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MOSH! on Sentosa Island - Palawan Kidz City

You heard the buzz about the official opening of Kidzania Singapore on Sentosa Island - Palawan Kidz City this coming April. Nestled within the same building on level 3, houses MOSH! , Singapore's first digital edutainment attraction, suitable for children, age 3 -12 !

This term break in March, we decided not to travel but play tourists on Sentosa Island. How to get to Palawan Kidz City? We took a Monorail and alighted at Beach Station. Turn left upon exiting the station and follow the signboard above your heads.

Go up the escalator and walk along this bridge, it will lead you to the building of Palawan Kidz City.

Surely, you will not miss the building on your right.

Take another escalator right up to the entrance of MOSHI! while taking it down leads you to Kidzania Singapore.

You will be greeted with the lovely doodles on the wall upon reaching the entrance of MOSHI!

We made our first stop at MOSHI! for our 3D2N staycation in Sentosa.

This interactive digital multimedia playroom uses cutting-edge technology from Japan, crafting each individual station to kindle and bring out the imagination in every child. Upon entering the darkened room, you will see the 5 interactive digital activities circled around the room.

Let us bring you a quick tour around MOSHI!

Xav headed for this station first and added colours and created a design to the plain Mosh!COTS ! I was surprised that he coloured a few pieces despite that fact that he is not a fan of colouring.

Grabbed himself a seat and started working on it.

Japan imported furniture

These crayons were specially imported from Japan as well. The durability is quite strong and the crayons do not break easily.

Japan imported Ponky crayons

Colour as many sheets as you like and bring it over to the scanner when you are done.

One of his works, he named it "Jedi-MOSHI!

This intelligent scanner will scanned the outline of coloured MOSHI!cot . The cropped image will appear on this screen, bouncing all around ! Try to spot your own MOSHI!cot! It was pretty challenging with many other bouncing on the screen.


Xav was trying to spot his but to no avail. He probably had missed it but the staff was nice to "reset" the screen back to a clean screen. Spot his MOSHI!cot bouncing on the screen.

Orchestrate the fireworks using your body movements and send those fireworks all over the world! I love this attraction the most ! It makes me feel light and happy no doubt that the fireworks are not real. But still, it's a happy space to me. =)

Spot those famous landmarks from around the world at the bottom of the screen including the icon of Singapore - Merlion, rotating as the fireworks burst just right on top.

I bet Xav had a great workout prancing and dancing around.

Make your paper planes come ALIVE ! Vera was happily checking out the vintage pilot caps while she gladly allowed me to put on one on her head.

She found it so funny to see herself wearing the cap and goggles.

Xav did not know how to fold a proper paper aeroplane. Fear not, the friendly staff sat down and ran through the instructions step by step with Xav.

The daddy demonstrated on how to make the plane come alive.

Daddy, are you sure that the plane is going to transform on screen ?

Watch this !

Vrrroooooom !! It became a virtual plane !

Not only one plane can be thrown at one time,

Trying throwing multiple planes at the same time and it gets pretty fascinating ! If you are tired of throwing planes, catch them on the screen instead. Don't worry ! Nobody will tell you not to touch the screen or whatsoever. This area here is totally kids friendly !

The brightly lited and colourful, interactive table, attracted my attention as soon as I stepped into the room.

Simply place your hands onto the Hide and Seek Table, create some giant bubbles and life up your hands. The little MOSHI!cots will appear and run all over while you attempt to catch them. Vera gave up playing as she was not tall enough to reach further in.

Xav was stuck here for the longest time ! Those hearty laughter I heard coming from him, told me that he enjoyed himself tremendously. He simply loved the multiple scanning of his doodles and "flood" the digital screen with his master pieces. By the way, who says you can only have marine creatures in the digital sea ? Be creative and draw anything that comes to your mind !

Xav had even made some new friends instantly on the spot and created their own card game with their doodle cards and flooded the screen with his drawings along with the other boys.

Spot Xav's big round "bun" lookalike MOSHI!cots floating in the digital sea. The whole cluster on the left were all his ! He created an army of them to "go after" the rest of the creatures which did not belong to him.

So much so, we were there for an hour plus and Xav was so reluctant to leave. I have to tell him that we will make our visit again on another day. If you have decided to make your visit, MOSHI! is located at:

31 Beach View #03-01,
Palawan Kidz City, Sentosa
Singapore 098008

Website: www.mosh.com.sg
Facebook: Mosh!

Admission Fee :
Child : $22  (FREE for children under age 3)
Adult : $28
*Family Bundle A at $48 includes entry for 1 Adult and 1 Child
*Family Bundle B at $96 includes entry for 2 Adults and 2 Child
(10% off Family Bundles for MasterCard Holders)

Something which I don't quite understand why the admission fee for adult is higher to that of the child. If it's accompanied parent, it will be more affordable for the adults to pay a nominal fee than paying a full price of $28. Seriously, am the type of mum who does not mind paying to allow my children to have fun but I will not pay this price for myself to go in, unless there is no accompany adults going in with them.

MOSHI! opening hours is from 10 a.m to 9 p.m daily
*Playtime of 2 hours will apply on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays & School Holidays
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