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[Review] D'Elegance Shapewear

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Shapewear" ? Before D'Elegance came to me, the only thought that came to my mind was something that may help women to hide their tummies and of course for women with big boobs, it definitely helps to enhance their assets. So who should be going for shapewear ? All of us have different body shapes and I am surprised that it helps for people like me with a skinny frame. Age definitely plays a part whether if they are can still be shaped, . Your body fat is still firm and in good condition as long as you are below 60 years of age. You can still make a difference to those sagging fats.

That afternoon's personal consultation with the founder, Ms Elida, I went home with more understanding on how shapewear helps women to achieve their ideal body shapes. It works more than just being able to conceal the fats.

So how can it help for women who have SKINNY frame like me ? Please don't expect to see any pictures of me with a voluptuous figure because I am one of the rare ones out there whose boobs size went downsize after having two breastfed kids and I did took pills to put a complete stop to the production of breastmilk when I was trying to conceive Vera. But no regrets, I have provided them with the best !

My greatest asset which I feel most proud of after becoming a mum is my pair of legs, with thanks to being a long distance runner during school days and not forgetting in the early years of my career, I need to constantly maintain my physical state for the yearly IPPT, I ran pretty often and now I go for weekly cycling with the family, that's how I work on my legs and the only part of me which I feel is of the ideal size (But can be improved to look better).  Read the Before & After measurement, the shapewear instantly reduce the measurement on my area of concerns and improved on places that needed much boost.

Let's start with the design. I think it pretty much goes with my age, not sure if it's the same for you. I was never a fan of embroidery or lacy details before I became a mum. But now I accept their elegance. The design inspired a newfound confidence and sensuality in me when I wore them.

Details on the long girdle

Ms Elida was inspired to create the shapewear of her own to help Asian women look better and empower their lives. She took into consideration of Asian's climate as well as Asian women's silhouette. Comfort level is at its best because of the good quality, stretchable and airy material. 

The Japan Wincool fabric (Nude colour range) lowers the skin temperature up to 2 degree cel. and it's fast drying as well in our humid climate.

What have been selected for me :
Brassiere with hook - With three-dimensional three-piece cutting and double-layered extended width design, to create a firm and voluptuous bust line. Perhaps it is a blessing to be underweight? My back does not have any excess fats that bulge over the panel, you would most likely not get a chance to see this layer on my back. The extended panel is catered to sculpt the excess body fats, holding them in support to the correct places. Bid goodbye to unsightly bulges !

Extended panel

Additional hook in front to provide with better support for shaping.

Long Girdle - Spot the difference in the photo below. Instantly, the long girdle helps to sculpt my bulging tummy with the high waistline and yet at the same time, if you see that it sculpted my bulging, upper fat thighs to appear slimmer as well ! I was telling Ms Elida, how I wish these fats on the thighs can go to my boobs instead and probably I may just achieve that ideal body shape !

See how the long girdle magically slim down my thighs ?

What made me prefer the long girdle over any others ? It was designed such that the high waist girdle helps to prevent rolling unlike some other brands in the market. I do not need to keep adjusting the girdle to be in place. Super love the instant results ! The long girdle is a must to own for flatter tummy, slimmer and firmer thighs ! It's like finally I do not need to walk with my tummy tucked in !!

Vest - If you did not know that shapewear can help to improve posture, this is the one ! I tend to hunch unknowingly. After putting on, instantly it kept my posture upright and the support did deter me from going back to the bad posture. If I hunched, I felt the discomfort and I will have to stand upright to feel better. Simply amazing and of course I find myself to be constantly standing upright more often and the feeling of confidence when I stand upright, I feel heightened and great !

To a better posture !

You can choose which column to hook on. In a way, it is expandable, to loosen it or tightened when you need to.

Body Suit - can be used for both day and night use. There are different school of thoughts. Some said that if you wear a bra to bed, it helps to improve the shape of your breast and prevent sagging. My opinion on this is yes, it might apply to women with larger breasts probably for those with sizes larger than the average B or  C Cup.

However, for me, I would prefer to go to bed  bra-less. Firstly, it due to comfort. I feel the need to feel light after a day and not being strap onto the wired bras. Adding on from the knowledge which I learnt from one of the aromatherapy trainings, on caring for our BREAST HEALTH. You might want to take note :
- If you find marks on your body from your bra strap or the side panel, the fitting of the bra could be too tight for you. It can impaired the lymphatic drainage and blood flow. In the long run, it may cause discomfort or even result in chronic inflammation.

The part which I was holding is good enough to shift and block the fats below the armpit area and "push" them to the front. I became more aware of this "Four boobs" after the consultation. The "additional boobs" come from the fats spilling over both sides of the panels near to the armpit if you did not wear the bra properly or if the coverage of the width is not wide enough.

Body Suit

Simply just unbutton when there is a need to answer the call of nature.

Body Suit

Both Body Suit and the short girdle are good to put on if you love to flaunt your legs just like me. Both can help to perk up the bottoms and hide the bulging tummy when  you are wearing shorts. But I decided to go for the bodysuit since it can fit into my lifestyle with the above function plus it helps with tucking away the excess fats at the upper torso if used together with the brassiere. Go for the Long Girdle if you would love to have the best of both worlds of having slimmer, firmer thighs and flattened tummy.

French Lace Panty - Comparing to the lacy ones I owned, D'Elegance panty is  designed with ample coverage over the hip and tummy. Nope, it does not look like those typical grandmother undies nor it felt "heavy" with having more cloth and lace for coverage. It felt light and the feeling of elegance when worn. I would not mind even if the lace have to show when I bend over, it's just simply beautiful. I chose nude to go for my light bottoms and dresses and a classic black for dark coloured attire.

So why go for D'Elegance when there are much cheaper shapewear out in the market ? Based on my own discussion with friends on the topic of shapewear, I concluded:

- Comfort is always the main priority. We all have tried other brands off shapewear in the market and told each other about the discomfort we faced. Having to try on the shapewear from D'Elegance, I have to just tell you to go ahead and make an appointment with D'Elegance ! Yes, it's a COMPLIMENTARY personal consultation ($100 waived) for all my readers ! You have to personally try it out yourself, just quote "Xavvylicious" when you call up for an appointment.

- Discipline is always an issue especially when it comes to shapewear which costs lesser. When it does not show effectiveness due to the cut or quality of the fabric and most of the girdles in the market do not have high waist coverage, starts to roll downwards after hours. One will definitely give up and stops wearing with likelihood that the shapewear will go to the rubbish bin . To me, self discipline as well as consistency in wearing the shapewear, is important in order to achieve the ideal body shape you wanted. Of course not top of this, balance up with equal amount of exercise and healthy diet.

What I started off wearing initially :
Vest + Long Girdle + French Lace Panty (Day time)
Body suit (night time)

After I got used to it :
Brassiere + Vest / Body Suit (if am in shorts)+ French Lace Panty OR
Brassiere + Vest + Long Girdle (if am in jeans) + French Lace Panty

I can play around according to my outfit for that day.

- Quality is never compromise with D'Elegance with it's quality shapewear made from 420 denier fabric which is designed to hold and firm up the body when worn over.

And many would ask, how much are the products. You can purchase them in an ala carte menu or get their packages as shown below to get a better value out of it PLUS a free French Lace Panty worth $58 ! 

On top of the COMPLIMENTARY personal consultation, if you are going to purchase any of the products, you can get 5% off your purchase !

Click on the pictures below to enlarge if you would love to read on what are the benefits of being  D'Elegance VIP Member.

I do not have any resolution for 2016 but I would love to motivate myself and be more self discipline to work towards a better body shape. With the consistent wearing of shapewear and a balanced lifestyle, I am on my way to look better and feel better !

This part is for the men (if there are any male readers), if you have always wanted your other half to look better or if your other half have been ranting to you about how bad their body shapes are after childbirth, pamper them with a set for this coming Valentine's Day or your anniversary!

Who says you need to lose weight to look good ? No more pills, no more strenuous exercise, no more tucking in of tummy. Make an appointment with D’Elegance and see how they can help ! And did I tell you I have friends who got a preview of my before and after pictures got so excited that they called up for an appointment even  before this post was even ready! I thank D’Elegance again for making a vast improvement especially in my posture correction!

International Plaza
10 Anson Road #03-15/16
Singapore 079903
Tel: 6226 3013

Facebook : D'Elegance

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !

Disclaimer : This is part of the sponsored review with D'Elegance. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.


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