Tuesday, September 28, 2021

[Review] ReFa Collagen Enrich Jelly + ReFa Carat Ray

Collagen is a protein in our body that plays a huge role. It is not just about boosting the skin's elasticity, it is also responsible for healthy joints and increasing the density in the bones and holding up the body. The amino acids are the ones playing the role in building joint cartilage, now you see the importance of it.

I was introduced to ReFa Collagen Enrich Jelly, a fruity flavoured collagen that contained 5000mg of collagen peptide per sachet. It is also made with Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, formulated with high-purity, low molecular collagen to allow it to be absorbed easily by our bodies. This product is developed in collaboration with Fujifilm! 

Jiggly in texture, slightly sourish to taste, I love to consume it chilled. Convenient to eat it on the go as it is individually sealed in a sachet. Else squeeze it into a small cup and eat it like the way you eat a dessert, spread it on your bread as jam is another way you can try! 

Daily consumption of collagen has been proven to improve the look of our skin. Per box contains 14 sachets x 20g, just slip a sachet into your bag and enjoy it anytime you wish. 

I have ReFa Carat Ray to work alongside with ReFa Collagen Enrich Jelly! Double pampering for the skin. Besides cupping that can help with firming and lifting the skin, ReFa Carat Ray can do the job too!

I always wondered how this roller works until I get the chance to try it myself. Pretty interesting that this platinum-coated, multi-angular roller can work from head to toe to tighten, tone and firm our skin! The solar panel is much bigger than the other models and is embedded in the handle, it generates a powerful micro-current yet gentle and soothing to the skin. 

I can also use it on areas like my inner thighs, waist, jawline and the underarms. Fuss-free and no charging needed. It is convenient to use and portable! I can bring it anywhere I want to. 

This period I have learnt to be more diligent in taking care of my skin, unlike before. Definitely, I will not want to look older than my age. This is easy to start, get yours today. 

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

[Review] Biocair Ultimate II & Ultimate Dry-Mist Automobile

When will Covid19 comes to an end, nobody knows. Although, it may eventually become just like another flu, still, we have to take responsibility for our own health and have the precaution measures taken. 

With Xav (13 yo) and Vera (turning 8yo in July), I recalled that they fell sick easily during the first 6 years of their childcare days. I always blame it on the circulation of the invisible airborne germs in the air. Especially in a childcare setting, the little ones easily catch a bug from one another. 

I was introduced to Biocair Ultimate II. This is a 5.5-litre Dry-mist Disinfecting Machine that works similar to a diffuser but yet, not a diffuser. 

I bet you must be like me, thinking of what is the difference between an air purifier,  a diffuser and Biocair Ultimate II

An air purifier or HEPA filters are good for removing particles in the air, keeping the air clean. More often than not, we use this whenever the haze hits us. 

The similarity between a diffuser and Biocair, these two machines should not be run concurrently with an air purifier as the air purifier will detect whatever you are diffusing, the molecules will all be wiped out as it will be deemed as impurities.  

The differences between Biocair and a diffuser are;  
Biocair - a decade ago, Biocair developed a revolutionary ion-energizing technology to create BC-65 which can eliminate 99.999 % of airborne viruses in 60 seconds! BC-65 disinfecting solution is able to penetrate the cell wall of pathogens, and highly resistant pathogens including fungi and fungal spores, Gram-Positive Bacteria and Bacterial Endospores, effectively eliminating all the bacteria on the surface area and can last for 9 hours with an hour of diffusing. I like the timer function where it can auto switch off by itself once the 1 hour is up. There will not be any wastage in this case. Perfect for busy people and forgetful moms like me. 

1 litre capacity

If your child has been a target and prone to Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease (HFMD), this will be the product you need to kill the ConxsackievirusA16 and Enterovirus71 in just 60 seconds, disinfecting areas up to 65sqm.

Usually, germs are airborne and can be spread by common touchpoints such as toilet bowl seat, cutleries, handrails on public transport to name a few. 

The wonderful part about this solution is, it is:
- Alcohol-free
- Fragrance- free
- Non-toxic
- Does not cause any irritation to skin and eyes
- Safe for children
- Safe to inhale (even if you are in the room when the dry-mist is being diffused)

whereas a diffuser uses mainly water for diffusing to keep the air more moist, the idea is similar to that of a disinfecting machine but diffusers are usually used with essential oils. So, if you are sensitive to scents, then go for Biocair Ultimate II which is totally scentless yet with a disinfecting function. 

The set-up was easy. All I needed to do was to pour in the pack of Biocair BC-65 Air Purifying Solution into the tank and add in water, at a ratio1:1.

The operation can be using the touch-on buttons on the machine itself or use the controller to operate. There is a nightlight function too if you would like to have a light source should you be placing Biocair Ultimate II in your child's room. It is not too bright to hinder the child from falling asleep easily. And it is almost quiet when it was diffusing, no disturbance at all. 

Night-light function 

In a typical bedroom setting, set on low and diffuse for an hour. Depending on the location of where you will be placing Biocair Ultimate II, you can then decide on the speed of diffusing. I brought it to Sister-in-law's shop to try out as well since it is suitable for indoor use. Biocair Ulitmate II's design made it stood tall and sleek, just like a tower fan. 

Its measurement is 235 x 235 x 685cm, with a net weight of 2.5kg, gross weight 3kg.

Biocair Ultimate II is suitable for indoor use like homes, offices, schools, enrichment centres. 

If you are looking for something compact suitable for use of small cubicle spaces or confined spaces in the cars and other auto-mobile.  Biocair Ultimate Dry-Mist Automobile is something you might want to consider. It looks just like a hand-size tumbler, powered by USB plugged in, using Biocair BC-65 Disinfectant Air Purifying Solution (300ml) 

Ultimate Dry-Mist Automobile disinfects the air just like how Biocair Ultimate II does. It has a timer for up to 16 hours, an auto shut-off function and night light of different colours to choose from and a portable USB charger.  

However, I do not need to mix water to Ultimate Dry-Mist Automobile. It diffuses neat using just  Biocair BC-65 Air Purifying Solution. This is very useful on a daily basis especially when the kids start school in July. 

Not only it can disinfect the air, the dry-mist is so light that it can stay afloat in the air for 10 mins before it falls on the surfaces. I will take the chance to place my keys, wallet, mobile phone or whatever I want to disinfect around on the same table where the Ultimate II and Dry-Mist Automobile is. 

Here is a 10% off all products for you when you cart out from https://biocairsg.com/discount/XV10, enter XV10 upon check out. Good time to start planning for school reopening, keep safe and be surrounded by good quality air. 

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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Taste of Jingyang (Singapore)

Chicken Essence is something I grew up with, a traditional health supplement to take when I had my fair share of late nights when I was toiling through the nights with studies and projects, night shifts during my course of policing career, pregnancy journey and even till date, I still love to take them to give me a boost of energy and for general immune building. 

Taste of Jingyang Concentrated Chicken Essence is HACCP and ISO22000 certified. It contains 22 important amino acids needed by the body. It is made with premium ingredients and the finest quality black chicken, cholesterol-free and fat-free. I love that it is free of caramel content, colouring and preservatives, with no artificial fragrance nor growth hormones. 

I love the flavourful taste and the taste of real chicken essence. In a box of 10 air-tight sachets, it is convenient to carry one sachet with me in my bag and drink it any time I wish. Every morning, I love to soak it in a cup of hot water, warm it up and take it with an empty stomach. The taste is very comforting. 

Xavier has been taking this too during the period when he had to juggle a number of projects on hand. He gave approval to the taste too! 

Want something to help with building the body's immunity, fight the fatigue or recuperate, cart them in at Taste Of Jing Yang, on Carousell.sg 

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

[Media Invite] Maison 21G

I received an invitation to a perfume making workshop conducted by Maison G21 and was hesitating to rsvp as perfume is something that I have stopped using for more than a decade due to the sensitivity of my nose. Due to certain chemical and scent, it will trigger my nose big time. But decided to go ahead because of curiosity and I wanted to learn the knowledge of it.

Maison 21G is a brand that specialises in personalizing CLEAN perfume made with natural essential oil blends, is transparent and sustainable in the sourcing of natural ingredients. Their perfume bottles are refillable with reusable packaging and fragrances are preservative-free, cruelty-free, and vegan which is great for sensitive skin and nose. Maison 21G is a global brand, headquartered in Singapore.

I could attest to the above claim of non-synthetic ingredients used! Initially, I was a little worried if I might not able to take it in terms of the scented surrounding. A nose allergy trigger occurs when your nose breathes in a certain chemical that is present in the perfume of which your nose is sensitive to it.  To my surprise, though the entire space smelled heavy with all the different scent, my nose was totally fine with no adverse reaction to it. My nose has clearly told me that there was no nasties in the scent I was being exposed to. For your information, I have one of the most sensitive nose. My sneezing marathon could be easily triggered by a number of triggers. 

It was a beautiful and clean, minimalist looking space to have a few friends to come and spend some time together creating your own perfume.

Maison means 'home' in French. Maison 21G is a House of Scent Designers and believed regardless of where we are from, knowledgeable or not about perfume, everyone has the ability to create their own unique scent and be unique. You do not need to be smelling the same as others. 

This is pretty interesting! Do you know that 21G stands for 21 grams. A study was done in 1907 by Duncan McDougall, where he weighed people when they were alive and after they had passed away and realised on average they lost 21 grams. From there, he deduced that 21 grams is the weight of your soul. Hence, Maison 21G's tagline is "The Scent of Your Soul". 

We began our workshop by taking a quiz to determine the various scents that was filtered down by the programme to suit our lifestyle and personality. You can also key in the perfume you fancy or do it the Freestyling way by choosing 2 scents that you already loved. 

I thought it was really interesting and the scents were written down accordingly and had the inidvidual scent sprayed onto the blotter papers. 

This was what I have learnt; every perfume regardless of the souce has 3 notes, Top notes, heart notes and bottom notes. 

Top notes = First impression or your smile, it is the first that we smell when we spray the perfume due to its short and volatile molecular structure. This scent will usually last about 30 mins, an hour maximum. 

Heart notes = The body or your character and is usually longer lasting from 6 to 8 hours. 

Bottom notes = Your soul and the impression you leave behind. It has the longest and most complex molecular structure and this is usually the scent that you will leave an impression with. 

I got to combine the different scents for these three notes and play around with it until I find my ideal scent that appealed to me. 

I narrowed down to the fresh and liberating Ocean, fresh & sexy Sage and fresh & refreshing Rhubard. 

Adding the scents one by one, beginning from the top to bottom notes. And if you have not realised that different part of our body, the scent would smell differently. The PH level of our skin, acidity of skin fats, our hormones and our body reaction to name a few, affects how the same perfume smell on different individual. 

I made my own bespoke perfume, a unique scent for myself, the scent of the perfume was really lasting.  The perfume was bottled in a customized bottle with my name on it.

One of a unique workshop, be a perfume designer for a day and uncover the art of perfumery and create an unique, signature scent of your very own in a real, small cosy size.  

Thank you Maison 21G for the ivitation to partake in this unique experience. This workshop definitely makes a perfect gifting idea for the one you love and for your BFFs. There are various workshops you can choose. You can now enjoy 15% discount on all products online and 21% discount on all perfume workshops, quote: XAVVYLICIOUS

Embark on the journey of olfactory exploration. Please note that the customized bottle designs is only available at 77 Duxton Road, Singapore 085536. 

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Friday, April 23, 2021

[Review] Bao Wow Otah Buns

Calling all Otah fans! Fancy your favourite Otah sandwiched in the soft and fluffy buns? Let me introduce Bao Wow - Otah Buns! I can easily finish the box of 6 by myself!

Bao Wow has been a leading supplier of fresh otah since its inception in 1993 and has a total of 7 processing premises in Singapore by 2015. The customer base is made up of restaurants, eateries, as well as supermarkets. The otah is well known for its unique spice and taste, as the otah paste is made daily with freshly line-caught Spanish Mackerel. Trust me that the paste was really fragrant, sandwiched between the fluffy, soft buns, you will not stop at one.

Fragrant otah paste, slightly spicy to taste but it is really manageable. Just take a look at the generous amount of otah paste in proportion to the bun. You get a good amount of otah with every bite. 

The ingredients are hand-blended and fry to a rich and orangey colour. It would be even better if the fish were chunkier. Do not get me wrong here, it is not that there was no fish but my personal preference to have the chunky texture.  

The buns are available in the following flavours:
Homemade Otah Buns (Original) - if you would like a good, old traditional bao.
Pandan Otah Buns - I love Pandan buns out of the three, as I find the buns are softer, sweeter with a subtle aroma of pandan. 
Charcoal Otah Buns  - the colour you see here is not burnt but with charcoal powder blended in. 

You can order for it to be delivered fresh and hot for an afternoon snack, add-ons to parties within an hour with the available time slots or the frozen packs. I love to take it as breakfast coupled with a cup of hot tea. 

Get yours at: 
Facebook: Bao wow Otah Bun 
Instagram: @BaoWowSg

Thank you Bao Wow for the media drop. 

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

[Review] My Skincare Journey with IDS Clinic

Last year, my skin was pretty bad with maskne and the outbreak was mainly on the upper jawline. I would have guessed it right plus my biomarkers scan, it was all contributed by my hormones and probably also the prolonged wearing of mask. It was a lot of hard work to clear them to a minimal.  

Until the beginning of this year, I was thankful to be invited to embark on a skincare journey with our homegrown brand - Innovative Dermatological Solution (IDS). I have been hearing people telling me that the products from this clinic are highly raved about for their effectiveness.  

Located along the shopping belt of Orchard Road, International Building, IDS can be seen at the traffic light crossing (On level 2) if you are coming over from Wheelock Place. IDS has an expansive area with IDS Clinic, IDS Aesthetics and IDS Skincare all under one roof. As I made my way to register myself at the counter, I have already spotted a range of skincare products. 

I filled in a form with questions related to the condition of my skin before I started the consultation with Dr Benjamin Yim. 

He said that the condition of my face was actually not too bad minus the blemish scars on my jawline, that defiant patch of pigmentation, dull and uneven skin tone. Dr Yim probed further and ruled out the possibility of my outbreak was due to hormones. I would say he was pretty spot-on as I had my biomarkers scan done not too long before I went for this consultation. I was highlighted by some products that may help with balancing my hormones, so true! The outbreak was on my chin and jawline, make a google searching for face mapping, you would probably know what I mean.   

The name of the skincare range from IDS was confusing initially but later on, I got to realize it was not hard to remember after all. It was actually the initials of the products. 

Pore Formula (PF) -  This is an ultra-light pore-refining solution to help refine and reduce clogged pores, it can also clear the blackheads. I was taught to work on my large pores, T-zone as well as areas with outbreaks. Pore Formula (PF) smelled strongly of tea-tree and something else which I could not identify. Initially, I find that it was not exactly that pleasant when and I tried to mask it with C Plus. But recently, I seemed to be accepting it much better. Just one pump is all I need each time. 

C-Plus (C+) - I am more on the conscious side when choosing Vitamin C serum. This award-winning Vit C Serum is one that I can even apply in the day time without having to worry that it will darken my skin. The contents are some highly potent Vitamin C, water-soluble vitamin E and fullerenes. I am under the hot sun daily 5 days a week, even though I have applied sunblock, this is good to help lighten my skin tone. It is very light on the skin and does not leave a sticky trace.

The highly potent and stable Vitamin C, water-soluble Viatmin E and 'Fullerenes' to tackle wrinkles, patchy skin tone, dark spots and even acne. My skin appears smoother, more even-toned and brighter. Psssst, I even applied on my eyelids and dark eye bags.  

Fair Complex (FC) - This can help in fairer, brighter and more even skin tone. This skin-brightening formula is hydroquinone-free (skin bleaching agent) and contains state-of-art ingredients to prevent the over production of melanin. 

Moisture Boost (MB) - This creamy formulation not only helps with my sensitive skin. It helps boost up the moisture on my dry cheeks and is easily absorbed into the skin. 

I love the contents in it, the necessary ceramides to protect the skin from environmental stressors and skin-repairing function. I use Moisture Boost more in the night and loved that I wake up to a more supple-looking skin. Definitely, the one to go for to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. 

Facial Scrub (FS) - We need to exfoliate to remove the dead skin so as to better allow the skincare products to be absorbed more effectively. This facial scrub is very fine in texture and it has a slight warming sensation on the skin as I scrubbed it on my face. It leaves my face soft and smooth. Just a tiny bit would do! 

Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ (S3) - Lazy no more! Now, I apply sunscreen diligently and this is perfect for someone like me who hardly put on make-up. This lightweight sunscreen is easily absorbed onto the skin and yet gave me a brighter and more radiant look while protecting my skin from the strong sun. 

I got a little darker from the recent morning cycling trips. But just look at the difference on the back of my hands! Can you tell which hand had the sunscreen applied? 

Spot Control (SC) - Small but MIGHTY! If you are dealing with outbreaks, I highly recommend Spot Control. I kept my itchy hands away from picking on the outbreaks, I applied Spot Control diligently on one of the painful spot on my chin. It dries up a few days later and that zit was gone! I have also asked Xavier to apply the forehead where his outbreak was and it did a really awesome job in clearing up. So parents of teenagers, if you need something to combat those pimples, get this! 

If you are having skin problems and wish to try IDS, book an appointment with them. 

Addresses as follow:
IDS Clinic - Flagship Store
360 Orchard Road #02-02
International Building
Singapore 238869 
6450 3555

IDS Clinic (Novena Specialist Center)
8 Sinaran Drive 
Singapore 307470 
6568 3555

For more information, do visit IDS on: 
                                                    Facebook | Instagram | Website

I will be sharing another post on IDS aesthetic treatment. Stay tuned! 

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