Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday = Funday, let's make jelly balls !

Sunday, Funday ! No more pretend play but Vera got her chance to try real cooking as she lent me a hand in preparing some desserts. Make a guess, what are we going to make? Some of you probably have seen my Instagram feed. =)

I instructed and reminded her not to touch the saucepan as it would be hot and she will burn her hand if she touches it.

Always remember for safety purposes:
- the handle of the pot / saucepan must always be faced inwards or sideways.
- 100% focus on the child and never, ever leave them alone at the stove or with something hot.

She got the chance to scoop up the powder, poured and stirred them in the saucepan and at the same time, she got to associate these three new words with action. No flashcards for Vera, I knew that this is not her preferred way of learning. She likes to hands on, so here it is.

I bought a pack of Konnyaku Jelly Powder from NTUC and a round ice mold from Daiso (Waterway point). Before handling the konnyaku jelly powder, I had the dragon fruit and strawberries cut up into mini bits.

Then, dissolve the powder into boiling water and turn off the fire.

I left the mixture to cool down slightly (still watery and not harden) before I allow Vera to scoop into the ice mold. Filled up the semi circle with mixture and I got Vera to drop one piece of the fruit bits into one hole. She tried but on several attempts, she would usually have one full spoonful of the fruit bits in it.

After the mixture harden a little, I poured more mixture to cover the tray, almost to the brim and placed the other cover over it and pressed with a little pressure.

It's perfectly fine with the overflowing mixture through the tiny holes.

I left it to harden in the room temperature before placing them into the fridge to chill. Before consuming, I used a knife and gently go around the edge of each holes so as to remove the glass balls with ease.

I used my #hellokitty silicon mold too.

Used the remaining in the #WinnieThe Pooh bear silicon mold.

Since this was done with Vera's help, these were hers. I topped some of the jelly balls with the alphabet picks, forming her name.

All the marbles /crystal balls look-alike fruity jellies were gone in less than 2 mins.

In summary, these are what you need :
- round ice mold (Daiso)
- your desired fruits
- one pack of konnyaku jelly powder
- water

Have fun and I think this is great for parties ! Place the jelly balls into cups and perhaps tie a ribbon around the cup to dress it up.

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