Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stampers fun !

This is the set of stampers which I used to reward Xav whenever he goes to the potty or let us know that he wanted to poo or wee.

I found these little activity and decided to print out and let him stamp for fun ! Just the nice size for the stampers !

A good way to train their fine motor skills !

See how carefully he is doing it to ensure the stamps goes into the circle !

Delighted when he got it in !

After this, I used this activity sheet together with the Hama beads I bought previously. I actually asked him to place the beads onto the circles as found on the printed numbers. This allow him to count as he places the beads onto the just the nice size circles !

Am still thinking if I should laminate the sheets to last longer !
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hama Beads

Got two boxes of Hama beads for Xav to try. This is good in training their fine motor skills as well as their concentration and observation skills.

And he's good ! E actually sat through and completed the project.

The next day, he tried the second set.

And completed it himself with minimal help. A great set to keep the little hands busy !

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zoophonics Term 4 ~ Lesson 6 & 7

Lesson 6 taught them to differentiate which is 白云 and 乌云.

They were given an activity to look for the raincoats and umbrellas to stick onto the picture of thunderstorm.

And Xav did his umbrella craft.

Stick on some circles while the paint is wet for deco and add a straw as a handle !

English class covered "parcel".

They are supposed to hand the parcel collection slip to Teacher LJ to collect their parcel.

Waiting to collect his.

And they did a postcard for the activity. Pasting on the stamp,

Receiver: Justin

And did a colouring behind.

Lesson 7

Today, the teacher went through 晴天 and 雨天 and the activities we can do on a sunny day !

It's the kids favourite ! 冰淇淋 !

He's sure happy ! Even when it's just pretending to lick the ice cream !

English class taught them - Doctor and the equipments that are used by doctors.

Did a shadow matching game

And they are to choose the equipment used by doctor from the mixture of the equipment used by Police officer.

Last but not least a cute little doctor craft !

And he held the ice cream cone all the way home !

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fig fruit Soup (无花果汤)

A simple soup that I got from one of my recipe books, Fig fruit soup. Quite appetizing ! A must try !

These are the ingrdients used :

Mainly; wolfberries, red dates, solomonseal, huai shan, fresh fog fruits and chicken drumsticks.

Xav drank two big bowls for his dinner !

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zoophonics Term 4 Lesson 5

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mister golden sun. Please shine down on me...

The Chinese class taught them 太阳, 阳光, 月亮 and 星星.

Had an actitivity of placing the sun and moon according to day and night.

Did a craft work on Mr. Sun !

Community workers is the new theme. They were taught postman in today's lesson.

Sorting and putting in papers into envelop according to their sizes.

Not an easy task for them !

And did their very own mail bag and their own letter to send out with a fake stamp of course. One thing I don't like is to show the kids things that are fake. I prefer to show them the real thing !

Making his own mail bag.

Trying to thread in the strand of yarn.

Complete !

And he ran off with his mail bag !

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Life cycle of a frog

Not too long ago, Zoophonics covered on the Life cycle of a frog in class and the kids made a wheel on the stages of the frog.

I prefer something brighter and more colourful as compared to the black and white. So here I am with this !

Not only Xav can learn the different stages, this is a shadow matching game too !

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Transportation Theme

This has been taught before in Zoophonics. But I added more to this theme.

I made use of the magnetic book which Jo got for him and utilizes his toys ( mainly his trains, cars, buses, taxi and daddy's helicopter)

This is where his toys come into good use. He plays matching games with the slips of paper I gave him.

And he can recognise and read out words like bus, car, police car, fire engine and taxi.

Would be making him a transportation learning kit soon !

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Zoophonics Term 4 Leason 4.

Lesson 3 was a repeatation of Lesson 2.

Lesson 4 taught them 白云,天空 and 乌云.

The completed craft.

The English lesson covers dolphine and they did a puzzle on the parts of a dolphine.

And dressing up the diver with equipment like oxygen tank, life vest, goggle, flippers etc.

And did a stick and paste craft on marine theme to conclude their lesson.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Early X'mas bakes !

Just went for the Christmas Cookies Decorating class with Angie and Pearl.

Something which I had always envy how people made them and I had always wanting to learn so that I can make them with Xav at home. And my wish came through !

Thank you to Angie who helped me to register for the class. Had a great time learning coupled with the great company !

The four hours, we learnt techniques like outlining with royal icing. Before that, we got to learn to fold the parchment paper. The end must be sharp enough !

I did it twice because the first round, I "dragged" the icing and as a result it was flattened. The rounded outline is to prevent overflowing when doing the flooding.

This is flooding using the thinned royal icing prepared using the 10 seconds rule.

Then, comes decorating with fondant !

We made a Christmas tree

an ice cream

a stocking

a snow flake

With the addition of shimmer dust

and a snowman as seen above.

My completed project !

Hope to be able to make some for this christmas this year !

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