Thursday, March 10, 2016

PLAYTime! Bunny Finds The Right Stuff & Pip's Club

Vera is now 32 months and  watched her very first PLAYtime for a PLAYdate ! I remembered exposing Xav to such theatre plays when he was around Vera's age or probably earlier. I was pretty lucky to be able to purchase the tickets as most of the dates were sold out !

Her first theatre play at Esplanade Theatre Studio, we watched "Bunny found the right stuff" adapted from a children's book from our local author, Emily Lim. I have shared on the review on Emily's award-winning toy tales series before.

It has been a few years since I went for PLAYtime shows. We had a ball today ! The show was pretty interactive and you bet Vera was dancing on the floor, along with the cast. Was glad that she managed to stay through the whole show with thanks to the songs, music, movement, props like bubbles and balloons. How they bring the kids through the magic of theatre ! We will definitely be back for more !

After the show ended, we were told that we could go one level up where kids can craft and play ! So that's PIP's Playbox ! This place is open for every member of the public and it's totally free with no admission charge. I am sure this is not new to some of you but definitely a new discovery for me.

Go ahead and craft your time away with no restrictions. Just be sure to be considerate and clear your mess away after utilizing the space so that others can have a clean space to use.

Materials like pipe cleaners, scissors, rainbow ice-cream sticks etc were provided on the craft table.

Walk in further, you get boxes of wooden cubes and some were magnetic cubes ! Wooden tracks were made available for the kids to build and let their imagination and creative juice run!

Playbox is just like a mini library ! I love how the books of local titles were made available for the children to grab a copy and read ! Teachers who bring the children on school trip can also sit comfortably in the air- conditioned Playbox and read to the children !

There is a shadow play area as well with a OHP provided. Please make sure the children are always under supervision when using this equipment.

Vera was happily playing among the other children who came for the field trip. It amused me when she gladly went to join in the queue when the teachers were getting the kids in lines. Someone's ready for school soon !

This space is a real gem ! A space where no one will tell them to hush, no talking is allowed or hey kid, no ! You cannot touch this, cannot touch that ! IT's totally kids friendly !

If you would love to go outdoors and run about in the sun, just head out ! A comfortable place where kids can play, craft and read freely for free, we will be back for more play dates and plays ! Click on PIP's Club to check out what it is about. The membership is free and valid until the child turns 13 and check out their benefits too !

This post is NOT a sponsored post nor I have any benefits or whatsoever in sharing the place. Just sharing a gem found in the iconic building on our little red dot, to parents who are along the same journey as me who believe in letting the child be playful, be imaginative and be creative.
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