy.

If you wish to to try out  PhysiObébé No-rinse cleansing fluid, Unity is running a promotion ! You get a sample free with every purchase of the Vitamin Barrier Cream 1>2>3 !

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Congratulations to the following winners! Thank you for your support and participation.

Disclaimer : We received a set of VBC 123 and Physiobebe from Mustela Singapore for review purposes. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

{ Food Review } 姑妈家 << Gu Ma Jia Food Pot >>

Finally, am back to sitting in front of the screen, after an almost two weeks break away from the kids, feeling ever so grateful to my supportive other half, who granted me this long awaited just ME trip. Before I left for the trip, we went for a food tasting at 姑妈家 (Gu Ma Jia).

If you are looking for delicious, home-cooked goodness, this hidden gem is located at the entry of Senette Estate.

姑妈家 (Gu Ma Jia), a two storey restaurant with a simple, home-liked settings, serves typical Chinese home-cooked dishes ! If you love home-cooked dishes, you will love 姑妈家 (Gu Ma Jia) !

The restaurant has a homely setting, bright and clean. It has a total of two levels, of which the first level can house 55 diners while the second level can house 70 diners. It is child friendly as well with the availability of kids' cutlery and highchairs.

The homely 1st level
The 2nd level

The restaurant’s dedication and passion for creating delectable home-cooked dishes won 姑妈家 (Gu Ma Jia) an award for ‘Top 10 Favourite Restaurant’ at the Singapore Food Festival 2010 and a second time in 2013. 

We have the privilege to be invited for a food tasting session. Allow me bring you through the dishes we got to try ! Get your bibs ready !

These are some of the signature dishes;

A hot favourite and a must-try for all. My tolerance level for spicy food is pretty low. But the tenderness and juiciness of the fish complemented by Gu Ma Jia’s exclusive spicy and sour Assam blend gravy, made me go ahead and took another few more bites. Super love it when I sank my teeth into the lady fingers, fully soaked in the Assam gravy as it burst in your mouth.

Assam Fish Head ($28)

Crabs lovers, check this out ! What I like about this was, the crabs were cooked perfectly that the meat does not stick onto the shell which makes consumption so much easier and the broth was heavenly. Succulent Sri Lankan crabs are used for this dish, cooked with white pepper sauce, which has a mild tinge of spiciness yet it brings out the sweetness of the crabs.

White Pepper Crab (Seasonal Price)

Another of the most loved dish among all ! It sent Xav excited when it was served with the flame on top of the aluminium foil!

I am no pork lover but the meaty yet tender ribs drenched in sweet tangy sauce, this dish was simply delectable! Kids will definitely love this !

Kyoto Pork Ribs ($20)

As per it's name, the kai lan vegetables were cooked in two styles, blanched at the stems while the leaves were deep fried to perfection. Xav totally love the crunchiness of the leaves. I personally feel that for kids who do not like greens, you may want to try this dish for them. Xav kept asking for more !

Yuan Yang Kai Lan ($10/$15/$20)

This is a MUST TRY !! I was totally loving it when I drank the soup !  It reminded me of the nutritious confinement dish. The tender chicken bits with fragrant ginger and sesame oil is sure to tantalize both the children and adults especially.

Clay pot Chicken with Ginger & Sesame Oil ($15/$22/$28)

A perfect combination of crispy fried brinjal and French beans. The crispy brinjals were lightly tossed in sweet marmite sauce and then fried with French beans. When I sank my teeth into the crispy strips of brinjal, not knowing then they were brinjal ! Pretty addictive, I guarantee that you won't stop at just one.

Crispy Bean-Jal ($12/$18)

8 Treasures Vegetables is exquisitely made up of  lotus, black fungus, carrot, celery, vegetarian abalone, lingzhi mushroom, cashew nuts and snap peas. What could be better when you have the 8 Treasures Vegetables topped on top of a crispy yam ring !

8 Treasures Vegetables ($12/$18/$24)
Other dishes we got to taste were;

Sambal Sotong, ($16 / $24 / $30)

Big & fresh oysters and what made this omelette special was the sambal topped  in the middle. Slightly spicy but it made the whole dish really delish.

Oyster Omelette ($12)

Alongside their delicious home- cooked food, check out these refreshing fruity goodness - Fruit enzymes extracts are used in the fruit desserts and beverage.

Giant jars of fruity goodness - Fruit enzymes in the making

Enzymes are protein molecules which are the life force of all biological activities in human cells. Enzymes act as catalysts for the human cells to function. The body‘s ability to digest, absorb and utilize nutrients depends on the presence of enzymes. The drink tastes really refreshing ! Ask the friendly staff if you want to know more about the beverage, they will be most happy to share about it !

Fruity Enzyme Juice with rock melon, strawberries, kiwi and basil seeds Selling Price: $3.80

Fruity Jelly Enzyme with longans and wolfberries. Price: $5.80
A happy & satisfied  customer !

姑妈家 (Gu Ma Jia) also provides buffet catering services with a good selection of delectable dishes and the prices are pretty affordable.

Comes to the billing part, 姑妈家 (Gu Ma Jia) does not charge GST and service charge ! Jump for joy !

Do take note of the operating hours below.

For more information, you can go to

Location :
Gu Ma Jia Food Pot ( 姑妈家 )
45, Tai Thong Crescent
Senette Estate
Singapore 347886
Tel : 62855602

Getting There:
By train : Nearest MRT is Potong Pasir
By buses : 8, 61, 64, 65, 66, 90, 125, 151, 154  
By car : Free parking after 5pm but it does seem a little challenging to find a parking lot during the peak hours. However,  there are parking lots available outside the private houses. Take a little walk before and after the meal does sound like not too bad an idea. 

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Disclaimer: We were invited by AT Marketing Consultancy for food tasting session at 姑妈家 (Gu Ma Jia). No monetary compensation is involved. All opinions are of my own.
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