Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day In A Life : My Typical Friday

One year ago, I shared my thoughts as a FTWM (Full Time Working Mum). Today, I share with you my typical kind of Friday for me as a SAHM (Stay at Home Mum).

Before Xav started official school, it makes no difference whether if it is a school day, a weekend or public holiday.  He is an early riser as trained by his daily routine since young. We have no chance to sleep in, he will wake up at 7am on the dot or earlier at times.

Now that term two of school had started, I have to confess that I am still struggling to get out of my bed. No, not at 7 am but at 5.30 am. He has requested for Bento boxes for his recess on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then again, at times if Vera or myself is unwell, I will skip this.

So this is my typical  Friday :

- 5.30 am to 6.45 am : Ready for school - From prepping his brekkie, bento boxes, a quick run through to make sure his school bag is properly packed and pencils sharpened and off to school he goes. If I am lucky and fast enough in my 200 metres dash to catch that bus, I would be back home by 7.15am.

- 7.30 am to 9 am : The never ending washing - While waiting for Missy Vera to wake (usually at 7.30 am), the washing begins. The laundry would be washed either in the morning or in the night, depending on the volume. Am seriously thankful to my mister who insisted in getting a dryer when I first objected to it. Yes it does makes me lazier because I don't need to hang the laundry piece by piece. I will just let the dryer do the job.

While the laundry are being washed, I will work on the load in the sink. (When comes to washing up, I secretly wished that I am still having a helper around but I chose not to cave in to get another one)

If I have done my marketing and have planned for my meals for the next, one day before, I will prep the ingredients for lunch. Usually, lunch are more simpler with a soup and a dish. I do have some quickfix recipes on hand to save me at times.

All the vacuuming and packing up of the living room or the study room which is in an UNDESIRABLE state yet again. I close both my eyes to the mess. Thankful for friends who came by for visits or sharing for their kind understanding that it's inevitable for the mess, especially with young kids around.

7.30 am to 10.30 am : Playtime - At times, I will let her catch some bubbles to train her eye-hand coordination,

or we can at times get down to impromptu learning session in the kitchen.

If we have time to spare, I will let her dabble with the paints.

10.30 am : Nap time ZZZ - Little missy will be put to bed for her morning nap. Somehow she needs  her nap even if she wakes at 8am.

10.30 am to 12 pm : My oily business - Apart from dealing with the kids' business, I do run my own oily business. Not only I am actively enrolling new members but I provide them with product knowledge and usage support as well. I would say it is a really mobile business as I can do it within my free time, earn my keeps and be financially independent.  At the same time be with the kids.
During this one hour, I will also cook Vera's lunch and take my shower before she wakes.

12 pm to 1pm : Lunch Feeding . I will serve and feed Vera lunch before leaving house to pick up Xav.

1.30 pm to 2 pm Dismissal : I will normally leave home at 1 pm to pick Xav from school. 

2 pm - 3 pm Lunch with Xav : I have self declared off on Fridays due to the enrichment class in the evening.  Lunch will usually be done at Seletar Mall.
3 pm - 5 pm Revision Time - It's a role changing period. I wish I can split myself into two. If am fast enough, I will be putting Vera to nap while Xav is on his own here. Then, my role changes from a cook, a mum and then to a teacher. While he does his school homework or the assignments given by me, I would quickly cook Vera's dinner and mark his work and do a little revision with him if I can. I would say I can't do much but a little is better than none !

5 pm : Enrichment evening - We will usually make our way to Mindchamps at One KM shopping mall for his creative writing class. If the daddy is around, I will return home with Vera while he will hang around the mall and wait for Xav's dismissal.

6 pm to 7pm : Dinner - Both Vera and I will have our dinner taken before we send Xav up to his class. Xav will then have his "dinner" after his class ended because it does not make any sense to force him to eat with us given that his lunch ended at 3pm.

9 pm : Lights Out - This is where we split our tasks. Dear will wait for Xav while I will cab back and wash Vera up to prepare for her bed. Sleep time for Vera is usually between 9 pm to 9.30 pm. While she is busy sucking her time to sleep and at the same time needed my presence to be there. I will be on my mobile again to catch up with chats and Q&A if there is any.

10 pm onwards : ME TIME  - Usually my ME time starts at 10 pm on a daily basis. Completing the remaining household chores, blogging, chatting on watsapp, crafting, surfing the internet for ideas, placing online orders for my team from Young Living US site, my own "admin work" to sort out the sums from the sprees, anything ! As if these two hours can do wonders heh !

Nowadays unlike the past, it is so impossible to complete one layout. Even for a simple project life (PL) layout, it took me months. Anyway, this is the first and only PL I have completed after 4 months.   If I can ever do one page in a day given the current , it would be so un-un-un-un-unbelievable  !

My lights out time for myself ? No later than 12.30 am or if my brain decides to shut off earlier.

Here's my typical Fridays. It can be more tiring if I am solo parenting when the mister is on duty.

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The Kam family said...

You are so discipline! You can done so much done in a day, thumbs up!

xavvy said...

Tzer Jing, thanks for leaving comment. Trying my very best, but not so when it comes to cooking everyday.

Loads to learn from you and other really capable mums !!

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