Wednesday, September 30, 2015

{Review} Digital Consultation : Spotless Medical

Few weeks back, I attended #BlogMeetSg,

 hosted by Lucy Waring, blogger of Lullabelle Lifestyle  at "The Nail Social"

Spotless Clarifying Cleanser was amongst the door gifts that were given to me.

To be frank, I am undecided if I should use the cleanser as I am quite particular on the type of products that go onto my face. My skin type belongs to the combination category coupled with some sensitivity and usually, not all cleansers are unsuitable for my face.  More often than not after using, either you see a breakout, bumps or milia seeds appearing on my eye bags. Most of the time I need to trial and error with the products. The last thing I want to see is, the products going into the bin. How hurting it will be to my pockets !

Coincidently, I had some outbreaks on my forehead which could be due to the irritation from my fringe and probably some hormonal changes.

Taken on 16/9/15 @ One Beauty Spa Eye Treatment (Review coming up)

To add on, it was really upsetting that for an unknown cause, both my cheeks and the area near to the nostrils started to itch, dry and peel. But it does not seem to come to and end. New skin came up but was reddened and the cycle repeats ! I have tried so hard for my fingers to refrain from peeling the dry skin off.

I read on the label that Spotless' skincare range are specially created for inflamed, sensitive skin. The products are formulated to be extremely gentle, cleanse, hydrate and shield without irritating or over stimulating. I thought why not just try out Spotless Clarifying Cleanser and it may just help to clear up the outbreak and the drying part on my cheeks shall be monitored.

Spotless Clarifying Cleanser contains :
AHA (Alphahydroxy Acid) for effective exfoliation of dead skin layers. It helps to diminish acne, improve blackheads and whiteheads. It also can help improve the appearance of enlarged pores by promoting skin renewal. 
Green Tea & Licorice extracts soothe and protect the skin.

I dispensed a little amount onto my wet palm, lathered into foam before I work on my face. It was light and silky. After rinsing off, my face felt clean and light, not a slightest feel of the skin tightening up and yet at the same time, it was not stinging to the almost new skin on both sides of my cheeks.

And today I took a picture of the almost blemish free forehead with credits going to Spotless Clarifying Cleanser.

Taken on 27/9/2015

Subsequently, I decided to try out using Spotless App for my persistent peeling on my cheeks. YES, you did read correctly ! Seriously, a consultation via an mobile app is way too cool and TIME SAVING especially for busy mums. No more waiting in queue and more waiting just to pay your bills.

Moms like me who are with the kids 24/7 truly find such services very useful. All you need to do is to download that app and have your consultation done over your mobile phone at the comfort of wherever you are and whenever you are available to reply.

Basically, Spotless is an app-based medical practice specialising in all skin issues.

Spotless App

How does the procedure works ?

I started by sending in pictures of my areas of concern via the app. I snapped the reddened area on my cheeks as well as the pigmentation on my right. The function of the app works just like Whatsapp. You can send pictures and messages to the doctor.

Promptly, I received a reply from Dr Ian (As shown below). He diagnosed it to be Seborrhoeic dermatitis which was what actually happened on my cheeks.

Reply by Dr. Ian Chen

Within three days, Spotless Medical sent Sebclair over to me. I was relieved when I saw that Sebclair was non-steroidal and fragrance free. Reason being, I have tried steroid creams out of desperation on Vera when she had  really bad eczema outbreak, not only steroids is unable to treat but in fact had thinned her skin until I tried Calecim for her.

My treatment cream

The usage on the number of application sent over the conversation chat can always be referred to should I forgot on the frequency of application.

One area of concern you must be having in mind; are the doctors certified ? Spotless panel doctors are fully-certified medical practitioners from reputable medical schools, with post-graduate training in skin care.

During my treatment period, the doctor (Dr Ian) remained unchanged and followed up with me and over the course of Spotless treatment and I am free to contact him. Bid goodbye to appointment making and save on that travelling time !

After 12 days of using Sebclair, the peeling and redness was greatly reduced.

All in all, I am totally elated that the outbreak was under control and am on my way back to a healthy skin.

- Spotless treats all skin conditions
- a Spotless consultation is $20 but there are always promos and other ways to defray the cost such as by referring new patients. Invite your friends via email by keying in the app.
- More affordable medicines or cheaper as compared to normal clinics because the aim of Spotless is to make great skin available to everyone
- Do visit Spotless Facebook page and give a LIKE to be updated with their articles on skin health ! I love their articles written by or reviewed by their own doctors. Being an oiling enthusiast, it is not just about the oils I use but I do read up on our diet and the importance of maintaining a healthy gut too and yes
- Do click here to read more about the Frequently Asked Questions.
And for all Xavvy-licious readers ! Spotless Medical is offering a 40% off any skin treatment cream if you quote "XAVVY". Go refer your friends to try this digital consultation !

If you need to be in touch with Spotless Medical :  
Email :
Facebook : Spotless Medical
Instagram :
Blog :

Disclaimer : I received a complimentary treatment for review purposes. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

{Giveaway} ZooMoo - It's all animals, all the time !

I have two animal lovers at home ! Their discovery of new animals are usually from:
- walks in the park
- screen time (educational DVDs or kids channel)
- picture books.

I have never install any apps on my phone for games nor learning apps because I prefer the kids to be engaged without any gadgets if possible. What a boring phone of mine! I tell you, the kids usually won't ask me for my phone because they will only get to see tonnes of their daily captures stored in the album and nothing else ! 

I made an exemption this time. I loaded ZooMoo app in my working tablet when I got to know that this wonderful app allow the kids to discover and learn up to 150 animals as they play ! This app reminded me of Tamagotchi, if you still remember the electronic pet ! But for sure, this is definitely more fun and educational !

What you can expect from this app includes:
- Pictures of real animals and their habitats.
- Short video clips of animals and real sound effects made by the individual animals.

- Show some love to the animals by feeding, keeping them clean or making them dirty too ! (Sounds like a Tamagotchi pet ! )

When they have received enough love (a full green bar) they reward you with a pack of cards which you can collect them and store them in the album.

- Snap pictures of the animals digitally

Even for myself, I was motivated to "work" to receive the free packs of cards ! This app is FREE to be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play Store.

So basically, what is ZooMoo?
“ZooMoo is a collaboration between world renowned filmmakers and early childhood educational experts. Hundreds of shows combine spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppets, animations and strong narration to create a unique experience for little viewers.” - shared by ZooMoo.

Photo Credit : ZooMoo Asia

On 16th September, ZooMoo has launched a new hair-raising adventure series called "Lost" on StarHub Channel 306.

Usually, I don't encourage screen time but this is only allowed when I need to keep Vera away from the kitchen when I am cooking and Xav's screen time will be after his daily revision. The type of show I prefer them to watch leans more towards educational shows where they get expose and learn educational stuff.

This brand new series on ZooMoo follows Flash, the dog, ZooMoo's resident wildlife photographer who gets lost in different wildlife habitats while he tried to capture award-winning photos. Through his good friends, Owl and Piglet,  Flash made it back by finding his way through clues and quizzes based on his surrouundings. You should have seen how Xav and Vera had their eyes fixated on the screen !

And with thanks to revolutionary technology, while you watch ZooMoo on TV, load the ZooMoo App too ! The app will be able to "listen" to the channel and send the cards packs to your tablet ! How cool !

Find out more about ZooMoo as I have a giveaway for one lucky winner to win a similar pack of ZooMoo Fun Pack of what we had !

Thank you ZooMoo for the special gift pack !

If you would like to win a set of ZooMoo goodies for your little ones, do follow the steps below  !

To participate :
1. Like ZooMoo Asia on Facebook.
2. Like Xavvy-licious on facebook.
3. Comment on this original post indicating the title of ZooMoo's new series and which Channel is it airing on.
4. Like, share and tag as many friends as you like.
5. Winner is to reply to the pm within 48 hours after I have pm you else I will choose to draw out another winner.

ZooMoo Giveaway Terms and Conditions:
- Giveaway starts on 23rd September and ends on 29 Sept, 2359 (Singapore time)
- Giveaway is for contestants residing in Singapore only.
- Winner will be notified via email.
- Only one winner will be allocated to per household.
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
- ZooMoo reserved the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Disclaimer : We received a pack of ZooMoo Pack from ZooMoo Asia for review purposes. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Alcatraz Island - The Rock

For those of you who are planning to visit San Francisco, do remember to factor in a few more days to explore this beautiful city !

Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS

Due to the tight schedule, we could only stay for a day before driving off again the next day. From Anaheim, we drove to San Francisco with plans in mind to visit Alcatraz Island - The Rock and Golden Gate Bridge.

Initially, I was really disappointed when all tickets to The Rock have been sold out. We were even mentally prepared to queue in the early morning. I was really upset with dear deep inside because I have told him to book the tickets early and do not wait till the very last minute !  But I really have no idea how did he managed to book under JB Road Bike Tours. The tickets to Alcatraz Island came as a package with rental of the bikes as well.

The journey to San Francisco took about 6 hours drive. Our stopover was just to pack our lunch, toilet breaks and petrol top ups. To save time, we ate on the go while dear drove.

Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Passed by a cattle company along the expressway.
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Arrival in San Francisco
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)

While we were stuck in a slow moving traffic,  I took the chance to snap some photos with my heart pumping away because our departure time to Alcatraz Island was scheduled to depart at 3.30pm. What if we could not make it on time !  Yes, we ran immediately to the pier upon touching down at the hotel. I won't forget for sure when I had Vera strapped onto me in the carrier, ran against the cold wind blowing in my face and a diaper bag.

Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Departure point for Alcatraz Island
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Pier 33
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Having doubts about her prison visit
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Scenic view of The Golden bridge from Alcatraz Ferry
( Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Skyline of San Francisco City
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
It was once the Alcatraz Prison on San Francisco Bay, now turned into a National Park.

Alcatraz Island from afar
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Spot the oldest light station on U.S. West Coast - Alcatraz Island Lighthouse
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
On the left :The Water Tower at the Recreation yard
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Where new inmates report used to report to as well as collection of their prison uniforms.
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS 
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS 
Common shower area for the inmates.
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)

We opted to join in the 45 minutes, award-winning Audio Tour recorded by former Alcatraz inmates, correctional officers, and residents as they reminisced about life on the island as we walked through the cell blocks.

Putting on the audio device over his neck.
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS 
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS 
Recreation Yard
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS) 

The recreation yard was an area where the inmates could spend their little free time, had their dose of fresh air and the only perk to them would be the awesome scenic view of the Golden Gate Bridge from afar.

Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS 
Block D - For solitary confinement
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)

Block D confined inmates with the most serious offences or those who were unusually dangerous and violent. They called it "The hole" as there were no windows. The inmates were isolated in total darkness. I felt the coldness and "chill" when I stepped into the dark cell. Didn't spend more time there as I felt uncomfortable especially having Vera with me.

Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS 
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS 
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS 
Library for the inmates
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Do you know that tear gas canisters were installed in the dining hall in the event of riots. One of the most dangerous place where knives and forks were most easily available for them to fight with each other. 
Dining hall which was also known as "Gas Chambers"
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS

Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Listening to the story of Alcatraz Siege
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Gun Gallery
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)
Plans were made to attempt escapes. Vent holes in their cells were enlarged using their self-made drills during music hours such that the noises were being covered up without anyone realizing. Inmates made dummy heads with human hair, placed in their beds so that during the headcount at night, they were thought to be in the cell but in fact, they had crawled out through the small vent hole so that they would not be missed during night time headcounts. They used raincoats which were issued to them to construct rafts to escape from San Francisco Bay. Due to the strong currents and the super cold water, it is still not known if they have made it alive to the shores.
Dummy head made with human hair
(Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS)

Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS
Photo taken with Canon Power Shot SX530 HS 

Freezing out in the strong wind to have a picture taken with San Francisco City right behind me. =P    

We left Alcatraz Island by the evening, went back to the hotel and got the kids bathed before meeting up with a friend for dinner at Applebees.

Dinner @ Applebees
Love the colous of the sky in the evening
Here are some tips to share if  you are planning to make your visit to Alcatraz Island :
1. The Ferry Schedule, note that the first ferry for the island departs at 9am, runs between the island and San Francisco at about 30 -40 mins interval .
2. Closing hours are different for different season. The island closes at : 4.30 pm during fall, winter and spring months but at 6.30 pm for Summer. - Island is closed only on Christmas and New Year's Day or in extreme weather
3. Book early ! If you remember I mentioned at the beginning that all tickets were sold out ? Usually tickets will be sold out one week before during summer months and holiday weekends. 
4. Alcatraz night tours are available if you would like to experience the island in the evening. It caters to smaller crowds and the viewing of the dramatic San Francisco skyline is among the Night Tour's attractions. Visit for the schedule, prices, ticket availability & purchase.
5. Unpredictable weather as weather may have sudden changes. Usually during the summer, fog and wind are common and can be rainy during winter. I guess we were not used to the cooling weather there ? We were kind of freezing our butts off when the cold air blew into our face.
6. For parents bringing the little ones along, do note that there is only sale of bottled water at the dock-level store, should you need to buy any food, you can do so on the ferry. Food can only be consumed at a given picnic area, at the dock level.
7. Due to the steep roads, should there be visitors who are unable to make the climb up Alcatraz's road due to mobility issues, you can make use of their SEAT (Sustainable Easy Access Transport) electric shuttle that runs on a regular basis between the dock and the prison building.

Here, I conclude our Day 2 of our 13 days trip and my apologies for some misalignment. I am still trying to get it fixed.

Here's our planned Itinerary :
Pre Trip Preparation : Our Travel Essentials
Day 1 - Disneyland Theme Park in Anaheim, California

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Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. Canon Power Shot SX530 HS was solely for review purposes with thanks to Canon Singapore.  

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