Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I didn't throw it away !

Mummy, I spotted a funny looking coin ! Why is this coin so weird looking ?  I was searching through my pouch for some loose change to pay the exact amount to the taxi driver, when  Xav spotted me handling the 10 cent coin which is no longer circulated in the market to the driver.

I believed I won't be labelled as a hoarder if I were to keep things of monetary value ? How did I get started in collecting these old coins and notes ?  When I was younger, my mum was busying working to bring bread and butter back home, she hardly have time to bring us around or got us started on any outdoor kind of hobbies.

Back then, she had plenty of such notes back and would give it to us whenever she got the notes. That got me started keeping these notes. As I grew older, I had to save pretty hard in order to have an one to one exchange with my mum for the notes that I wanted.

Sadly, I lost my whole envelope that contained the Singapore old notes (Orchid, Bird and Boat series) when we shifted house. The whole wallet was misplaced or was lost in the midst of packing, I didn't know. Perhaps it was just not fated to be mine. This was what was left and I have been safekeeping them till now and isn't it wonderful that now I can show it to the kids.

If you would like to see more of the notes, Singapore Coin & Notes Museum does display a wide range of notes and coins, both from locally as well as from other countries. But do note that they will be relocating and will be operating till 22nd Nov 2014 at the current location.

Spot that $5 coin ?
25 Years of Public Housing * MS UNC Coin, 1985 Singapore 5 dollars

Another hobby which my mum started us on, phone card collection ! Long before mobile phone came into our lives, we used mainly 10 cent coins or phone cards with a certain value in it via the public phone booths. And my collection was pretty massive, but due to space constraints, I kept a selected few for Xav and Vera.

A phone card which was used up of it's credits. Spot that tiny dot embossed after the "0"

I kept my first student Transitlink card too before I decided to purchase bus stamps instead. Each time, we boarded the bus, we would have to insert it into the machine to pay for a ticket for our rides. I fondly remember folding the rectangular tickets into paper hearts and got them filled up glass bottles ! Gone were the tickets but I kept the card till todate somewhere deep down in one of the boxes in the storeroom.

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