Friday, April 1, 2016

DIY BB8 Birthday Card

As Xav's 8th birthday was near, I thought that it would be nice to make him a BB8 Birthday card since he loves Starwars so much. I began to surf on Pinterest to get some references. So here it is, with some circles and stripes of rectangles to diy my own BB8 card.

Materials needed :
- Cardstocks (Orange, white and black) to be cut into the 6 circles. Note the difference in size. I do not have any exact measurement for it as it's all by visual estimation.
- Circle Punches
- Craft glue
- Sticklers (Glitter Glue)
- White Enamel
- 1" and 1/2" circle punchers
- stationery paper puncher
- some alpha buttons to make up the name or you can use foam letters.
Prepare the circles and strips.
Using the 1/2 " puncher, punch 4 times around the smallest white circle.
Done and stick this part on to the orange circle.

Using the biggest white circle for the body of BB8. Stick and glue down three orange strips as shown below. Next, stick the orange circle in the middle of the body. Use a black marker and draw around the punched circle until a certain thickness formed.

For BB8's head, I folded and cut off a little part of the circle, assemble the remaining orange stripes and used sticklers (gold) and "draw" along as shown below.

I ran out of silver washi tape, hence, I used a grey marker and coloured a grey stripe above the "eye" aka the sensor and added a white dot using the white enamel to the sensor.

The completed cards for the birthday buddies !

Thank you, Renee for dropping by for a fun dressing up moment with Xav! Blessed birthday to the boys who shared the same birthday and Starwars Craze! May the force be with the both of you always !

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Veritable Wrongful Death Law said...

Couldn't agree more! Hand-made cards have such a sweet and personal touch to them! :)

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