Monday, September 28, 2009

Children's Day Celebration @ Rainbow Cove

On 27th Sept 2009, Rainbow cove had held a mini carnival to celebrate Children's Day ! The school and teachers' team really put in effort to make this celebration a memorable one.

Xavier started off at the bouncing castle ! Initially, he held back a while, not wanting to go into the castle.

But shortly after, he got warmed up and started to bounce in there until he was so reluctant to come out !

There were other game stalls such as Shooting Game, Dino land

, Drive Home

, and Long Kang Fishing

for the kids to try their hands on.

Under daddy's guidance, Xav tried his hands at Long Kang Fishing !

Tah-dah ! He caught two fishes !

And guess what he did, he was so fascinated that he shook the cup where the fishes were put in ! Poor fishes ! Must be giddy from Xavier's shake !!

But I returned the fishes back to the pool as Xavier still doesn't know how to take care of pets.

After an hour of fun, time for some snacks ! He had some mini muffins and watching Teacher Carol as she was mending the food stall, preparing hotdog buns for the parents and kids! (Pics in daddy's handphone)

Before going back, we brought Xavier to sit on the swing ! He loves it ! Shall load the video up when I can !

Gonna be a long weekend for Xavier this week ! No school on Children's Day and Teachers' Training the next day ! Happy Children's Day kids ! And poor Xavier gotta visit Dr Ong to "pay tax" again yet on a holiday !! He caught another bug in the childcare I supposed as I noticed a few kids were coughing away ... Despite having to give him his usual medication for a week or two, the runny nose still persists and follow by his cough .. Better bring him for a check before his bronchitis act up again ...

Before that, had lunch with dad, mum, Jo and Edna. Here's Edna posing with Xiao P ...

I was asking Xavier if he could give Xiao P a hug and there he goes trying to embrace Xiao P in his tiny arms ...

Xav: Xiao P, why is your nose so big ?

Xav: Let's see who is taller alright ?

Xav: I may be small but I'm strong enough to carry you !!

Here's Edna with mummy.

Afterwich, then I brought Xav to Dr Ong and waited for dear dear to come while I had a meet up with Penny.

Hope Xav's cough is better soon !

Mid Autumn Festival 2009

This year's Mid Autumn Festival celebration, we had it @ The Nexus. Thanks Sharon and James for their warm hospitality and of course not forgetting little Julian who shared his toys with the kiddos.

Xav had a chance this time to meet up with some other new friends whom he had never seen before. But this did not hold him back to mix around with them ! He's still as sociable as before ! He ran onto the playmat the minute he stepped into the function room upon seeing all the toys !

Thank you to David too for taking nice pics of us !

Here's some which David took for Xav ... Xav's simply in love with wheels !!! One funny encounter through out the whole day was Xavier was constantly "fighting" over toys with Earnest !

Boys are boys ... they loves cars and wheels !! Here's Xav bugging Julian ... "Julian, when will it be my turn ?"

Heh heh heh.. My turn !!

Xav: Shall wait for my turn again .....

Even when it comes to the slide, you should see how funny they were ! Ernest wanted to just remain on the steps leading to the top of the slide while Xavier just wanted to climb up from the bottom of the slide to the top. Just nice heh, each occupy half of the slide.

Posing @ the ball pool ...

I did not know how to load the remaining photos here as I'm no good with Mac notebook.... still struggling .. Pics that I missed out, can be seen in my facebook which are tagged to me.

Alright, mummies and babies, FALL IN !

Meet some of Xavier's new friends here ...

Had quite a late night that day.

As for me, this year, with the help of Jo's recipe. I made two boxes of snowskin mini mooncakes for the teachers team.

Also making a box for Caca as well as dear dear, who was constantly aiming at the ready made ones in the fridge.

Tried making a mickey mouse design, here it goes ... lots of work as compared to those made using traditional mooncake mould ..

Let's welcome Mickey coupled with a mini star ! First attempt though, hence, not so well done ...

Made two boxes, one for Caca and the other one for Justin's mummy ...

Close up of Moonie Mickey ...

For Xavier, mum bought him a piggy !!

Here's xavier giving his kiss to the adorable piggy .. Xav: "Piggy ... here I come ... " and off goes the nose ...

Anyway, poor Xav gotta stay indoor again this festive season !! He caught another bug ... Now coughing and having runny nose as well ... Hugs to Xavier ... Hope you recover soon !

Meanwhile, wishing all Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le ! Have fun over the weekend !

Friday, September 25, 2009

F1 fever

Recently, the F1 event just ended. And Xavier had his F1 fever too ... This post has been rotting in the draft folder ever since the laptop was sent in for repair.

We brought him to the airport for dinner and there was a promotion that every $20 bucks you spent, you get to go on the Grand Prix circuit for two rounds. Heee .. The car's quite cute, but the speed sucks ! hahahah ... Only those who experienced my driving will know why I said that heh. By the way, I love high speed driving =P

Here's a group pic with the Hans and the future F1 driver .. Vrrooom.... (Unable to upload, please refer to facebook for the pics)

There was another roadshow at Millenium Walk. This time round, Xavier had the hot babes with him ! Lucky boy heh !

He was so engrossed with the car that he doesn't want to come out from it !

Eventually, we managed to take a family pic and got a printed copy from the roadshow.

Everything's down ......

I have not felt so handicapped before.. guess where am I typing this post ? In National library ... Zzzzzz

My fan's down, sim card faulty, laptop LCD faulty too ... what else is faulty ... All are sent in for repairs ... and there are heaps to upload for Xavier ... ... think I be having a busier time when the laptop comes back from servicing ...

Meanwhile I shall continue to complete my "Land of wind", a korean drama after "Zhu Mong".. Pretty nice show ... Till then, shall look forward to the return of the laptop ! =S

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 7 in Childcare

Anyway, been almost close to 7 weeks since Xav has been in childcare. I actually lost count of it.

Feedback from Teacher Carol was, Xav is adapting really well into it. He has began to join in their activities ! He is more ready now to sit in with the group during the song sessions and the phonics bible session! And she even told me, not sure if it's coincidence, Xav saw letter "B" and he goes "ber ber ber" adn sang along with the song. Another achievement if it's true !

On wednesday, I went to pick the little boy up and I saw him going for his tea break with his freinds ! Here's Elaine and Lucas together with little Xavier. Aren't the little ones cute, sitting by the little table munching on their cookies !

Here's another of Xavier's good friend. Jayden always likes to go and hug him and tell him "Xavier, why are you so cute" hahahhaha ..

Ooopss.. Xav realised he is being snapped !!

Making his way home...

Brought Xav for his haircut as he is going to have his photo taking on friday.

The future F1 racer .. heee .. The same old Xavier ...

A brand new Xavier after his haircut ...

Not sure why he cried till he can tear down the whole of Suntec City. He was alright with the few previous haircut. Guess he mistook the hair stylist for the doctors and nurses or simpy to put it this way, any strangers that come close to him, he will associate pain ? I believe all these are the after effect from the previus hospital stay. Poor boy ... can you imgaine how fearful he was at that time...

Anyway, I allowed him to go on a kiddy ride to pacify him. How fast his mood changed !! Kids are kids ... heee .. Look how happy he can get and can even pose for me.

Here's the vainpot...

Here's Xav with his favourite capsule machines !

and god knows why suddenly he wants to crawl on all fours !!

On friday, got more improvement ! He did not cry or make any noise at all when I handed him over to Teacher Kelly, he happily got down onto the floor and went to have his temperature taken.

Feedback from Teacher Kelly was, Xavier was spreading his baby talk virus ! It was so hilarious that we had a nice laugh when she told me. She told me Xav was the first to woke, then he goes relaxing and lying down and started his "zegezege", this woke two of his fellow mates up, then gradually, the older kids somehow or rather, start to baby talk as well! And by the time, the teachers went up to the room, the whole room was filled with baby talk !! Everyone was "zege zege" all the way !

When he reached home, after his meal, guess what did he do ?

Went up straigt to the roll of toilet paper on the table, he kept tearing piece by piece and ...

CLEAN HIS MOUTH !!! hahahaa... He learnt something new again !

Some other new words he learnt:
1. He also goes "up"'ing when he is in the lift, telling me that he's going up.
2. He will look up to the ceiling and say "nye" ... heeee.. when he sees the lights.
3. When I finish singing a song to him, he will applaude for me !
4. When he is having his meal, I will ask "Xav, is the food nice ?", he will reply me "ni ni" to indicate "nice nice".

It's weekend again ! Looking forward to bring him to Chinese Garden for some picture taking with the beautiful lanterns for the coming mid-autumn festival !

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Cam "Panasonic DMC-TZ 7"

Thanks dear dear for the gift. He just bought one Panasonic TZ-7 to replace the Canon Camera. Went to quite a few outlets before we managed to get hold of the model. The review of this model was pretty good that some outlets actually were out of stock. Finally, we managed to get it at Harvey Normal located at Raffles City for the colour I wanted.

First try by dear dear @ Sushi Tei for little Xavier. Either it's the lappy screen faulty or the settings of the cam has not been done properly. I find it abit grainy ...

My turn to play next !! hee heee.. As usual, Xav will be my model ! hahahaha ...

Happily clapping his hands as he walked ...

Here's what happened when he saw my bubble tea.

Xav: wah, mummy ! bubble tea !! I saw it but why didn't you share it with me ?
Mummy: Xavier, no no ... you can't drink tea !

Xav: I dun care ! I just want it !!

Xav: *laughing to himself silently" heh heh heh heh heh.. I knew this trick works on mummy... I GOT IT !!!

Mummy: Xav, mummy won't fall into your trick. It's just an empty cup with ice cubes ! wahahahahah ... now you see who wins ? hehehehehe

Xav: It's alright ... Ice is fine with me ...

Xav: Sshhh ... Let me try it before mummy sees ...

Xav: Opps... Kenna Spotted . Better change tactics ... Let me be sweet alright ... "Mummy, would you like to have a sip ?" This tactic works every time and mummy is most happy when I share my food with her !

Alright .. time to go back for dinner !!

Xav: Make a guess ! Why am I on all smiles ? B'cos mummy gave me strawberries !!

Xav: It's really nice !! I'm soooo happy !!

Xav: Mummy... heeee.. Can I have more please ?

Xav: Meanwhile, I perform for you alright ? Just give me your commands ..

Mummy: Xav, "arms up"

Mummy: Xav, can you show me where is your nose ?

Cute isn't he ... I'm looking forward for more achievement from this little boy. Even the slightest achievement he made, can really make my day.

Recently, Xav likes this book which i bought from Borders "Jigsaw Jungle".

There is this page on the lion which goes
"I'm a golden lion,
look @ my sharp claws.
I'm very friendly really,
despite my scary roar."

After I finish with the roar, Xavier will try his roar by going "Mmmmmmmmmmmm" and it only applies to the lion and not the other three animals.

Normally, I would have a good laugh over it !
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