Friday, February 17, 2023

Wan He Lou [萬合楼]

Recently, I went back to a familiar neighborhood for lunch. Wan He Lou [萬合楼] sits quietly opposite the entrance of Jalan Besar Plaza's carpark. I took a train to Farrer Park Station and took a short 8 mins walk to reach. 

I tried their famous Signature Lobster Porridge (招牌粥龍郎), the portion was generous that it could feed 3 to 4 pax! I pulled out the meat and cut into bite-size, mixed into the the porridge. Every mouthful was bursting with umami sweetness, it was so comforting and delactable! You have to be sure to order this should you visit! 

Pork Chop with Black Truffle Sesame Sauce (黑松露猪仔抓) , the pork chops were pretty tender. It would be better if the truffle taste was stronger. But it was still delicious. 

I have hardly see Ice Plant on the menu but Wan He Lou actually have the Crunchy Ice Plant with Pickled Cherry Tomatoes (冰菜) on their menu! This is quite an unique veg if you have not tried before.  It refreshing and crunchy! Drizzled in sesame dressing, topped with diced dragon fruit and ebiko. It was a light and healthy dish to have!

Crispy on the outside, Wan He Lou Golden Seafood "Pot Sticker" (萬合樓海鮮鍋貼) had generous filling in it as well! Juicy and flavorful! Love it!

I was really stuffed by the end of the meal but there is always room for desserts! The Thai Coconut Pudding 椰子布丁 was super refreshing to taste! It melted in my mouth literally! I felt like going for a second serving! 

I am leaving my review here as I loved the mouth-watering dishes and will definitely revisit again! 

Wan He Lou 萬合樓
65 Maude Rd
Singapore 208347l

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Bangkok 2022 - Corgi in the garden

I am dedicating the first post of 2023 with a throwback to our trip in Dec 2022. A lovely experience I would love to share if you love dogs and corgis especially! 

Finally, we get to travel again after 3 years. Bangkok was on our list as we wanted to go to back to somewhere familiar. Bangkok did not have much of a difference as we went back to the usual eating places we loved. But we visited and discovered new places too! 

Vera loves dogs and had been requesting to visit a dog cafe. Thanks to TikTok, Don found Corgi in the Garden (CITG) located in Bangkok, Bang Wa which was about 30 mins away from the city. CITG was not anywhere near Bang Wa BTS, hence, we decided to call for Grab service to bring us there. 

Prior to our visit, we did texted the staff from the cafe and book our visit just to make sure that it would not be too crowded when we visit. 

Hygiene was to be observed prior to entering, removal of shoes and wore the disposable cover over and our hands to be washed before handling the dogs. The corgis were too adorable! And Quinn was one particular corgi which was such a darling. I loved how it did not cave in to the treats like the rest that would pawed on us and allowed us to spam selfies with it. Being nice and polite certainly deserved to be given a treat! Quinn had her fair share and of course I could tell that it was happy. 

Dean on the other hand, loved to sit on the chair. 

Treats can be bought at 100 Baht per bowl if you would love to feed the corgis. When they spotted the yellow bowl, they would automatically surround you! I let the photos do the talking. 

Vera, your wish came true! Hope you had enjoyed this visit as much as we did!

The staff certainly had a way to get the Corgis' attention!

Overall, it was quite a pleasant experience! Do try it if you are making a trip to Bangkok!

Corgi In The Garden
338/1 Kallapaphruek Road
กท.1001 Bang Wa, 
Phasicharoen Bangkok 10160, 

Phone: +66 62 865 6165

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Monday, December 5, 2022

Pattern Thinkers Box #3 by Neuromath Singapore

We have gone through Pattern Thinkers Box 1 & Box 2 and we have finally reached Pattern Thinkers Box 3 Assumption.

If you have read the posts on the previous boxes, by now you would already have an idea what Pattern Thinkers is about. More often than not, parents asked if this would help if their child is weak in Math, my reply to you is, Pattern Thinkers (PT) is unlike tuition. If a child is weak, go for tuition and not PT. Neuromath Learning Centre does conduct regular classes, you can check out the classes. 

Pattern Thinkers is a software developed to teach this skill set for children (5 to 10 years old) to learn and super charge their independent Math thinking skills and learning process at a young age, and to inculcate the right learning pattern as they grow. The ultimate goal is for them to tackle higher thinking order questions in the National Exam, PSLE with ease and be a confident and stress free learner. 

Vera has been struggling to understand math concepts, her thoughts and working presentations are random and disorganize. However, she is able to understand Pattern Thinkers' systematic way of teaching. 

Box 3 is on Assumption. Primary 3 parents would probably have an idea that this is part of Heuristics. I have gone through Vera's problem sums booklet and it was all filled with red and green ink (for corrections) I hope Box 3 is able to make her understand the concept and technique of answering such questions. 

Critical and Inventive Thinking is critical in Math to make reasoned decisions about what to do and think. Find out more about it on the BREAK LEARNING CRASH COURSE webinar on 10 December 2022, 2 to 3.30pm. 

To all my followers, you can register via this link to get a complimentary session.

For more information and updates, do visit the following social media pages: 

Facebook: Pattern Thinkers 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

[Review] Pattern Thinkers Box 2 by Neuromath Singapore

Whooo hooo! Pattern Thinkers Box 2 was finally completed! Box 2 was focused on Consecutive numbers with the lessons covering on Logic, Patterns, Application and Algorithm. Besides learning how to count and recognizing numerals, Spatial Reasoning is one important component in Math. 

Spatial Reasoning is the ability to see how the objects looked like when they are rotated and how the objects looked like from different angles. To be able to visualize spatial transformation, I personally feel that this is an important skill to have for a child to solve calculation problems mentally. Lesson 1 was where spatial reasoning was taught involving the Spatial Rotation Tool.

Subsequently, we went on to Lesson 2. At the beginning, Vera was challenged. Her ability to retain information was quite weak to start with, I foresee that she was going to have difficulty remembering the steps. Finding the sum of consecutive numbers from 1 to 5 sounded easy and Vera handled it well. However, as we continued with lesson 2, the numbers got slightly bigger and she started to 'panic'. 

As per usual practice, I submitted the assignment to the Academics Team and received feedback to 
hand-holding Vera lesser as Box 3 onwards will require the child to exercise ownership of their own learning and parents' involvement should be minimal. 

Thankful for this feedback because at times I felt that I overdid it unknowingly as my mind was already deeply engraved with her learning issues, as most of the time she needed help. This feedback made me put a stop to advancing to Lesson 3 and I chose to restart from Lesson 1. Re-learning from the start does help one to look at things differently and to understand better as well. 

I had a hiatus of 2 weeks with no thanks to her low immunity, Vera rewatched and picked up lessons 1 & 2 much easier and with more confidence this time. Moving on to Lesson 3, she understood well and was able to present the workings using the computational board for much bigger numbers. 

We concluded Box 2 yesterday with Lesson 4 on finding the sum of consecutive numbers from 1 to 100, she did it on her own! To be honest, I did not know how to solve such questions too until I sat in and watched the video with her! I finally understood how to do it at my age! If only Pattern Thinkers was available back then! Indeed "A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think!" I told Vera that she needs not be fearful of big numbers once she learns how to apply what she has learnt systematically. 

My heart was swelling with pride when I saw how Vera exuded her confidence and solved the problem on her own without any fear of those big numbers.   

And we blasted off by folding our very own origami rocket. This provided me with another teachable moment for her. The moment she saw the origami papers, she went " is going to be so difficult."

Now you see it, how it got etched in her mind. She could not forget how challenging the origami star was from Box 1. 

This was the moment, I took the chance to encourage her not to feel defeated from the past experience.  Not all questions are the same and we should take on every challenge with an open mind and try to solve it. Come on, let's do it together! 

At the end, I had with me a happy girl! That gleeful smile spread across her face as we folded our very own origami rockets successfully, following one step at a time! 

My takeaways from Pattern Thinkers Box 2, LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN. It is perfectly alright! Every child grows and learns at a different pace. Pattern Thinkers has that element to allow your child to do so at their pace! No stress for the child, rewatch the videos as many times as they want until the child internalizes what has been taught and the patterns. 

Encourage the child, and diminish their fears with lots of assurance. A positive learning mindset is essential and providing them with a great tool is as important for successful learning. 

The next webinar for BREAK LEARNING PATTERNS will be held on 19 November 2022 (Saturday), 2pm. Before you leave the town for your holidays, do join us! It is complimentary for all my blog readers, click here to register! 

Visit their social media pages to find out more:
Instagram: @neuromathSingapore

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Monday, October 24, 2022

[Review] Durian SG Prime *Unbeatable Price*

Usually, the durian season in Singapore falls between June to September and most would probably know the prices of durians differ across breeds and of course the availability that is subjected to weather conditions and also the low yield rate of the fruits. You must be thinking that the durian season is already over and where can you find durians and good quality ones. It has to be Durian SG Prime !

Durian SG Prime is the fastest-growing durian delivery platform in Singapore and if you are looking to enjoy your favourite durians with some savings, read on. 

Durian SG Prime gets its durian supplies from the following plantations. 
Famous Tiger Mountain【文冬老虎山】where the durian trees are at least 40 years old and with the oldest tree being 103 years old and an addition of an 80 years old tree! Only naturally dropped durians which are matured enough to give the best rich-tasting flavours are harvested. All natural and no fertilizer nor chemical are used. The high-altitude environment allows the fruits to grow and have a generous meat-to-weight durian ratio. 

Indigo Hill Mountain 【文冬因地高山榴莲山庄】is a newly discovered location and is not available to overseas markets. But now, they made it available to Singapore! I read that the locals staying in Raub Pahang area highly recommend durians from this plantation.  

Cold White Leaf Mountain 【文冬白叶山】produces good-quality durians similar to the harvest you can get from Famous Tiger Mountains. 

As they deal directly with the plantation owners, they guarantee you an unbeatable price and is able to offer consumers 20%-30% cheaper than the rest of the retailers. Most of us would have known that the better the quality of durians, the more it would have cost. You can now enjoy your favourite fruit without feeling too much of the pinch! 

The availability of the types depends on what is being updated on the website on the day itself. I ordered Old Tree Mao Shang Wang (MSW) and Black Gold (BG), 800g of flesh-only durians (without husk) per box which is about 3.2kg husked durians, freshly packed and sealed on the same day of ordering when the durians arrived in Singapore.  

We all have different preferences, the kids preferred OT MSQ as the flesh was more sweet-tasting while I preferred BG which was bitter-sweet and left a bitterish note. 

To put your mind at ease, Durian SG Prime offers a no-questions-asked free replacement policy for durians that may be damaged during the course of delivery or if the durians are not up to the standard as required. 

Get these creamy, premium quality delivered right to your door steps within 60 minutes upon ordering else you can head down to the store too if you prefer to dine in or pickup, it is located at:

456 Geylang Lor 24A
Singapore 389415

Instagram: Durian SG Prime 

This is a sponsored review, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own. 
Follow me on Instagram, Tik Tok and 小红书 ID:1491890841 (Serene Seah) too! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

[Review] - IDS Aesthetics - Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT)

I actually forgot to publish this post which was seated in my draft for the longest time!! I went for my first visit to IDS in 2021 March, back then my face had a bad outbreak of maskne. I shared about my consultation and the range of products I had tried out back then. Click the link to read.  

My second visit was to try out this award-winning Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment to help brighten up my dull skin and improve my maskne condition at the same time by having the clogged pores cleared through the layers of deep cleansing, so as to rid the accumulated dirt and clogged sebum and the forever growing blackheads. Thinking back to the issue, I would guess that my blackheads were a result of clogged pores as I probably did not moisturize enough and also probably due to poor cleansing method.  

From the photos, you can tell that my skin is in a total wreak. Dry with fine line, dull-looking and outbreak on my jawline and big pores on my cheeks and forehead. 

Double cleansing was done, followed by Microdermabrasion to prepare the skin and soften the pores. It was like a mini suction that sucked up the skin's dead skin on the top layer, remove dirt as well as excess sebum. 

Subsequently, followed by another round of cleansing, this time with an ultrasonic scrubber that actually removed the impurities quite well. 

And of course the most dreadful part of a facial with clogged pores issue, extraction. It's no doubt painful (certain area of the face could be more sensitive but I am pretty much used to it, I always say no pain, no gain) but trust me that your skin will feel so much breathable after that. Using the same scrubber but this time, I could feel the vibration instead to apply Vitamin C to the skin to soothe it after the extraction and boosted by dull-looking skin with a dose. 

Every facial session will end with a mask and my face was applied with a whitening mask to end the  facial session. One thing I like about IDS aesthetic is, you can actually seek consultation with the doctor at IDS clinic and then go for the recommended treatment. Follow up with the set of recommended IDS skincare set too! I am thankful that after this session and with more effort put into skincare, I have better skin now. 

Make your appointment today!

IDS Clinic - Flagship Store

360 Orchard Road #02-02
International Building
Singapore 238869
6450 3555

IDS Clinic (Novena Specialist Center)
8 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307470
6568 3555

For more information, do visit IDS on: 
                                                    Facebook | Instagram | Website

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Friday, September 23, 2022

[Media Invite] Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa + Genkinoya

A radiant outlook is the result of a healthy body and I am trying hard to work towards this. If you are like me who hardly perspires to detox, I would suggest you read on! 

I just learnt about Hokutolite when I visited BlissMums with Jenn.

Hokutolite is actually a unique ore, highly valued, yet extremely rare. Based in the Akita district of Japan, the Tamagawa Hot Spring is one and only source of this precious stone. The Japanese believed that the radiating heat from volcanoes activated the remedial properties of the Hokutolite; the infrared rays, high concentrations of anions and essential trace elements- the 3 crucial components of Yuhohana Bedrock Stone Spa.

Now, you do not need to travel to Japan to experience these healing benefits! At BlissMums with Yunohana Hokutolite Bedrock Spa, a 45min session, which is split into 3 phases, is equivalent to me running 30km without any effort. 

Originated from Japan, the authentic birthplace of Hokutolite. I was amazed by its instant effect when I could see the difference in the blood circulation in the blood vessels (on one of my fingers just below the nail bed) before and after I wore the bracelet made of Hokutolite stones, you can watch the Instagram stories here

From the capillaries scanned, we could see how healthy or unhealthy we are when we compared the appearance of the blood vessels on screen to the chart on the wall showing different categories of capillaries (normal, corkscrew, meandering, enlarged and tortuous)

You have to see and experience it to truly believe the difference it can make to the energy in your body especially. I was totally sold on the spot! 

Next, we proceeded to the treatment room where we tried Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa. A shower was necessary for hygiene purposes. Within the treatment room, there was a shower area and they provided us with the necessary toiletries. From head to toe, I was totally pampered with the filtered and purified water from the Hokutolite Showerhead 

Before we begin, 
Phase 1: Warming up, laying face-down for 15mins
This phase allows the body to warm up as well as a warm-up of the internal organs. A cup of negatively-ionised water will be given for consumption upon completion. 

Phase 2: Perspiration, laying sideways for 15mins
This phase requires us to lie side way to detox our lymphatic system while regulating the body temperature. The 15 mins here was as good as a 10km run. The only difference was, that I could be perspiring as much as I could do with a real 10km run. Usually, my max was 5km with my nagging back aches, I would not go more than that. But with Hokutolite Bedrock Stone Spa, I covered this distance effortlessly. Huge beads of perspiration rolled down my body, I will use the word "SHIOK" to describe how I felt because I am one who hardly perspires. And the perspiration that came out from my body was not sticky at all, totally unlike when I went for runs. At the end of this treatment, I was served a glass of fresh lemon water. 

Phase 3: Detoxification, laying face-up for 15mins
The last phase allows the pores to open up (which was why we were told not to shower after the end of it, wipe dry off the sweat would do), rid the sebum discharge from the sebaceous glands, detox the body  of harmful substances and toxins, increased the metabolism rate of the body while I get to burn off some calories. This phase was as good as running a 20km. A glass of extracted mineral water from Tamagawa was served upon completion. 

I was given a Hokutolite mask to put on, this mask was made using Hokutolite powder and having to know how it can improve circulation within the body, I was sure that I was expecting glowing skin after the session. The mask could help in facial detoxification too! My skin was smooth and radiant after the treatment! Holy grail! This is what our skin benefits from after going through a detox and improved cell activity. You will love the anti-aging effect. 

If you are one with a low body tempertare all the time and also prone to body aches, high blood  pressure, sugar and cholesterol, obesity, metabolic disorder, malignant tumours and stress disorders. You are probably one who lacks of exercise, under going stress disorders, long hours in air-conditioned rooms, frequent consumption of cold drinks (I am guilty of this), incorrect showering conditions. 

While our normal healthy body temperature is 36.5 deg.celcius, 35.5 deg. celcius will be prone to allergies and hypersensitivity. 35 deg.celcius is the optimal temperature for spread of cancer cells while if the body temperature reaches 43 deg.celcius, it can kill off dead cancer cells. Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa increased the temperature across the 3 phases and helped raised our body temperature gradually to 40 deg, a protein known as Heat Stimulated Protein (HSP)is activated. In conjuction with the energy emitted from the Hokutolite, repairing our skin cells. 

After the treatment, I felt lighter with the water retention removed from my body and of course, I felt lesser aches. This is one very unique experience which could benefit us from head to toe in one session and what made it even more pampering was, that I could hop over to Genkinoya after that to have a round of foot reflexology and a shoulder & back massage. 

Nudge away the stresses and bring your body back to balance. 

I felt so pampered! A mobile phone stand and a warm shoulder hugger were provided too! 
I enjoyed the time off for myself and went home feeling recharged. Surprisingly, the rate was quite affordable at Genkinoya given the location. 

Book your appointment today! I am certain you will go back more recharged!

9 Scotts Road 
Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210

Harmony Lifecare Group comprises Blisscare Medical, BlissMum, Genkinoya Group and Harmony Skin Lab, providing premium health care and wellness services using advanced technology, quality products and continuous R&D. The group caters to all age groups with premium brands under their belt, from the newborn to youths and adults - women, pregnant mums, mens and senior citizens. 


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