Monday, July 25, 2022

NATRAHEA ROBOMAX & Functional Wellness Therapy

NATRAHEA is the leader in the chiropractic and pain management industry. Natrahea is not new to me, I had my spinal adjustment done and had also gone through decompression for my spinal disc at their clinics. You can read more about it here

And to further reinforce its lead in the industry, Natrahea is the First Smart Pain Management & Rehabilation Clinic in Singapore, using Robotics for pain and spinal treatment! 

Gravity can cause spinal compression and lead to pressure acting on the spinal discs, cords and nerves resulted in pain and can be chronic one if it is bad. If you have been suffering from painful symptoms in the back, it is time to bring it back to balance.

Think of the action of pulling a spring, you pull it apart to lengthen it. Likewise for spinal decompression, the action of decompressing the spine is similar. It works by stretching our spine very gently to expand the space between the vertebrae. Doing so, it releases the pressure between the discs and can help to alleviate the pain. I had gone through a few sessions in the past (Scroll to the 6th picture) No videos to show as the movement was hard to capture but you will surely feel it if you are the one going through the treatment. 

The first in Singapore, NATRAHEA ROBOMAX was launched in May 2022! Robomax is an advanced 4D rehabilitation solution from Korea, targeting pain in the neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back hips and spinal deformities to accelerate muscle and spinal recuperation. With proven lab studies, this cutting-edge, smart technology is paired alongside NATRAHEA’s professional service and efficacy standards to provide patients a highly successful pain management and spinal recovery.

With NATRAHEA ROBOMAX, you can expect the sessions and results to be consistent as the cervical, thoracic and lumbar region are treated simultaneously with eight cylinders.

The smart Robotic Technology is able to rehab and treat the spine at multiple angles at the same time with zero gravity.  The session aids spinal elongation, helps to reduce internal disc pressure, corrects the posture, reduces pain, and it is thus an excellent alternative to other invasive methods for pain management. 

If your work is most of the time desk-bound or an active athlete who has suffered from a sports injury, leading sedentary lifestyle or even if you have senior citizens in the family who needed to rebalance their spine and nervous system to minimize or even eliminate their pain. ROBOMAX is able to help improve their posture, gain better mobility and help to increase in energy and strength, ultimately reducing the body stress. 

The Robomax seat is made of firm, high-quality urethane foam than the usual vinyl plastic cushion seat, thus providing better grip during the rehab session. The therapist would also check in with you on your condition before he determined the settings. I started off at 50% for a this session to have a feel of how it is like. You can refer to the highlights on my Instagram Profile. I would say you will not see much action but if you are the one lying on the seat, you will surely feel exactly how it feels like. 

After 30 mins on ROBOMAX, I had another 30 mins on Functional Wellness Therapy. The session I would not say it was a comfortable one because the therapist worked on my triggered points to loosen up the stiff muscles. You may want to think of it as a massage coupled with some clinical techniques on deep stretching. Totally natural is what I love, no surgeries involved, no drugs and medication. I was also taught how to execute certain stretching at home to help strengthen and maintain my core and back muscles so as to allow me to have better movement and keep the back pain at bay.

The duration of NATRAHEA’s patient-centric experience is 60 minutes and it comprises of:

• Clinic Introduction

• Posture Analysis

• Pre-consultation

• Muscle & Spine Physical Assessment

• ROBOMAX Therapy

• Functional Wellness Therapy

• Post-consultations and Recommendations

A full session is worth SGD$250, if you are new, go experience the First-Time Trial at only SGD$68! 

Book your appointment and get healthier spinal health! Happy 10th Anniversary, Natrahea! One trusty Chiropractic service, I highly recommend. 

NATRAHEA is conveniently located at:

TripleOne Somerset

111 Somerset Road


Singapore 238164

Tel: +65 62355691

Opening hours:

10am - 2pm, 4pm - 8pm (Mon to Fri)

9am – 1pm (Sat)

(Closed on Sundays) 

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Pattern Thinkers (Box 1) by Neuromath Singapore

Vera is on the weaker side when comes to academics, especially when the linguistic part affected both her languages and it is no joke that it affected the learning of all subjects. She has been struggling to pass her subjects since P1 and not to mention Math which requires critical and higher order thinking skills.

I was relieved that her school had put her in the Learning Support Programme (LSP) and Learning Support Math (LSM) in Primary 1 & 2, to give her more help in a smaller student-teacher ratio setting of not more than 10 students so that adequate attention could be given to this group of weak learners. 

Now that she is in Primary 3, I felt more stress coming in. Especially in Math where she will have to come to face to handle heuristic questions and as she levels up, there will be bound to have tricky questions which require more thinking skills into to problem solve.

What I want to see as a parent is her confidence in handling the subjects despite her challenges, having a happy learning journey and not give up trying. Vera has her own way of learning or rather any way that is not rote-learning and she learns better through games and preferably without books.

Recently, I went to attend a Pattern Thinkers workshop by NeuroMath Singapore . This programme was developed to teach the child the skillsets essential to help build and strengthen the ability to problem solve tricky questions through a scaffolding framework. 

Through this programme, learners can develop 6 key habits of mind for success in their learning which covers: 
1. Permutations 
2. Consecutive Numbers 
3. Assumption 
4. Logical Deduction 
5. Pattern Sequences 
6. Equations

I have no problems getting Vera to practise this on a daily basis. Many would have said that they have no time to sit the child through but all I took was only 5 minutes or less to allow her to play with the set. Why play? I know that books will put her off, this kit contains resources that did not make her feel dreadful about going through the process. The resources were nothing like boring assessment books and allowed her to grasp the concept in a fun way. The win was, it helped her to relate to those tricky math questions without difficulty! I wished during Xav's lower primary days, this programme was available!   
I look at it in the way that it is like brain gym (I took up a course on this before wanting to help Vera cope with her focusing issues and anxiety if any) or to make it simpler, a person going to the gym daily. Through daily training, it trains and builds up the muscles.

Similarly, you understand how the daily execution of the exercises could strengthen cognitive functioning, Pattern Thinkers is very much the same. It trains the mind and the cognitive function. For Vera after she learned the systematic way, I used a timer to work on her speed, we aimed to complete the task faster than the previous attempt each time. After all, we need speed and accuracy in Math, especially when tackling tricky problem sums during the national exam. 

The use of the xylophone for one of the exercises was a struggle for us initially. Why us, I train with Vera so as to make her feel that she is not alone, mummy is learning with her too! I was happy to see her progress. After a few attempts, she got it and to make things more fun for her, using the same concept, I told her to make music using other notes. 

In lesson 3, the level of difficulty got slightly more challenging, I did not need to worry about the challenge for her because she has already learned the skill from the first two lessons.  

This was her reaction during one of the Lesson 3 practices. She told me "Mummy, how come there was not enough yellow chips? " I told her to go check her and find out where the mistake was. And this was her happy face! She was elated to realise that she could pinpoint where her mistake was!

You must be thinking how folding Origami is linked to Math? Lesson 4 was tough for me. Vera has no issues remembering the steps after repeating them a few times of the same step (If you get it now), her working memory is also one of her weak points to work on and it was a relief for me that she managed to remember the steps. The challenging part for us was on the assembling of the modular star. I had to seek help from Don and learnt from him after that after a few failed attempts.

Here's the daddy's girl with the completed modular star! Nothing is too difficult! I am proud to say that Vera managed to list down the 24 permutations much faster than the given time of 3 mins. 

It has been a month working on Box 1 which has a total of 4 lessons. Vera learnt at her own pace and in the comfort of home, all we needed to do was to submit the video assignment to Pattern Thinkers Team to go through and they will come back with feedback for Vera. 

Even her tutor saw an improvement in her ability to process her thinking and at a faster speed too! And I am proud of her, now she could easily list the 24 permutations in less than 3 minutes. 

There is an upcoming webinar on 30th July 2022, for all readers and followers of mine, Neuromath Singapore has kindly offered a complimentary session for you instead of having to pay $19 (usual price). Click on the link to sign up to find out more:

You can also  visit the following social media pages to find out more: 

About Neuromath 
We are a leading centre of Excellence for Math in Singapore with over 20 years of experience in helping students achieve the marks they truly deserve. We strive to lead the future of math learning, creating the Next Generation Thinkers and Problem Solvers to enjoy the Triumph of Learning through Discovery. Coming from a practitioner where we are able to influence thousands of yet-performing learners to scale from fail to A, we believe Pattern Thinkers is another proven system of ours that can help learners learn independently and come to their own individual understanding of mathematics.

Monday, July 11, 2022

VERANDAH @ Rael’s @ 111 Somerset

VERANDAH @ Rael's is the latest restaurant in town serving Peranakan-Indonesian Food! Located on level 1 of 111 Somerset Road (The former PUB Building). I was totally in love with the chic interior, floating clouds from the ceiling, it was totally instagrammable!

If you are looking for a lovely space to gather and dine with your family and friends over a good spread of Peranakan and Indonesian comfort dishes, come and try VERANDAH @ Rael’s, every dish is a pleaser!

I had my cup of fresh Ginger Tea to began with, the fresh ginger slice was uniquely steep in this test-tube! 

Delactable stickes of Chicken Satay! Well marinated, grilled to perfection, tender and succulent! It was perfect with a dip into the traditional peanut sauce! Always a favourite dish of mine, this is unstoppable! 

Pong Tauhu Soup was light yet flavourful! I have always love the one from one of the Peranakan food catering but this bowl from VERANDAH @Rael's has taken over and became my new favourite! Juicy Meatballs served in a delightful pork and prawns broth, is one side you should not miss! 

This will be a hit among kids and adults too! Honey Pork Crispy stir-fried pork drizzled with fragrant honey black sauce. 

If you love Buah Keluak, this is a dish with an acquired taste. I took some time to appreciate this dish. Buah Keluak is actually the seed of Kebayang Tree. I read that the preparation of this ingredient was a tedious process. Within this raw seed, it contains cyanide which can be deadly poisonous if not properly cured. The tradition process from what I remembered was, these seeds needed to be boiled, soaked and buried in ash wrapped banana leaves for as long as 40 days to make sure that the water cyanide is gone.

Chicken Buah Keluak Braised chicken in a tangy tamarind gravy, decadent mix of spices and pork, stuffed buah keluak. It was not saltish unlike the ones that I have tried before, perfect with a bowl of white rice! 

Signature Indonesian Chilli Beef  for the beef lovers! The taste Succulent beef stewed in a rich gravy made from chilli, candlenuts, coconut milk and aromatic spices. The taste was well balanced and not too spicy for someone like me who could not take spiciness well. 

Nonya Chap Chye, Shiitake mushrooms and cabbage cooked in a delectable savoury broth and tossed with beancurd strips and broth-soaked tang hoon. I loved how the taste was well balanced! This would make a great dish for vegetarians! 

Babi Pongteh, this sweet, savoury stew of pork belly and turnips, slow-cooked in a thick fermented soybean sauce with a peppery hint. Not a fan of pork, But this melt in the mouth and had no pork-smell dish at all! Another delicious and comforting dish. Drizzle those gravy over rice, it was pure bliss! 

Grilled Sotong with Kicap Manis, I am not a fan of squid but I took a few slices from this dish! Cooked to a perfect texture! The Grilled squid was cooked with a sweet and piquant soy sauce, mixed spices marinate! 

Being a Pulut Hitam fan, I loved any desserts with it! Dinner ended with Panna Cotta with Pulut Hitam, the Panna Cotta was topped with black glutinous rice served with rich coconut milk. It was a good match as the sweetness of Panna Cotta blended in well with Pulut Hitam. I wouldn't mind a second helping! 

This is my first and definitely not my last visit, I loved all the dishes which gave me a warm taste of home. I highly recommend this to you if you are looking for a good spread of Peranakan Cuisine! 

111 Somerset
Singapore 238164

Tel: +65 6012 8829 
WhatsApp: +65 8931 9826 

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen

One of my accumulated backlogs which I had always wanted to share on the blog. Life has been so busy despite Covid. I am now trying to document down the nice eating places to share with all, lest I may forget over time. 

This was my 2nd visit to Paper Rice Vietnamese Food Restuarant, which is one of the successful F&B concepts under Arteastiq Group. 

In December 2021, there was also an announcement from Arteastiq Group on the opening of the 2nd outlet for Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen at Plaza Singapura, which was conveniently located in town. 

On the first visit, I came with the Ngs and Xav for dinner and I clearly remembered he ordered the instagrammable Signature Premium Wagyu Beef Pho (with sliced truffles) and I am back again this time for lunch with the ladies (both visits at Changi City Point). 

I feel that Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen deserves a post for its unique dishes with elements of surprises enveloped within. Experience the authentic taste of Vietnam here!  

From the entrance, I could already see the lavishly decorated space with red bricks and dark wood furniture,  with hanging plants from the ceiling too. The dining ambience was  Here are some we have ordered! The plating and presentation were not only visually pleasing, some of the dishes set my palate on fire! 

Some of the mouth-watering starters, Spring Roll Platters (fresh prawns, mushroom and tofu, deep-fried spring rolls with seafood and mustard lettuce rolls with grilled beef) though it was a starter, good to share this platter otherwise I feel that there will be not enough room for other dishes. The spring rolls were served with rice vermicelli, fresh greens,  Vietnamese peanut sauce and seafood sauce for dipping. 

Hue Minced Pork Lemongrass Skewers are highly recommended! I loved how the skewers were served over the grilling plate. It was succulent and juicy when we sank our bite in. Surely deserves a spot on the Instagram feed! 

It was served with rice vermicelli on purple lettuce leaves and Vietnamese peanut sauce. 

Not only popular in French cuisine, but Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen also serves escargot too! Check this out! Vietnamese Hotplate Spicy Escargot served with crispy rice cracker!

Grilled Spicy Seafood Platter for the seafood lovers! There were 3 servings each of the tiger prawns, capelin and squid, served with mint leaves and fresh vegetables. Served with a generous portion of fresh greens, mint leaves wrapped with fine rice vermicelli and home-made spicy sauce. My tolerance level for spiciness is on the low side. Those who can take it well,  will love this dish for sure!

Deep fried Tiger Prawns wrapped in Crispy Noodles, if memory did not fail me, the chef had hidden chilli seasoning at the back of the prawns and then wrapped up the prawns with noodles. This element of surprise was a HOT one! 

We tried to balance our meals with more greens and proteins than carbs, and we added on Sauteed Beancurd with Spicy Lemongrass Peanut Sauce

The only carbs we ordered was Spicy Fish Banh Mi. I wish I could have tolerated the spiciness well. The meat was thick succulent and flavourful but I needed to cool my tongue down before I could fully enjoy this. 

Vietnamese is the second largest coffee producer in the world and of course, their coffee is one not to be missed! You have to try Iced Egg Coffee from Hanoi! It was served with an airy layer of egg-cream (egg yolk+condensed milk) over the top. Not your usual Starbucks kind of coffee, do try it! 

Be sure to try out their desserts too if you are making your visit. Too much to stomach any further, I had to try them on my next visit. 

Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen
Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038
+65 64431261
Nearest train station: Expo 

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

Do follow me on Instagram @xavvylicious if you would love to, my updates on that platform are usually much faster while I will still try to make time out to blog for those with heavier information.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

[Review] Starke Living Air Purifier

Starke Living Air Purifier came right in time when I can officially self-discharge after 7 days of isolation. Unfortunately, after preventing it for 2 years plus, I got the Covid bug eventually. 

Sleek, modern and minimalist looking in white, it blended in well with the rest of the furniture easily.

Comfortable handle for carrying,

this is perfect when I needed it in the bathroom and any other spots in the house that has no access to any switch. 

It disinfects and cleanses the air with negative ions at a concentration of 8000000 pcs/m (cube), 360-degree full air circulation, with 3 types of filters (Primary Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and Hepa Filter), purifying the air at H13 level (with the highest tier of HEPA air filtration). 

The fact that it can be operated without having to plug in already won me over!  In a portable size of 16m*16cm*26.8cm, it is lightweight as well! Think of all possible places to bring! It got me excited! 

With two modes to select from, the settings are displayed on the smart LED display indicating the ambient air quality as well as battery life. 

It is rechargeable easily using USB Type C and stores a battery capacity that allows up to 20 hours of functioning. And not forgetting that it was pretty quiet and has an inbuilt night light in warm glow too!

 This is simply perfect to bring along with me when I go for my matworks. 

Love modern-looking, award-winnning hand-crafted designer bathroom products such as bathtubs and toilet bowls? Starke Living carries them too! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, all opinions are of my own. 
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