Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Xavier @ 2 months old

66 days old on 27th May '08

When I turned 2 months old, this is what I can do ...

* My head is a little wobbly when I am propped up. Put your hand
behind my neck and head for support.
* I can hold my head up for a few seconds when I’m on my stomach.
* I hold onto things for a little while.
* I move my arms and legs. I "bicycle" with my feet when I get excited.
* I gurgle, laugh and smile when I am happy.
* I cry when I am hungry, scared or uncomfortable.
* I am aware of different voices and people.
* I stay awake during the day. But I usually take naps throughout the day.
* I make cooing sounds.
* I begin to stare at my hands.
* I follow you with my eyes to watch you move around.
* I stare at people and at things.
* I smile at other people, not just at my mother.
* I quiet down when I suck my fingers, a bottle or a pacifier.

67days old on 28th May '08

Friday, May 23, 2008

More " surprises ".....

I had always loved to give mummy "surprises". Mummy found both my ears, at the front and back, filled with rough, dry flaky skin. Some skin broke and there were sticky fluid. After the skin dries up, it turns yellow and somehow or rather, it has a smell. Mummy could no longer stand it and decided to bring me to the doctor to get some creams for me. There were also parts of dry skin on my body, hands and legs which mummy suspected to be eczema.. And mummy was right 'bout it.

Yiyi helped me to register at Kids Clinic at 10 plus. Guess what, the waiting time was almost 5 1/2 hours. Gosh.. And I had a nice nap at yiyi's place while waiting for the clinic to call for my turn.

My weight was 5.3kg till date 20th may '08 (Day 59)

Dr Lillian had diagnosed that I had Seborrheic Dermatitis on my ear, eye brow and scalp, which is also known as Cradle Cap and at the same time Eczema on my face, body, hands and legs. This means I had dry sensitive skin. I was prescribed with Desowen lotion for my Eczema affected areas and Fucicort for my ears and broken skin.

I cannot use normal body wash as it is soap based and its drying for my skin. Doctor suggested to mummy to buy the following body wash for me: Cetaphil / Sebamed

To moisturise my skin after bath or applying medication: Dermadrate/ Cetaphil/ Sebamed/ physiogel

Aggravations to avoid: heat + sweat, milk + saliva, powder, dust/ cobwebs, food like seafood/ eggs/ peanuts/ milk.

Just some additonal info by Doctor when asked by mummy: The sensitive skin could have been inborned as mummy had chidhood asthma, sensitive nose and mild eczema. As it runs in family history, thus, likelyhood I would get it too.

But for infantile eczema, it can be cured with proper care whereby daddy and mummy have been cleaning me up and applying the cream for me.

Day 62 on 23rd May '08

Now my skin is as smooth as silk .. Touch me !!! hahahhahaaha .. YEAH !!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Terrifying days for Xavier

On the early morning of 1st May, mummy discovered a little fresh blood in the stools. Hence, mummy and daddy decided to monitor for the next two stools to see if there are anymore blood. Second stool was more or less the same the first. By the third stool in the late afternoon, you passed out alot of soft stools cum watery bloody mixture. Daddy and mummy decided to bring you to KKH for a check to play safe.

By the time you were called into the consultation room, we discovered some unknown bruises on your right leg as well as rashes on the head. Further checks made by the doctor, found some little purple dots on the sole of the feet. Doc said that you have to be admitted immediately for observation. The stools with blood continued for two days and the cause for the bloody stools were still unknown.

Your bloody stools continued for two days and both your feet turned purple as it was bleeding within you. The bruises were darker and it was so troubling to see them. Mummy couldn't help but worry. Doc told us that you were low in plalettes. Normal range for people is between 100 - 450. But the result from your blood test showed that your plalette count is only 10, which was extrememly low. Anything that goes below 5 , the risk of brain bleeding would be there. Daddy and mummy was advised not to shake you when we carry you in case, we might shake too hard and cause your brain to bleed.

Daddy and mummy were told that you will be given plalettes transfusion so as to increase your plalettes count. On top of that, if the counts did not maintain at the desire level or continue to decrease, you would have to do a bone marrow test to find out what actually happened that caused your plalettes count to drop. Due to the low plalettes count, it also actually rupture the red blood cells, causing the red blood cells count to drop as well. As such, there was also a necessary to put you on a blood drip.

The big big stringe .. Scary ..

Mummy and Daddy did not forget to check if you have put on pounds.. hee..

Thank you Daddy and Mummy for taking care of me and also to the rest of you who visited me everyday and keep me accompany !! Hugs !!

One shot with daddy BUT let me finish my yawn !! YAWWN .......

FINALLY !!! On the 8th of May ' 08, I was allowed to discharge and go back to my HOME SWEET HOME !!
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