Sunday, May 20, 2012

UK Agro Farm - Kluang

Wanna get up close to the animals ? About an hour journey from Tuas Check point, you can drive up to Kluang and explore the UK Argo Resort. We had our short 2D1N farm stay at the resort.

Reached the place slightly near to lunch time and we took our lunch (included in our package) after dropping our barangs in the chalet.

A simple room with two wooden beds, one bathroom and of course aircon and fan equipped. The surrounding of the resorts give a rustic feel in their wooden structure.

The tour began after lunch, first we visited the place where the food for sheep and goats were being processed.

Afterwich, we went to the shed where hundreds of goats were housed.

There will be a passage for the little ones to run along and have their 30 secs milk drink.

After they had their 30secs feeding, you can feed them with hay and get a cuddling session with them. The lil' darling here is only one week old !

We continued on to visit the herb sanctuary with more than 100 kinds of herbs growing within.

as well as the Jakun village to watch the Orang Asli perform the windpipe blowing and how they used trap doors to hunt for animals.

Here's our brave lil' volunteer !

Ultimately, freaked out and asked me to join in ! We stepped right into the trap ! 

There is ostrich feeding as well !

A mushroom and vegetable farm within the resort.

We got to see how they grow the different type of mushrooms.

We went to the passion fruit street and followed by a really fun session ! Bottle feeding the goats !
The hungry babies emptied the bottle in less than 5 mins !

A spectacular sight not to be missed as we watched hundreds of sheeps being let loose from their sheds for meadow grazing!

Another super duper fun section ! Sheep Challenge ! We were given 3 mins to run and chase after the sheeps ! Anyone manage to catch one of the sheeps, will be awarded with a secret prize ! haaaa, no bribery please !

Here's Xav trying really hard !

We ended our day with the horse riding before we go back for a nice shower and continued with our dinner.

While waiting for Xav, we went snapping around and you gotta love the scenary behind us.

Their specialty must try is their black pepper mutton steak ! I dont take mutton at all due to the smell but the mutton steak they served is totally yummy ! No mutton smell at least for me and yet soft ! After our dinner, we went to release the Kun Ming Lantern.

Xav : I wished the lantern will not float away ...... Silly fella here almost in tears when we released the lantern into the sky. He kept asking where is the lantern going.

Next morning, woke up feeling fresh and perky ! The lovelies gave each other hugs after the breakfast ! How lovely !
We visited the mini zoo and the kids had great experience cuddling, petting, feeding and taking pics with the little animals !

We checked out by 12pm and went to visit another vegetable farm which is just beside where we stayed after we drove out. A really great place to check out during the weekends !

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