Monday, July 5, 2010

Twoosy Doodlers ~ Lesson 4 & 5

Xav did "My first printing doodle" on Lesson 4.

He did pretty well during the gallery time that day.

He managed to answer what tools he used to print or rather stamp, when the teacher pointed to the various different prints.

And his Kung Fu stunt! I guess he learnt this from the Anlene commercial on tv. More to come when I update on Edna's birthday bash.

Lesson 5 was "Fishy Doodle". The kiddos did a mobile to bring home.

But today, they had a change of teacher to Teacher Wendy. Not sure if "gallery time" is a definate within the class curriculum, as on that particular lesson, there was no presentation done by the kids as compared to the norm.

During the norm, no matter how delayed the class is, the teachers made a point to allow the students to show case their project. But for lesson 5, on the dot 11am, the class ended without gallery time.

Here's Xav's fish with a flower shaped tail and a pair of diamond shaped fins !

Trying to show mummy his project is done !

Waiting to present his works but there isn't any presentation.

Decided to take off the lanyard and go home

Ciao !

Hope that he will enjoy the mobile at home !

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