Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cookies Doodle

Lesson 7 was "I love cookies doodle". Xav was supposed to form cookies but he insisted on creating a birthday cake !

He had requested me to make him a candle ! And there he went imagining to blow out the candle on his cookie cake !

Can't stop admiring ...

This was his work today !

After the class, brought him to Plaza Sing for lunch. And his creativity ran ! He took the empty saucer for the sauce and placed them over the bottle ! Guess what he told me ? " Bottle wearing hat " ! And he found it so funny that he couldn't stop his giggles !

And he was good today ! He played with Edna while waiting for Jo to come out from the fitting room.

And showered his love on Mickey !

How sweet !

And he was in his best of mood I guess recently. He has been giving free flow of hugs to the mummies and friends in Zoophonics as well as to Jo amd Edna. Of course nor forgetting his sweet kisses as well !

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