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[Review] Active Hive's Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow

What is your preference for pillows? There were a few which I have tried since childhood till 2 years ago :

- Cotton (Hypoallergenic and soft but I remember I could fill the lumps when I using it during my childhood days.) Cotton tends to clump over time and I remembered my mum bought a big pack of cotton stuffing to stuff up the droopy pillow.

- Down (soft and luxurious feel just like those pillows used in hotels) . Probably this was the biggest mistake I made back then. It's not ideal at all to provide with the support and height. The down feathers at times poked through the case too. Just note that if you are an allergy sufferer and intend to get down pillows. It's actually not ideal unless the down has been processed correctly.

- Memory Foam (more expensive as compared to down pillow) It is heavier than down and I was told that it would contour itself closely to the shape and size of our head. I preferred the firmness of it. This has worked quite well but it did not last long. All my pillows ended up as extras for Don.

All the three type did not solve my stiff neck from acting up time to time. Hence, I decided to go pillow-less. For the two years, I was so used to sleeping without a pillow as I felt that the alignment of my head, neck and shoulders were so much better. I would say it's once in a blue moon that aching neck and shoulders would hit me.

I hope Agnes is not laughing at me when she reads this post because I told her no pillows worked on me, can she be sure that Active Hive's Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow solve my problem? To be frank, I lost hope and was doubtful about how Makura can help. She was very confident and told me to give this latest wonder product by Active Hive a try as it helps to align the neck and spine in the optimum angle, providing quality and uninterrupted sleep, serving to enhance the body’s processes, and essentially prevent any serious health conditions that may occur in the long term.

This is my overall review:
The very first time when  I rested my head on Makura pillow, I felt and liked that it was firm yet not too hard to sleep on. It gave me an instant feel that the capsules moved along with my head. I felt that it seemed to be giving my head a "massage"

After using for the first night, I felt that I had a much better sleep than the usual pillow-less nights. I believed that it was my sleeping posture too. I knew that I didn't wake to find the right position nor to adjust my head. Because when I woke, only then I realised that Vera had "squirmed" to the end of the bed , with her legs dangled by the edge without my knowing (usually I will be woken up by her movement).  I woke up feeling fresher and more energetic because I had better quality sleep. I am sure moms who wean off comfort latch at night can relate to this kind of feeling just like when I decided to wean off Xav when he was 9 months old off comfort latching at night so that bot of us could get better quality sleep at night.

The second day, I was taking a nap with Makura Pillow. Seriously, I wished that I would not need to wake up ! It was really comfortable. I did not expect myself to look for a pillow before going to bed BUT after using all these while, I will make sure the Maruka Pillow is with me!

I bid goodbye to the pillow-less days and welcome more good night sleeps with Active Hive Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow!

Here are the Key Benefits of Active Hive’s Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow:

1. Better air circulation and heat dissipation
The unique capsules inside of the pillow provide better air circulation while you are asleep, thus providing more comfort and less heat retention, contributing to a better sleep experience.

2. Pillow retains its height and does not change shape
In order for optimum support, the pillow retains its height all throughout a good night’s sleep, and does not change, thus it is at the optimal shape throughout the whole night without compromising comfort.

3. Adjustment of pillow height can be done by adding / removing the capsules
Inside each pillow, there is a certain number of capsules provided. However, not everyone’s natural physique is the same, thus the amount of capsules inserted can be removed in order to suit your most comfortable neck and head position.  Don't be little these capsules ! You have to try the pillow to have the feel of it. I like the firmness it gave.

4. Uninterrupted, deep quality sleep as neck is aligned in its optimum angle
The pillow is shaped uniquely such that the neck and head are properly positioned. This leads to deep quality sleep providing proper rest that is uninterrupted.  In the case of uncomfortable pillows that do not provide proper posture, one may tend to have trouble finding the right sleeping position and have interrupted sleep, which leads to not feeling well-rested the following day.

I have to totally agree with point no. 4. The agony of having interrupted sleep even so when I am sleeping without pillows, I tend to "look" for a comfortable position a few times during my sleep.

5.  Hygienic and allergy-safe
The pillow is 100% allergy-safe without any harm or risks to those with sensitive skin or dust allergies as the capsules are machine-washable, thus ensuring safe use for all. (Place pillow in washing net and place in wash machine to wash and spin dry, leave it to air or sun dry.  DO NOT use a dryer.) 

Sounds perfect for my forever highly sensitive nose !

6. Relieves and gets rid of neck and shoulder pain
By adapting to the right sleeping position every night, the neck and shoulder aches caused by poor posture throughout the day becomes alleviated, and corrects posture problems.  Without aches and pains, those who have been suffering from poor posture are able to correct their posture even while awake, leading to more comfort in everyday activities.

7. Wake up more alert and well-rested
By having the right posture and achieving uninterrupted sleep, it directly benefits one’s energy levels and attention.  Over time, the energy that you gain from sleeping in an optimal position enables you to achieve more in daily life.

By adopting a healthier sleep posture which helps to alleviate pain, bodily processes are maximised and contributes to the body functioning at its optimum.  This contributes to not only overall health but also increases the body’s fat burning abilities while asleep, leading to better energy upon waking up in the morning.  When feeling less lethargic, one is less prone to relying on high sugar snacks for breakfast. For your information, when we sleep, our brains are detoxing as well. So imagine how poor quality sleep can affect us the next day !

The best part of it is, you can place the whole pillow into the washing machine and wash ! Just be sure to place it in a washing net.

I have to call it the "Magic Pillow"! It's my best companion for a good night sleep ! If you always have morning headaches, stiff necks or knots in the neck, get it fixed soon! Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow retails at $188. You can walk in to Active Hive or purchase it online at :

- Receive a 30% off for your purchase by entering "Serene30" upon checking out.(Promo code is valid till 30th June 2016)
- Receive a complimentary Minus Calories workout worth $103 with each purchase

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, no monetary compensation is involved. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa but all opinions are strictly of my own.

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Farber@NeckPillows said...

I have arthritis in my neck and find this to be the most comfortable pillow available. I've tried those special pillows with the ridge for neck support, the memory foam pillows and the pillow with the head indentation and none are as comfortable as this one.

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