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D'Elegance - Personal Consultation

I have never thought of getting a shapewear until after I gave birth to Xav. Lesser exercises = bigger tummy with fats accumulated at the wrong area. Not to mention after going through a second pregnancy and gave birth to Vera. Now, she comes to me when am seated down and she starts her rap "squeeze, squeeze, squeeze" and help herself in squeezing my bulging tummy!

My very own preference when comes to shopping for inner wear, I like to shop in an environment where I feel comfortable in and not having the presence of the really loving husbands or boyfriends, who are waiting around the area. No, am not saying that it's wrong to be sweet to wait for their other half there but it's just me, I am more shy in this aspect.

Even so for my other half,  I will send him off to other section while I do my own shopping. Just imagine that your measurements are being "made known" to everyone who are standing around the area, when the staff is advising what size to go for. This was exactly what I experienced about four years ago, I made my way into the lingerie section within a departmental store, with the intent of buying a waist corset. She seemed to be such an expert that by just looking at me and roughly taking the measurement on my hips, she could determined a size for me to try.

The challenging part was, the staff was serving not just myself but she had to answer to enquiries from the other customers. I did faced a challenged when I was trying to get her to advise if am wearing it right or if it's even a right fit. Anyway, tried but left empty handed because I felt very uncomfortable after wearing it. It felt so tight and  uncomfortable and the staff seemed to be not able to do anything nor explain any further. Hence, I decided to just give it a miss. My question to self  was why should I spend on something which I do not feel comfortable wearing ?

These years, I am still walking around with my tummy sucked and tucked in until our home-grown luxury shapewear brand, D'Elegance,  sent me some hope in looking for my perfect fit. D'Elegance specializes in a range of bras, bodysuits and girdles, specially designed for Asian women and of course our climate as well. This established  branding has been featured in numerous fashion and women's magazines and was also aired on Channel U.

My experience with D'Elegance was totally PRIVATE (1 to 1 consultation) and PERSONAL, my conversion with my consultant, Ms Elida (Founder of D'Elegance) was kept behind closed door.

On the right , Ms Elida (Founder of D'Elegance)

I was totally at ease and not shy about telling her my areas of concern and the best of all was, I had her undivided attention! Who wouldn't love that ? It definitely beats having to stick my head out of the fitting room, trying to get the attention of the sales assistance in the departmental stores.

Photo Credit : D'Elegance

The consultation was an enriching one for that session, from sharing with me on :
- how should one choose the correct lingerie and wear them correctly.
- how shapewear can benefit and help us to sculpt our body shape and work towards attaining our ideal figure.
- how shapewear can help with correcting posture. I did not know and no one ever told me about it because I have a tendency to hunch no matter how hard I reminded myself that I need to keep my posture upright.

Measurement was taken for me not only at the waist line. Other measurements were included of my height, weight, upper breast line as well as my thigh line, written and plotted down on the chart so as to allow me to see which are the areas that I need to work on to discover my ideal body shape.
- After taking the measurement, I left to it to the expertise of Ms Elida to choose what was most suitable for my body shape. I tried on the selected pieces and thereafter, a second reading was taken to show the effect of wearing shapewear and how it can improve on my areas of concern.

Let me just show you one of the photos on how shapewear has managed to address one of my major concern -tummy fats that caused the increase in my waist line. This is the AFTER photo when I put on the long girdle !! No more spillage of tummy fats !! This is what I call MAGIC !! It's that simple, no pills, no sweat, just the long girdle !

No more "spillage" of fats !!!

I will share more in the next post if you are wondering apart from the tummy, how would shapewear help for the underweight me and if my tummy fats were not as bad as you think. I shall show you how the shapewear has helped to sculpt the fats to the correct area.

Stay tuned for the next post on what Ms Elida has chosen for my body needs. Meanwhile, just for fun for those of you who have known me personally. Make a guess on which part of my body do you think I am most proud of (definitely not the boobs).

Back to D'Elegance, the shop is conveniently located just a stone throw away from Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station, it's strictly by appointment only, so do call for an appointment.

International Plaza
10 Anson Road #03-15/16
Singapore 079903
Tel: 6226 3013

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Disclaimer : This is part of the sponsored review with D'Elegance. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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