Thursday, July 30, 2020

[Review] 8Durian

Due to Covid19, we stayed home most of the time and even until now, we hardly dine out. Most of the time we will pack food back on days I do not cook. We hardly shop at the malls too, most shopping is done online. But one thing for sure, we are still active with heading outdoors for cycling but with extra care.

Most of our birthday celebrations before the pandemic, we will head out to eat. But this year, I guess we would prefer to just order delivery and have a simple celebration at home.

Don's birthday was spent cycling to Changi Village via the park connector and back. We had a great 3 hours to ourselves after the kids left for school. It was like my wish came true because I have always wanted to do this trip with him sans kids.

Lorong Halus Bridge

We ordered western food for dinner and rounded up the dinner with a birthday song and a special 'cake' made of evenly bittersweet fruits from those thorny fruits. I say it was a pretty special 'cake' this year! His birthday cake was made up of Grade AAA Mao Shan Wang and Premium Black Gold durians from 8durian, with their plantation located in the high mountains of Pahang Malaysia.

Just like the quality crabs from @8crabs, @8durian is under the same umbrella. 8durian made sure that the durians are fresh and in good quality before they make the deliveries. Expect long flesh & small seeds, creased-looking for authentic Mao Shan Wang.

Every box was sealed in a bag

I missed the cut-off time the day before Don's birthday and was about to change my mind ordering.  However, I gave a try to order on the day of his birthday and my order was accepted and it was delivered on the same evening! REJOICE!

8durian offer free delivery for orders $100 and above, do check this out: Not the cheapest but the quality is assured. Thank you, 8durian!

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Monday, July 27, 2020

[Review] heART Studio Singapore

Vera has officially started her Primary school journey since Jan 2020. Prior to this, I have already observed that she has some challenges in catching up with the syllabus, her ability to process and retain information was weak and not forgetting the inability to stay focus for the first half of the year.

However, tuition and enrichment classes are never the first on my mind to help her with these challenges. I believed in Art and Music education to aid in cognitive function as we use both sides of our brain when we draw, the right for creativity and logical thinking on the left. This process can actually help to strengthen one's focus and strategic thinking. I decided to set aside every Friday and allowed her to attend art classes with heART Studio Singapore.

It is not just about going to the art school, draw, paint and go. There are so many elements involved in naturing a child, allowing them to express themselves freely with no right or wrong when it comes to art, to increase their confidence, unleash the creativity in them and allow them to imagine and create.
Most importantly, I always believe that arts can help one to view life with different perspectives and to think out of the box to troubleshoot when facing challenges.

We have been with heART Studio for a month, Vera brought back new knowledge every week. Apart from the technical skills in drawing, I saw that she has improved on the areas of some concerns I had for her. It may not be a huge improvement for now but the structure of the art class taught at heART Studio actually helped strengthen her weaknesses bit by bit.

Putting her observation and visualization skills to test

This was Vera's completed outline with guidance based on her observation.

The completed outline of her structure

Vera learnt to be a little more patient and acknowledged the need to listen first before she got started. This is a challenge for her as she gets excited easily and is always eager to share her views!

Every artist should know the basics, the different type of brushes and the strokes they give.

I could roughly guage her spatial awareness from how she mixed the paints within a small area, there is still alot of room for improvement. Nevertheless, I thought that she had done pretty well here!

Working on her hand-eye coordination and focus through tracing lines with a paintbrush.

And to paint a huge background is not going to be easy for Vera as it requires lots of patience and the eye for details especially when she needed to really have patience to paint the huge spaces and to scan through her painting to look out for empty spaces to fill the paint in. I loved how she tried her best to scan through the painting.

Filling in the colours of the blocks was next, doing it systematically. 

Vera was also taught how to observe the different tones each brick could reflect from different angles.

By the 4th lesson, she learnt how to draw studs onto the bricks and had the painting completed! Never mind that her cat became a dog, let's practise again next time! I find it pretty adorable!

Vera was happy with her painting and when I gave praise to her for being patient enough to complete the whole painting, I could see the beam in her eyes as she nodded with confidence. It did not bother her that her cat looked like a dog at the end, she found it hilarious instead and we had a laugh over it. She loves the art classes and surely looks forward to every Friday!

Vera is currently in Little Picasso (suitable for 6-8 yo) and these are the programmes for various age group:
Little Botero  suitable for 3-4.5 yo
Little Dali suitable for 4.5 - 6 yo
Young Van Gogh suitable for 8 yo and above
Portfolio Building Programme (For DSA)

I am definitely elated to see how Vera has progressed and improved in the many areas mentioned above. Will share more in the next post!

Background About heART Studio

This boutique Art Studio is founded by Rena Chew who is a certified Music and Movement and Speech and Drama Teacher. As a mum to three boys, ranging from preschool to primary school, Rena believes that Art helps to develop many life skills which are important for children to navigate through the future world.

From developing perseverance and patience, to problem solving skills, Art has many benefits to nurture a child holistically. heART Studio prides itself on a progressive Art programme which scaffolds a children's understanding of lines, shapes and forms. The term projects aim to introduce to not only techniques but also to increase knowledge on artists as well as styles. Its programmes for childen are suitable for children from 4 to 12; Heart Studio also conducts classes for adults. 

heART Studio Singapore
1 Charlton Road
Singapore 539631
6554 7653

For more infomation, do visit heART Studio Singapore on their social media handle:

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Monday, July 20, 2020

[Review] Lucca Vudor - Rosina Leather Sandals

I am always on my feet most of the time, out and about (before Covid19), an everyday comfy pair is utmost important to make my feet happy.

I have difficult feet as they are wide and have problems getting nice, fitting shoes that do not bite me on my toes, the sides of my last toes and at the back of my feet.

Today, I tried on Rosina Leather Sandals from LUCCA VUDOR, every step was a total comfort as I stepped on the cushioned insole.

The soft leather lining made of sheep's leather was gentle on the feet. I have to walk quite a distance daily to reach Vera's school and back, for the first time, I wore and walked with a pair of new sandals that did not bite. Not forgetting that the heels were slightly heightened, no pressure was put on my back too! I returned home with a pair of happy feet!

The buckle strap does not limit the sandals to match with apparels like shorts only.

The design of Rosina made it suitable to match with dresses too! I chose brown (available in red and black too), a colour most versatile and can match most basic colours. 

I am falling in love with this brand where design and comfort meet, the perfect pair to bring together a summer outfit. Do check out for more designs! 

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Theo10 Disinfectant Spray + Hand Sanitizer

During this period of Covid19 with numbers gradually climbing up, we are also having concerns over the surge in Dengue cases, while wearing of mask is the new norm, I am sure that I did not loosen up on my preventive measures too.

With the habit of washing hands after returning home, before meals, I like to have preventive measures like disinfecting the tabletop and door handles with disinfectant sprays as well as carrying disinfectant wipes and sanitizers in my bag.

Recently, THEO10, our very own homegrown brand, sent over THEO10 Squeaky Hand Sanitizers, disinfectant sprays as well as Mosquito Repellent. 3 years ago, I wrote a post for THEO10 "An Alternative to Natural products", I would say this is one of the brands I trusted to have no nasties in their products. I use it for the family with an ease of mind.

THEO10 hand sanitizer is formulated to be moisturizing and gentle on the hand as there is Vit E content in it but yet powerful enough to kill germs and viruses. It does not leave a sticky feel yet my hand felt soft after each sanitization. It will even leave your hand smelling mildly of Orchid and White tea scent. It is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin!

It is available in 3 sizes (30ml bundle of 5, 60ml, 150ml400ml, 1000ml).

THEO10 Disinfectant Spray is a new addition! It is a broad-spectrum disinfectant and anti-microbial agent with ingredients recommended by WHO, NEA and EPA in specific concentrations. The usage is pretty easy, just spray and wipe off as it is 100% natural and water-based, causes no skin irritation and can be used on any surfaces!

What I did was I rebottled them into my own spray bottle and bring it out to me. I like to use it to disinfect our hands if we head out to nature and could not find a washroom. When dining out, to disinfect the tables we are seated at and toilet bowl seats. I will use the big spray bottle for home use.

THEO10 disinfectant and sanitizing products have been tested to kill beyond 99.99% of bactericidal activities as per Europe Standards laid out in BS EN 1040:2005.

It left my table top with a mild Frangipani scent with the Frangipani essential oil in it, if you are thinking that you have a sensitive nose like me, this scent did not cause any nose irritation at all!

Disinfectant Spray

It comes with a "lock" too so that kids would not accidentally press on the handle.

Keeping myself well protected when  I am out in the parks. Unfortunately, I am a natural mosquito magnet but with thanks to THEO10 Mosquito Repellent, it kept those bloodsuckers away from me!

Lastly, do join THEO10 in supporting HCSA! For more information, please refer HERE 

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

欣憓 20.20 上学记 [小一系列]

It has been a month 6 months (I was supposed to finish this post in February but it is already June now!) since my newly-minted Primary 1 goer started school, she is happy with her new school life thus far! She is more than ready to tell us "I am a big girl already, I can carry my bag myself! Can I go back home by myself ?! Say what!

Here are some tips I used to help her ease into the new routine and school life. I hope it is useful for you to prepare for the new milestone in 2021.

Tip #1 Two wake-up calls

Walking up as early as 5.30a.m can be a challenge as she needs to wash up, change into her uniform and have a light breakfast before she boards her bus at 6.20 a.m.

I am now giving 2 wake-up calls after knowing that she will request to sleep in for another 10 mins based on my first experience waking her up. First wake-up call will be at 5.20 a.m, followed by 5.35 a.m, the latest she has to wake. When she knows that she has been given another 10-15 mins more to sleep in, she wakes up a happy girl.

I did not get any cries so far except for once when she slept really late and had to wake really early the next day. She was on all smiles again when I suddenly thought of dishing out a smiley face to her, hoping to make her smile. Thankfully, it did! It made her broke out into chuckles! Do you know that she is very well motivated by food! I will use the food she requested for the night before to entice her! It works for her especially using fruits!

Tip #2 One hour nap after school
Trust me that their bodies are so used to the routine in childcare, some kids may or may not be able to wean off their noon nap. Having to wake so early for Vera, I would not be surprised if she still needs the afternoon nap.

Very rare of her to fall asleep on the way home

Usually, I allow her to nap for an hour after her lunch and shower. Sometimes, she insisted to tell me that she is not tired at all but when I asked her to lie down on her bed, in just 10 minutes, she dozed off. But right now, after 6 months, she seemed to get the hang of it again and yet not so because of the circuit breaker as she did not need to wake as early as 5.30am.

Tip #3 Counting Money
It is always good if you can spend some time to teach how to count money. I will prefer to use actual coins and notes. Go slow and start from 10 cents if you need to, Vera is unable to add that well yet, I am still giving her allowance in dominations of 10 cents.

I came across an activity which 2mamas4kids shared, you might want to try it out too!

I am still keeping the kids at home due to Covid19, they do not follow me to the Supermarket at all as I want to keep them away from crowds. But what I have been collecting was empty packaging of different products. I plan to make my own price tag and stick on them for Supermarket pretend play. Vera can play the role of a shopper and learn to pay for her purchase.

Tip #4 Go through the canteen menu
The 1st three days, a P4 buddy was assigned to guide her in purchasing of food in the canteen and to bring her around the school. After the 3rd day, she refused to buy from the canteen anymore. She told me she was too shy to do so, I guessed she is not ready on her own yet. Hence, on certain days, I gave her mini lunch or snack boxes.

On days if I run out of ideas or too tired in preparing the lunchbox, I will encourage her to buy from the canteen stalls. Before that, I have already got the menu of the different stalls on hand. I will run through the menu with her and allow her to decide what food she would like to buy, get her to remember the stall number as well as knowing how much she has to pay and if she has enough money. I will allow her to practise counting money by starting her with 10-cent coins only and slowly work on the different domination of that certain amount. In this case, the daily allowance I gave her was only $1.50.

6 months later, she did buy her food but I foresee she will be only buying bread, steamed corn, fried rice and fruits from the canteen. I did not hear her mentioning about other food apart from the above.

Tip #5 Learning the days and months
Repetition never fails. She told me that her teacher will get them to read out the spelling for the current month (JANUARY) daily when she surprised me by spelling it out while we were making our way back home.

So how did I try to start her on learning how to spell the days of the week was, to write down the days beside the dates in her school handbook on a weekly basis.

TIP #6 Be punctual

Being new and adjusting to new routines, new rules, new environment and new friends, these are stresses to the little beings. Hence, do not add-on more anxiety for them. If the dismissal is at 1.30pm, I make sure that I will be at the gate 3-5 mins before she comes out. I have also instructed her to stay put in the holding area if she does not see me appearing at the gate after she is dismissed.

Even after not attending school due to the circuit breaker, she has no issues to transit back to the normal school hours, I sent them to bed at 9pm without fail. Personally, I feel that putting the kids on a structured routine can prep them better to follow through
what should be done for the day without much fuss.

Tip #7 Keep connected to the Teachers 
There are communication channels to reach the teachers, once a while I will ask the teachers for feedbacks with regards to her attention issue and learning issues as she is being pulled out for Learning Support Programme (I will share more about this later). Personally, I feel that teachers and parents should work closely together but bear this in mind, to stay connected and not to bombard the teachers daily asking for your child's performance.

Tip #8 Daily Revision 
I know she will have some struggles based on what I know about her learning pace, hence the daily revision is very important for a child like her who needs repetition. Having to eyeball the elder who is doing his PSLE this year and to make sure I keep up with Vera's learning journey can be challenging. If she has school homework, I will let her complete the school's work first, otherwise, I will spend 15-30 mins revising every subject with her just to keep her engine going.

Hope the above gives you a rough idea on how you can help your little one adapt to P1 life next year.

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Farm Florist Surprise Bouquet

19 June, marked the beginning of Phase 2, something to be happy about because most of the retails are back in operation to help the economy recover gradually and with things started to loosen up a little.

However, we should not take it for granted that it is safe to be hanging out in crowded places. We are still playing safe by practising social distancing and we are still eating at home. No rush to fight the crowd out there and wearing a mask is the new norm. In fact, I was telling some of my friends that mask is the new fashion.

And to mark a new phase, nothing beats having a surprise bouquet from FARM Florist Singapore sent right to my doorstep.

Surprise Bouquet was created for clueless senders who probably does not know what type of flowers to get for certain occasions, they can just simply click on the options available in the dropdown list and leave it to the experts to put the bouquet together!

Since it is a Surprise Bouquet, you cannot customize the bouquet but you can choose the quantity of the main stalks as well as the wrapping paper of your choice, prices start from $25! The bouquet I received came as a bouquet of half a dozen of red roses, coupled with assorted fillers like silver leaves.

Deliver smiles with these affordable bouquets and get them sent within an hour of ordering with the express delivery. It could be probably due to the situation of Covid19 and the circuit breaker in force, I felt that there is room for improvement in the delivery service.

Here is my post on Surprise Bloom Box and all the more we should support FARM Florist Singapore because they only partner farms that are sustainable with anti-slavery policies!

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Sudio ETT Wireless Earbuds

Can I say this minimalistic, stylish-looking, high functionality Sudio Ett, is actually the first pair of wireless earbuds that fitted me perfectly? I have never had a pair of earphones or earbuds that would fit my ears without dropping and I have kind of stop looking around for suitable ones until Sudio Ett came.

The palm-sized, matte finish (perfect to prevent any scratches) and rounded corners carrying case was aesthetically attractive and nice to hold and the earbud is only weighing 5g each, I was totally drawn to it!

Sudio ETT (Pink)

Available in four colours Black, White, Pink and Green, seriously I was having a hard time deciding which colour to go for before I decided to go for this sweet pink with chrome finishing wrapped around the end of the stems.

The accessories (all in matching colours) include:
- 7 extra pairs of ear tips of different sizes (3 sizes of Conic ear tips + 5 sizes of Parabolic ear tips)
- one USB charging cable (Type C) 

I tried on both Parabolic and Conic ear tips. I think I have really small ears, Parabolic size XS fitted me best, followed by size S while Conic size S fitted my ears without dropping off but I felt more comfortable with the former.

Tried and tested with a 100m dash to catch the coming train and during workouts. Big, jumpy actions like jumping jacks as well static sprints were carried out and Sudio Ett remained snug in my ears, can you imagine how elated I was?!

Sudio Ett connects readily the moment I took the earbuds out from the charging case, all I needed to do for the first time was to scan for the device and select 'Sudio Ett'. After the initial pairing, I would not need to do it again unless I change to pair it with another device, at this instance will be my laptop. 

Usually, I do not switch between devices but I attempted to switch between devices during my online singing class. I had to disconnect Sudio Ett from my laptop first, put the earbuds back to the charging case and removed it again to pair with my mobile phone. I was thinking it would be good if there is a Sudio app that allows us to choose which device to pair with instead. 

Sudio Ett Controls via the earbuds. With the wireless functionality, it definitely makes it convenient for me to answer any calls on days when both my hands are occupied with grocery bags with just a press on the physical button available on each earbud.

Here is the summary of control:
- Switch ON/OFF: The moment I removed the earbuds from the charging case, it automatically switches on and paired with my mobile phone (a blinking light can be seen on the earbud). To switch off, press and hold the button for 6 seconds. However, if I need to switch it on again, I need to put it back to the charging case again and remove. If the (re)switch on button can be done on the earbud, it would be good

- Answer/ End a phone call/ Play or Pause a song: Press ONCE

- Reject a phone call: Press the button and hold for 2 seconds.

- To the Next track: Press TWICE

- Back to the Previous track: Press TRICE

- Switch On and Off: Press and hold the button for 6 seconds (Off) and place it back to the charging case. Remove from it to switch on again.

- Activate/ Deactivate 'Active Noise Cancelling' (ANC): Press the button and hold for 2 seconds, you will hear a notification "Noise Cancelling" and I heard that the volume of the music was amplified as Sudio Ett is able to create their own sound waves to block out any ambient noise.

I had the earbuds worn during one of the workouts and had the ANC function tested. With the talking and music from the video played right from the speaker on the TV console and I was at the same time listening to the Kdrama OST using Sudio Ett earbuds. Only then I realised, my mum was actually speaking to me as she came over to tap on my arm when she failed to catch my attention earlier. All I could hear was the playing soundtrack, this notable function had already won me over. 

I can now listen to my favourite tracks during my jogs and workouts as it has an IPX5 rating and can even sustain a low-pressured water jet! Sudio Ett is designed to with rain/sweat/splash resistance, this is so perfect if I would have to jog on a rainy day! 

This circuit breaker is a game-changer, with most of our usual routine to be done in the house instead and adjust the new norm. From workouts, zoom meetings, Skype videos, home-based learning and online tuition classes are common sightings in the house. The total number of playtime, Battery Life and Charging time is utmost important to meet the long demanding hours.

There is no complaint so far on the clarity of sound when comes to holding a conversation, the kids were happy to share the earbuds and enjoyed their chats with the daddy.

Sudio Ett's specifications:
- Total Playtime: 30 hours (4 extra charges with the carrying case, 6 hours per charge)
- Playtime: 6 hours without ANC (4 hours with ANC)
- USB C-charging port is on the left, you can charge with the case upright. 

- Wireless quick-charge (15mins for 1hr playtime)

Not the cheapest, yet not the most expensive, with its mid-range price, this mini powerhouse is definitely worth its price that comes with 18-month international warranty, the best alternative next to Apple Airpods Pro.

It is compatible with Android and IOS, and as well as to Siri and Google Assistant, using Bluetooth version 5.0 and has dual-mode instant connection.

Sudio Ett is retailing at $239 per pair, enter RAYA15 for a 15% off your purchase at and Sudio Sweden is having this exclusive 2020 Hari Raya Promotion, you will receive a FREE Sudio Tote Bag as well as FREE DELIVERY Worldwide! 

If you would like to read more on the review on sound quality for other Sudio products review, do visit

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.
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