Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick fix - Salt and Pepper Codfish Fillet

Doing a happy dance this evening as I could finally dish out the codfish fillet nicely in one piece.

I do not know if the part of the fish plays a part ? Normally, when the fillet is cooked, during the flipping process, it's bound to break and my fillet became bits and pieces.

This piece bought by dear at the wet market, near to his office. This fillet, I realised has more bones as compared to the fillets I normally bought from NTUC which was thawed and could not be freeze back.

What I did was using McCormick Black Peppercorn and Seasalt Grinder, I marinated the fillet and simply just pan fried it with a knob of butter till cooked.

Then, I drizzle a drop of #YoungLiving Orange and Lemon Essential Oil over the fillet. The fruity aroma makes one more appetizing ! What I got from my 6 year old was "Nice ! Nice ! " and he helped himself with more servings. Totally no fishy smell, the meat was fresh  and sweet. Even the hubs who is particular about fishy smell, love it too ! This is definitely another no brainer quickfix which you can prepare and cook within minutes.

Would love to learn and hear from the cooking experts out there ! How do you pan-fry a codfish fillet without breaking it when you served ?

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Agy said...

Oh yummy! I think this would go well with the frozen fish fillets too. Don't really like the muddy taste of them.

xavvy said...

Agy, try it ! You can try lime too ! Just add a few drops of olive oil together with a combi of them at a drop each would suffice. =) Happy cooking !

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