Monday, April 6, 2015

Steam chix with chicken essence

Just done with your confinement and had dozens of chicken essence sitting in your cupboard from the blessings of your family and friends ?

And being a new mum or a mum again without your confinement lady nor any form of family support, to cook for you or if you are a working full time and here you are fighting your fatigue. Try making this fuss free dish as part of your simple meal.

What you would need :
Brands' Chicken Essence (You can use other brands to try but I personally prefer Brands')
Chicken Drumsticks or chicken wings or you can also get half or a whole chicken.
Sesame oil *Optional)
Chinese Parsley for garnishing

Method :
1. Rinse the chicken.
2. Pour the chicken essence over.
3. Sprinkle some wolfberries.
4. Steam over high heat till cooked.
5. Add a dash of sesame oil and garnish to serve.

I have used Brands' to cook Black Chicken Soup too. But be warned wolfberries and sesame oil are heaty in nature. Do not consume if your body is showing sign of heatiness.

Some other quickfix for the busy mamas :
1. Sliced Fish Soup
2. Salt and Pepper Codfish Fillet
3. Otah Omelette
4. Wagyu Beef Steak
5. Yakiniku Don

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