Friday, January 17, 2014

Step By Step Guide in making a Lantern out of Squares !

By now, you would have seen Chinese New Year decorations being put up everywhere ! I remembered during my primary school days, during  this time of the year, we will be asked to make a lantern and bring it to the class for decorations. The project would be normally done by my mum, using a stack of poker cards, ang pow and some beards.

 I was drawn to the lantern at the window display of  "K"rafer's Paradise, the Scrapbooking Store located at CitySquare Mall, which I normally drops by every Wednesday when Xav went for his class.

This year is special ! We made a lantern together ! Together with the old (my mum) and young (Xav). It's really a rare yet precious moment.

Gigi, then taught us how to construct the lantern and here we go ! It's pretty easy ! All you need is 60 pieces of 3" squares. Here's the step by step guide !

Tools and materials needed :
1. Score board (Optional, you can use ruler to draw lines and make your own marking if you do not have a scoring board.
2. Pattern papers (I used Teresa Collin's Spring Collection)
3. Scotch Tape
4. Glue Dots
5. One accessory to place at the bottom of the lantern. (I bought mine at NTUC for $1 each)
6. Paper Trimmer
7. Ribbon

Step One : Score the measurement of 3" on the pattern paper

Score the lines

Spot the score lines ?

Step Two : Cut along the score lines

Step Three : Choose one side of the square and stick the scotch tape along the side as shown.

Step Four: Fold up the adjacent side if the square and stick the sides together.

You'll get a "cone" after sticking the sides together.

Step Five : Make a "flower" with  five of the cones by sticking them side by side.

The flower

Helicopter View of the underside

To make a full lantern, you need 12 pieces of the flower.

Step Six: Assemble half of the lantern using 6 pieces (It will somehow turn into a semi circle)

I cut out the pink flowers in three sizes to layer them on top of each other. Xav helped me to stick thr pink flowers together and yes, he is pretty good with it !

Step Seven: I did not managed to find any pink glitter paper. Hence, the bottles of sticklers came into good use ! I gave the plain pink flowers a coat of glitter.

Step Eight: I looped a long ribbon into the accessory. Make sure it is long enough for you to hang up. You can cut away the excess later.

Step Nine : Stick a little piece of scotch tape  on the string of the accessory to the middle after you have positioned it in the  middle.

Step Ten : Take another half of the "semi circle" and assemble with the other half and you are done !

If you are lazy to cut, you can purchase the raw materials (60 pcs of 3" squares + 12 glitter flowers + ribbon + one accessory ) from D'Sail Creation. Do note that design may varies, depending on availability of the pattern paper.

If you have other ideas to DIY your own CNY deco,  do leave me your link in the comment  box !

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Anonymous said...

I think your project is absolutely adorable and beautiful!

Be careful when you say things like "if you're too lazy..." as the word "lazy" is NOT the nicest thing to say in English. LOL!

Thanks, again, for the wonderful project!

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