Friday, May 31, 2013

Library @ Chinatown

Updates as of 27/5/2015.

I revisited Chinatown Library with both the kids. It was like a 2 years ago when  I last visited this branch ! I took the opportunity to update some information and pictures since I have made my trip there.

I was so surprise to find out that there is actually a library located within Chinatown Point through one of the post posted by one of the Mom bloggers, Mummy Kless.

After dear departed for UK, the following day, we made our way to Chinatown. We headed straight to Chinatown Point straight after our lunch to check out the Library.

Before you reach the entrance of the library, here's what Vera would like to tell you, there is a room for her and the little friends to get their diapers changed.

(Updated 27/5/2015 ) My little friends, there is a room for us !

Library@Chinatown, the first community supported library, was officially opened on 31 Jan 2013. It offers a wide collection, catering to both arts and cultural enthusiasts as well as to the general public, who are keen in learning more about Chinese culture and arts.

(Update 27/5/2015 ) Entrance of the library
(Updated27/5/2017) Reading area for the public when there is no on going event.

Does this biscuit tin rings a bell ?
Totally engrossed reading the articles and going through the exhibits on Chinatown during the olden days.

Some fun stamping activities of familiar icons of Singapore like Singa the lion, Singapore Changi Airport & the Dragon playground etc.

Happened that there was a book launch. Yes, I was drew to it. This was one of the three books which I bought. Xav has been reciting this when he was 4 then. I thought this book "Di Zi Gui"would greatly helped me better relate to him the meaning of each phrases with English translation and comics since now he is able to apprehend subjects better.

Sample page of how the pages inside looks like

I also bought the other two on "Three Character Classis" << San Zi Jing >> and "The Classic of Filial Piety" << Xiao Jing >>

As we made our way towards the Children's section, more mini reading areas are lined along the pathway.

Follow by is the children's section.

Apart from the tables, sofas are made available in the Children's section too !

Photo credit to Straits Times

Be spoilt for choices on the large collection of books on Chinese Cultures, Chinese idioms & poems, classic tales etc !

I found this series of readers on the Monkey King and Journey to the west.

( Updated 27/5/2015)

Xav made himself really comfortable, sitting on one of the ladybug cushions and started flipping through the books. (Updated 27/5/2015: These two cutie ladybugs are no longer there. You can either sit at the tables or sofas else just make yourself comfortable on the steps ! )

Before we left, we passed by a collaborative room with former radio channel "Rediffusion" that allows the patrons to listen to old dialects broadcast. This is located just right after the entrance, on the left hand side.

(Updated 27/5/2015 )
We left the library with a few books on the origins of Chinese Festivals. Quite a good find as I did not managed to find them at Seng Kang Library.

The lil' bookworm loves the books ! I'm surprised that he still remembers the phrases as I have not been going through with him for quite sometime and his attention was drawn to read and apprehend the drawings and speech bubbles. Of course as we go along, I explained to him as well. The books are available in Popular Book Stores should you wish to get them.

Location of Library @ Chinatown as follows:
133 New Bridge Road
#04-12 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.00am - 9.00pm

Closed at 5.00pm on eves of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year
Closed on Public Holidays

Bookdrop Hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Croc-a-compound word !

What makes a compound word ?
A compound word is made up of two words that has a meaning and come together to make one new word.

How does it helps in reading ?
It helps to build on the vocabulary bank as well as it helps the child to read better by identifying the "smaller" words in the word. It makes reading easier by breaking up the words.

For example:
Foot + Ball = Football
Eye + Sight = eyesight
Pin +Wheel = Pinwheel

Xav had learnt some simple knowledge before I made him this foam crocs "Compound Words" kit. Just in time that Mindchamps is covering on Compound words for these two lessons.

Here's my foam crocodiles ! Each measuring 12.7cm long. I cut them out one by one on the coloured foams, created and printed a list of compound words which I wanted.

I cut out the words into halves and sticked the first halves onto the front part of the crocs as shown below.

and stick the other half of the word on the other half of the croc.

We played a silly little game whereby the crocs escaped from the zoo but their tails were missing. Xav's mission was to help the crocs locate their missing tails with the correct word to form the compound word.
To make sure he don't just read the words without understanding what it means, as he went along, I asked him for the meaning of each individual word and the meaning of the new word formed.

We had our silly little laughs for that evening as we did the activity.

The completed crocs
I have also bought a set of popcorn compound words from OTC few months back to kickstart him on compound words. He had pretty much fun as he learnt through playing with them. Here's so much about it.

As I have recently set up a Facebook page for Xav's blog. Here's a mini giveaway as we have hit the first 50 LIKES for a start. If you would wish to win this set of 26 cute foam crocodiles for your little one to DIY your own homelearning kit, follow the steps below.

All you need to do is to :

1. LIKE 'Xavvy-licious" Facebook page.
2. Leave a comment on this post with your name, email, the preferred set (Crocs or Fish) as well as your reply on "What will you make with this set of foam crocs/ fishes to teach your little one"

Here are some ideas, I have previously made a set of fishing game with foams as well.

(*Note - The foam fishes do not comes with brads )

Giveaway ends on 31st May 2013, Friday. Good Luck !

Thank you all for participating in the mini giveaway ! Xav has drawn a winner - Theresa Koh ! I will be contacting you shortly !

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Art Attack @ Heart Studio

Had a short therapeutic saturday afternoon spent at Heart Studio, attending the Adult Canvas Art Class. Heart Studio had kindly sponsored the class as part of Singapore Mom Bloggers' 1st anniversary celebration.

This was my ever first art class and had enjoyed it together with nine other mom bloggers. The lesson was on recreating the French Painter, Hughes Claude Pissarro's Masterpiece - Camille Pissaro Sails.

Using oil pastels as the medium and technique of quick, short strokes to blend the colours on the canvas. My objective was to recreate this painting below.

To recreate this piece
Our teachers for the day were the two friendly teachers.

Teacher Elma (left), Teacher Gaz (Right)

Teacher Gaz
Firstly, we were told to draw the outline of the horizon, distinguishing the sky and the land, as well as the outline of the subject (In this case, it's the sails). Pale colours like beigh or yellow to be used for the outline. For a start, I sat frozen as I didn't know how to get started. Thankfully for the guidance from the teachers.

Subsequently, filled in the background with the quick, short strokes technique. And yes, through out, nothing can be as stressful as "you have another 30 mins to go" ! *Laughs* I was caught off guard on the time that slipped away unknowingly as I was "Tok Tok-ing" away.

Back ground of the sky and the sea
I did not follow exactly the original version. I find that trees were much easier to blend than houses and buildings. Hence, I drew a mixture of trees and houses. We were also taught to use white pastel to blend the colours to lighten it and as well as using our fingers to blend to achieve another effect.

Thank you Teacher Elma for rendering her picture taking "service" while I was busy filling up the subjects on land.

Busy shading trees and hosues

Last was to colour in the sails, this time, no technique was needed but we need to give the sails some colour shades and used a black pastel to outline the subjects. I felt mine was way too rigid (Seems like Xav can do better than me ? =p)

After 1.5 hours and with the tips from the teachers, this is my Oil pastel painting on canvas. More room for improvement !

Dear was quite encouraging when he asked me how was my lesson, he remarked "wow not bad for a start !" and yes Xav gave me his compliments too "Mummy, your painting is nice !" =)

Here's the group of happy mummies with our masterpiece. Thank you Rachel for organising the session and nice meeting the rest of the mummy bloggers; 

On the bench ( From left) : Delphine, Me, Jolin, Waiwai, AngelineMadeline 
On the floor ( From left) : Angeline, Ling Siew, Cherie, Jennifer & Rachel

Photo Credits to Rachel
For your information, Heart Studio conducts adult canvas classes to teach basic art sketching to canvas art. All it takes is 2 people to start a class ! Get a friend and go together !

The school also offers art classes for children 3 - 12 years old. Do check out their website for more information on the classes and holiday programmes.
Heart Studio LLP
101 Soo Chow Walk
Singapore 575385

Tel: (65) 65547563
Fax: (65) 65547562
Facebook Page for Heart Studio

I attended the session which was kindly sponsored by Heart Studio as part of SMB 1st Anniversary Celebration. All opinions are of my own.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q - Children's Season 2013

We are back again for the Children's Season 2013 @ SAM.

He remembered that there will be activities inside SAM and he requested me to bring him in. Oh well, what caught his eyes was the balloon sculpting station and he happily went to join the Q and got himself a machine gun !!

Then, we went into the Glass Hall for a short activity "Button it up". They will be given a handful of mini colourful buttons and a picec of foam. You can make into a collage or a badge. Xav chose a flower template telling me "mummy, flower for you ok ? To him, seems like every weekend it's Mother's Day =p

Happy with his badge !
After this, we made our way up to Level 2 and they had a counter for body painting. This lil' buddy of mine went up and requested to have a yellow bird painted on his arm.

I called him "Mr Vain"
After this, we hopped over to SAM @ 8Q. As usual, we visited the exhibition in the descending mode, starting from Level 4 onwards.

Level Four - Love. Revolve the world

An installation by Sun Yu-li. I did not managed to take pics of this section as I was busy settling Xav down at the table for his craft.

If you can make out what he is drawing ...... that is his version of MRT map.

His mini creation of an airport
He got mummy's help to draw a crowd at the viewing gallery
On Level Three - Stella Cave II

This piece of stunning work piece is made entirely of screws and thread. Inspired by the prehistoric paintings in France's Lascaux Caves. The entire installation was created by wrapping thread around each metal screw, where the screws represents the stars in the sky.

After you exit the "Cave", behind the curtains, there were several stations around the room where you can give it a go with the screws and yarns, forming your own constellation. Xav's giving a go at it.

The incredibly magical expanding room which was also located within the same room as the Stellar Cave. Watch the transformation of the four walls as it responded to our voice. See what happens when you whisper, talk or shout. You may get to hear the children screaming and shouting behind the curtains, as they are encouraged to do so as to see the effect of their voices have on the graphics which are being projected on the four walls.

On the other side of the building, you can visit "Glossy Dreams in Depth". Be warned that children who don't like dark spaces, this may be a little scary to them. This room is filled with 3D drawings and halograms.

We were first given a pair of 3D glasses, sat on a bed with settings of a children's room. After a 180 deg turn on the turnstile, we were brought into "another world" of nightmares and bad dreams. Overcome the fears as you go along through the exploration of the room filled with peculiar objects.

Photo credit to Singapore Art Museum

There is also a mask making section on the other end of the room.

On Level Two - Film Screenings

A selection of local short films and animations. But we did not managed to catch this as it's near to closing time. Hence, I skipped this and hopped over to the other side "Around the day in 80 worlds "

I loved this room ! It got me fascinated ! Kids get to make their own kaleidescope too but we skipped this due to time constraint.
Do you see a meow in the pic ?
You can change the expression of the face by just changing the shape of the string which outlined the face. Pretty interesting !

On Level One - The Enchanted Garden City

Created by Artist Sandra Lee, step into the whimsical enchanted garden city. It's all abour fairy tales with an Asian twist !

They have this machine whereby your drawings can be scanned. Xav created his drawing, got it scanned and got his drawing appeared on the Magic Mirror.

Mirror mirror on the wall ......
Here's Xav trying to be Jack climbing up the giant beanstalk !

Heeeelp ! I heard the giant's nearby !
There is a beautiful rainbow bridge nicely decorated for the kids to play on.

Level One - Landscape in the box

There were a total of 134 boxes, designed by NUS Architecture Students. Some random pics of their creation.

We could have stayed on longer if we have more time. Probably will just pop by again on another day !

The Children's Season is held from 18 May 2013 - 30 June 2013.

From 18 May onwards, there will be free admission to all NHB Museums and Heritage institutions for all Singapore Citizens and PRs.

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