Monday, February 10, 2020

Our journey with Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore

My journey with Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore began in 2008. I was a newly minted mum then, I made my choice to stop working and be a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM) with Don's support. I wanted to be there to witness every milestone of Xav and Vera (at least for the first 6 years) while Don, on the other hand, wanted me to be home once he entered primary school as he felt that it was important to have someone to be at home when the kids are back from school. Hence, I think I am going to be stuck in this SAHM role until Vera completes her secondary school journey.

I have concerns over inflation and rising costs of education in the future. I wanted to make sure that at least there are funds available and is sufficient to cover their university fees and should the kids have plans to pursue higher qualifications.

Both of us recognised the need and we agreed to get an education policy for Xav when he was as young as 6 months old. Through the help of my long-time friend cum trustable financial consultant, we were introduced to a good education plan and Towards My Education (LP) of Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore was recommended based on the following: 
- A plan that fits my budget and needs. 
We are comfortable with the premium we have saved up. 
- The coverage of the plan puts me in a good state and gave me the assurance I needed as a spouse. We added a rider just in case if the sole breadwinner is no longer around, we could still continue to hold onto the premium without having the stress to pay for the premium. 

Two years ago, Don bought a Life Insurance plan under Tokio Marine that gave him a good coverage for early critical illness. I clearly remembered Don belonging to the category who does not feel the importance of insurance. However, his mentality changed after we stepped into parenthood, he made sure the basic needs are covered. I appreciate the assurance given by our financial consultant with these policies bought under her recommendation.

Over the years, our financial consultant has diligently assisted us in reviewing our policies as our lifestyle needs change with time.  We felt the need to increase Don's coverage due to his high-risk job nature and as well as recognising the need to be covered and not allow the kids to shoulder the heavy burden of medical expenses. Speak to your agent or financial consultant.

Most certainly, I trust Tokio Marine Life Singapore to take care of our needs and I am blessed and thankful to have a trusted financial consultant to look after our policies need.

#FacesofTMLS #TokioMarine

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019


We watched our first non-verbal show- AIR PLAY! This show is a circus-style adventure of two siblings journeying through a surreal world and the amazing part of the show was, the props used were actually simple, everyday objects around us and nothing fanciful! Think about what music, fans, balloons, umbrellas, silk cloth and glitter can do? Coupled with music, it was indeed mind-blowing and captivating!

Glitter, balloons, big and small as we watched them circulating in the air, coupled with plenty of audience interaction and participation, beautiful flying umbrellas, graceful dancing silk and larger-than-life kites that seemed to be flying over and reaching out to us! Be sure that the show is going to incite the curiosity in the kids! Even as an adult, it was mind-blowing with the stunning effect of the flying confetti in the night sky. As the confetti circulated just like what we see in a snow globe, the effect was amazeballs as they sparkled brightly against the dark backdrop. I wish time could freeze that moment and I could be sitting right on the stage with the cast! Let your imagination run with the show! Trust me that, this is one show you would not want to miss! Be guaranteed of loads of laughter too!

IMAGINIQUE is an innovative children's festival offering live theatre and music experiences for children ages 0-12. This festival aims to offer immersive, non-verbal performances that are designed to excite the imagination and incite curiosity in children by doing away with the stage, physically immersing and captivating them. 

The festival idea was inspired by renowned childrens festivals around the world like the Edinburgh International Children's Festival, Brisbane's Out-of-the-box Festival and Okinawa's Ricca Ricca Festival - that offer quality theatre experiences to young audiences, even as young as babies! They are part of a growing trend "baby theatres" worldwide that aimed to develop inner curiosity, focus and a strong sense of identity and emotional empathy in young children, it is never too young to be exposed to theatre arts! 

Trailer for SPAIN'S LOO  

NEW YORK'S AIR PLAY will be running from 17-22 December 2019

NORWAY'S TODDLER'S ROOM (Suitable for 0-3 yo) will be running from 17-21 December 2019. Enter the tent of small wonders and discoveries! The wordless yet enchanting dance piece is sure to stimulate the little one's senses!

Toddlers Room - Short from dybwikdans on Vimeo.

Prior to the Gala night for AIR PLAY, there were also other workshops. I read good reviews on the workshops attended by Karen (@BelandBray) and Edlyn (@mummyed) on


For full programme details, do visit:
Facebook: @Imaginique
Instagram: @Imaginique

Get your tickets now at:

Thank you AT Marketing and PR Consultancy and Imagique for having us! It was a new experience that evening watching the talented duo! The spectacular scenes that had wowed us, are now beautiful memories in us!

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

New books for the kids - Epigram October's New Launch

There are never enough books for Xav, who is an avid reader. I am just so glad that his love for books had been nurtured since young and we have always encouraged him to read more, to enlarge his world.

He was at the beginning of his exams when I came home with these books picked up from Hugg-Epigram bookstore, Epigram's latest books for kids, launched for the month of October 2019. You probably guess it right, he could not control himself from picking up the books even right after telling him that revision or work comes first while reading would be for leisure after revision is done.

If you have read about the review of 'Make Animals Great Again, don't miss Maureen's book launch at Lee Kong Chien Natural History Museum: 

ISBN: 9789814845595

Sherlock Sam and The Burgled Book in Kampong Glam written by A.J.Low. This would make a great gift for Sherlock Sam's fans! I bought this copy as Children's Day gift for Xav, you should have seen that sparkle in his eyes! Xav loved the surprising twist in the story and hilarious at the same time.

$12.90, ISBN: 9789814785549

Last year, Xav went for THE WRITE MORNING Workshop with A.J.Low to pick up some tips on narrative writing. This year, Singapore Writers Festival is back again from 1-10 November, join Epigram writers in their panel discussion. Register here for THE WRITE MORNING II.

Xav loved the writing style of the author as he finds Kelly and the Krumps hilarious and whacky! 

$12.90, ISBN: 9789811700682

Xav's review: This book is about a pair of twins from a typical Singapore family and their friends who got involved in with a secret gaming organisation. Nicholas got himself into trouble with the secret gaming organisation, Kelly and the Krumps tried to get Nicholas out of trouble by wanting to win in the upcoming dance competition.

However, Mrs Mao, who was a tiger mom in the story, wanted Kelly to revise and was overloading Kelly with the back to back tuitions to an extent that pressure was intense for Kelly. She just wanted Kelly to stay focused for the upcoming major exam, PSLE. 

This year, I began to hear more about these four-letter words and the 'threatening' questions that appeared in the maths papers. It is s going to be my turn in 2020! How did Kelly helped her brother and at the same time did sufficient revision to prepare herself ready for the exams? Get this read to find out more! This book taught me about the consequences of getting into game addiction and what true friends are.

The next two books will be books suitable for young toddlers to preschoolers. Yaya the Double-Decker Bus (Book1) written by Ng Swee San.

This board book is most suitable for toddlers' handling and on top of that the story is printed in huge fonts and cute illustration. A simple story yet with learning values behind it, of which, it teaches the little ones, humbleness. Having confidence is great but being over-confidence may result in one being in a dangerous situation and could ultimately end up being a weakness instead. This is suitable for age 6 and beow.

$16.90, ISBN: 9789814785662

"Do Farts Make Old People Go Faster?" (Book 4) is written by Linda Locke, who has 300 awards to her name! This book will probably tickle the young kids and send them burst out laughing as they read. There is always a phase where young kids will find it so amusing with certain sounds like "Whoooosh! Prrrahhp! Bssshhh!" and words associated with fart and pee. I took the chance to explain to Vera in the simplest form that our body undergo changes as we age and bloatedness from indigestion could be the contributing factor behind the frequent farts. This book is perfect for unwinding before bedtime.

$9.90, ISBN: 9789814845502

Authors Ng Swee San and Linda Locke (the Jack is Curious series) will be sharing about the writing process behind children's books at Singapore Writers Festival 2019 

and how these books are able to convey life lessons that both children and adults can learn from. This event is FREE, click here to join. 

Click on this link for easy navigation as Epigram Books has put together a quick-and-easy guide to the list of Epigram authors making an appearance at the festival.

This is the list of the rest of the books launched in the month of October:
- The Open House Adventure Series , $15

Image credit: Epigram Books

Image credit: Epigram Books

Image credit: Epigram Books

- The World Famous Dairies of Amos Lee ( 10th Anniversary 4-in-1 Edition) , $32.90

Image credit: Epigram Books

Check them out and get your Christmas gift list ready! Just like how Neil Gaiman said it "Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it is cheaper to buy someone a book than it is to buy them the whole world!"

For more information about new book launches, meet-the-authors session at Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop, do visit Epigram Books' social media pages:

Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop is located at: 
45 Maxwell Road
The URA Centre
Singapore 069118

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Thank you Epigram Books for the reads, my bookworm and budding bookworm had a satisfying feed for the month of October! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

[Media Invite] Yesterday Once More - 那些年那些歌

It was a great evening to be taking a break off revision with Xav and went for an awesome mummies' night out attending Yesterday Once More - 那些年那些歌 together with Jenn, Karen and my sister. We indulged in a full 2.5 hours of listening to songs from yesteryears 1970s to 2000, performed by at least 20 artistes old and new! To name a few, Roy Li 黎沸挥 , Macy 美心 , Henry Thia 辉哥Ryan Lian 廖永谊Suhaimi Yusof who rocked the halls with the rendition of 特别的爱给特别的你!

The hosts; Jack Neo 梁智强 , Mark Lee 李国煌, Getai Princess Li Peifen and Wang Lei 王雷 kept the 6000 audience entertained with their uproarious humour!

The youngest star for that evening was the 11-year-old, Singapore's electro-pop prince representing the frontier of the millennial generation. Emiliano Cyrus, EC 一平 ! Finally, I get to hear him sing LIVE! At this tender young age, the achievement for this child celebrity in the entertainment industry is something to be applauded for!

His appearance sent his groups of fans seated in different areas around the halls, cheered for him, with cameras and mobile cameras clicking away non-stop. He serenaded "The Closest Embrace" 最近的拥抱 with his euphonious voice while his fans were waving the fluorescent boards in the air and quite a number of fans presented him with bouquets and gifts!

This has already shown us something about his rising popularity! Read more about it here:

Photo credit:

Emiliano Cyrus was also the only child singer last year be invited and sang 5 of his own songs at the Nanchang Music Festival in China to a 50,000 strong audience! 

This amazing wonder boy is making another breakthrough! This time, on the big screen, not one but two movies 'The Slam Dunk' and 'The Ultimate Opposite'.

Emiliano Cyrus is the child lead for The Slam Dunk Movie, which is a remake a popular Japanese manga series in Chinese. Originally written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoue about a basketball team from Shohoku High School in the Shonan area. Emiliano Cyrus will be casted as Hanamichi Sakura 樱木花道 (will be renamed in the movie as Jiang Yi 江译). This Chinese version is scheduled for release in China and worldwide in late 2020!  

The Slam Dunk Movie灌篮高手

The Ultimate Opposition Movie 终极对垒
A detective spy themed thriller where Emiliano Cyrus is the main child cast, starring as the detective’s son, also scheduled to be released worldwide in late 2020. 

More about Emiliano Cyrus
Emiliano Cyrus was invited to participate in a Music Reality TV Show where various famous singers and music composures from various countries came together to make live music together along with international musicians such as veteran singer Chyi chin from Taiwan as well as Jane Zhang (Zhang Liang Yin) from China. EC also has endorsement with NBA Stars for AND1 (China) and he has also released his own themed collection exuding his persona for The Slam Dunk Movie.  

For more information, do visit Emiliano Cyrus Instagram and Facebook page for more updates! Even EC 一平 's YOUTUBE has a strong 70.4k subscribers following him!

Thank you AT Marketing and PR Consultancy for the invitation to a nostalgic evening!

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Friday, October 25, 2019

[New Book Launch + Review] Make Animals Great Again and Other Creature Campaigns

You read about "The Great Singapore Poo Sale and Other Beastly Business" which had the first edition sold out within half a year! In March 2019, we attended the launch of the second edition and in the month of October, Maureen had a new book launched "Make Animals Great Again and Other Creature Campaigns", the sequel to The Great Singapore Poo Sale and Other Beastly Business! How exciting!

Ideal for avid readers aged 9 and up- and for animal lovers and the young at heart everywhere -
Make Animals Great Again looks at what happens when the animals have to elect a new leader. There are many candidates, but who will be the best animal for the job? What values should they look for in a leader?

Xav was totally engrossed and enjoying the read during lunch while the beautiful illustration of the animals captured Vera's attention such that she said she had to share it with her teddy!

I have read the book too and loved how Maureen had used the animals to describe the Singapore culture to relate how parents are going all out just to get the kids into the top schools. Kids are being 'pushed" so hard to make sure emerge the top in the rat race such that parents began to take away the unstructured play, which is supposed to be there to have a balance of work and play, the government and the education system in a fun and humorous manner. Not only that, but readers also learnt about Singapore's biodiversity!

This animal lover was fasinated over the drawings! 

So who will you choose to be the next leader and what kind of quality should the leader possess? Physically strong? A leader who gives instead of taking? A leader who could give everyone money? Or a leader who is constantly thinking about how to help others? I shall not tell you which animal or insect won the unanimous vote, go get this book from Huggs-Epigram if you have not visited this store that sells books written by Singapore authors and enjoy some reads over a cup of great coffee. This is perfect as a gift too if you are starting to think of penning down your list to get for Christmas or birthday gifts!

The book launch will be held at the lobby of Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. It is going to be educational fun for both the young and old alike! The event is FREE but you need to register and RSVP for your attendance.

An excerpt of the story will be performed by the Players Theatre, everyone will be in for a treat! There will also be a trivia animal quiz as well as a chance to view some of the best works of National Geographic award-winning wildlife photographer, Jayaprakash Bojan and also to hear him share about his experiences.  

Admission to the museum lobby is FREE but for those who pre-order at least one copy of "Make Animals Great Again" can get discounted tickets to enter Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at the following rates: 

Singaporean/PR Adult ticket: $12 (u.p $16)
Singaporean/PR Child/ Senior Citizen ticket: $7 (u.p $9)
Non-Singaporean Adult ticket: $16 (u.p $21)
Non-Singaporean Child/ Senior Citizen ticket: $10 (u.p $13) 

I asked Maureen what inspired her behind the writing of "Make Animals Great Again and Other Creature Campaigns" and the message she would love to bring across to all, especially the younger generation.

"For this new book, I was inspired by all the buzz about 4G leadership recently. When I was a teacher, I found that my students knew little about our political process, so I wanted to write something that would start youths thinking about how to elect a leader and how to be a leader. I hope this book opens an entertaining way for parents to talk with their children about what is going on in the government and the education system. Many parents go from zero to one hundred, not discussing current affairs before a child is 10, then suddenly urging the child to start reading newspapers at Primary 5 to help prepare for PSLE. Using fun animal characters, I think it would make it easier for parents to engage their children on these complex topics from an early age." 
Details of Event:
Date: 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Venue: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
Address: 2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377
Tel: +65 6601 3333

Book orders can be placed here:

Maureen Yeo is the author of Make Animals Great Again and Other Creature Campaigns and The Great Singapore Poo Sale and Other Beastly Business (which was nominated for the 2019 Singapore Book Awards Best Young Adult and Middle Grade Title). Her travel articles, short stories and poems have been published in various periodicals. Formerly an English and Literature teacher, Maureen is now a full-time mum to a small child and a big dog. She is also the wife of “The Most Irritating Person in the World (Self-Proclaimed)”. Follow her on Instagram at @maureenyeosuiyin. Find out more at 

Epigram Books began its trade publishing imprint in July 2011 to champion Singaporean literature. Since then, it has published more than 350 titles, including award-winning titles such as The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye (winner of three Eisner Awards); State of Emergency and Ministry of Moral Panic (both winners of the Singapore Literature Prize for English Fiction) and bestselling children’s book titles such as the Amos Lee and Sherlock Sam series. 

Players Theatre together with Players Workshop makes up one of Singapore’s leading Children’s Theatre companies, with almost 20 years of experience creating,
producing and presenting top quality content for children’s and family entertainment. Players Theatre was nominated for Best Production For The Young at the Straits Times – M1 Life Theatre Awards. Besides its Main Season programming, the Players Theatre also offers touring skits and puppet building workshops to schools. On the industry level, it provides services such as content creation and conceptualisation, producing, directing, writing, and set-prop-costume design including puppet and mascot building.

After 18 years working in big corporations, JP decided to quit and pursue his passion for travel, photography and conservation. He shot to fame in 2017 when his picture of an orang-utan in the water won him the award for National Geographic Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He has won a slew of other awards and his work has been published in international magazines. JP is currently based in Singapore.

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