Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photo shoot at Studioloft

Mummy finally managed to convince daddy to go for the maternity shoot !! YEAH !! Cos once in a lifetime to take down these beautiful pictures which leave behind the wonderful memories especially with little Xavier still in mummy's tummy. This is of course how mummy looks like when carrying little Xavier. Will only put some pictures here.. cos Daddy said those more "exposed" ones is for own consumption only !!!

Look at daddy's beautiful heart.

This is the size of mummy's tummy in her 35 weeks.

Good chance for Xavier to give daddy a kick !!! Hee Hee ..

Daddy kissing mummy and Xavier at the same time.. Killing two birds with one stone heh !!

The rest of the artistic photos will not be gonna put up here. On the whole, the session was quite fun. It was taken by photographer Maryann who is also currently in her 26 weeks of pregnancy. Now awaiting for the photos to be developed and ready for collection.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cute Nursery Canvas Wall Murals !!!

Design No. 1
Design No. 2
Design No. 3
Design No. 4
Design No. 5
Design No. 6
Design No. 7
Design No. 8
Design no. 9
Design No. 10
Design No. 11
Design No. 12
These are some wall murals which I painted with the intention of pasting them on the wall beside little Xavier's bed. Hope that the brightly coloured animals can capture Xavier's attention. I saw from online, one mural is selling at least $40- $60.. Super expensive. So I thought of painting it myself to kill time.

Interested parties can also email me if you guys wanna order.

Pricing as follows:
Paper-like Canvas material (Soft), 20 cm by 20 cm: $ 10 per piece ($7 per piece if only black and white) .

Free Postage for 10 pieces and above !!!

Panel canvas material (Hard backing), 8 x 10 inch: $ 12 per piece ($9 per piece if only black and white)

Free postage for 10 pieces and above.

More designs coming up. Orders will only be confirm after payment is made. Pls allow one week for your orders to be processed as material is subjected to availability and time is needed to paint out the murals =)

Email: serene_seah@hotmail.com

Recently received an order for five murals. These are the new collections.. Check it out !!

Design No. 13
Design No. 14

The last design is a miror image of the one above.

Right now still have two more to go.. one piggy and one crabbie ... Do give your support should you are interested in getting 'em.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baby's cuttie top and booties

This is baby's cupboard, I was surprised by the heap of clothings he is going to have.. hahaha.. so no worries about having insufficient clothes to change. Cos we have been buying clothes for Xavier whenever we came across nice ones.. hee..

But of course it's only the top two cabins for his clothings. The rest are baby's toiletries and necessities. Together with daddy, we got this from GAP. We intend to let baby wear it on his full month celebration.
This pair of cute boties was spotted at Pumpkin patch and we got it for baby as well to keep his little legs warm.

Till date, only part one of the washing has been done. Still got the second cupboard to go.. Let's see when mummy is free.. hee hee.. alright shall log off now..

Beannie pillow

It had been a long time since mummy logged in. Currently, going into 35 weeks.. Gonna get to see baby Xavier in another 5 weeks. Got a mixture of feelings. Happy, excited and scared(of pain) and sad.. cos I am going to miss the feeling of baby kicking and squirming inside me.. hee.. I wanna go for all natural without epidural. Dunno if its possible with my threshold level. Hahahaha...

On 1st march 2008, visited the gynea to see baby. He is growing well with a nice weight of 2.3 kg. Dr estimated that he will be around 3 kg at birth. Hopefully, I can still keep up with my appetite and make sure baby grows well.

Now on the way making a bean sprout pillow for baby and if there is excessive husks, can make one for the big baby, my BIL.. hahaha.. dunno if he wants it..

My mummy and I had been choosing out the husks from the heap of the remaining beansprout tails and to sun it to make it "crispy". Hard work but satisfying cos its for baby =)
My mummy was suggesting that I hand make thee pillows ofr sale since I cannot work as yet. Tot that it might be a good idea but its tough work.. Can consider lah .. hahahaha

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