Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello Taiwan 2014 ! Day 3 Cingjing 清境 >>> Taichung 台中

Dawn broke early and you could hear the chirping of the birds. I couldn't resist, tiptoed across the room and went out to the balcony to take a have a good view of the lofty mountains right in front of me.

The early birds went out for a walk around the vicinity whilst waiting for the café to be open for breakfast. (Xav and me) took turns to capture some random pictures.

The air was totally cool and fresh !

awwww... caught her in the act ! How sweet !
In a duper carefree mood !
The café

Simple yet tasty with free flow of milk tea to go along =)


Our plan for Day 3 was to proceed to Taichung (western part of Taiwan) where Fengjia Night Market  <<逢甲夜市>>  is located, scout around for some food and shopping, then proceed back to Inhouse Hotel where we stayed on Day 1.

As we went along after checking out, we visited Carton King Creativity Park then Little Swiss Garden . They are just located side by side, hence you can decide which one to go first.

Everything is made of carton ! Even for the musical boxes ! A pretty small segment which can be covered in less than 15 - 30 mins.

Entering into the world of carton

Now you know why did I mentioned in my earlier post that notebook is a must bring ? He was  happily stamping away with the stamps provided.

His growing collection !

As for Little Swiss Cottage, a few areas were under maintenance. Hence, we got our tickets at a discounted price due to this. Personally, I find it nothing much to do here apart from just taking pictures.


Do take a walk deeper in, this forested area was like as if it's air conditioned, a totally cooling feel as compared to the rest of the park.


Lunch was at Ah Man Yi after we went downhill. It's like a typical Tzhi Char Restaurant.


Just next to it was a Tea mansion.

We did some tea leaves shopping here before proceeding on to Sun Moon Lake << 日月潭 >>

It's a national scenic area located at Nantou County of Taiwan & the largest lake in Taiwan. It was pretty flooded with tourists just to take pictures with this stone.

The sky did not look too promising, we quickly take a few shots and hurried back to the vehicle.


A better view from facing the entrance of Wenwu Temple << 文武廟 >> , which is located on the north of Sun Moon Lake.

Onward next, we went to Xitou Monster Village << 溪头妖怪村 >> This place sells really weird size, interesting souvenirs and food ! I came across a blog post on this attraction. I did not take much pictures here as I was kind of feeling tired and factoring in that crowd was everywhere.


Closed for maintenance =(

We ended the day with our last stop at Taichung, Fengjia Night Market << 逢甲夜市 >>. I love this concept whereby you can rent these bicycles to ride around.


Trying his luck to catch Xav's favourite


Stuffed chicken wings

The chicken roll yumms too ! But sorry no pictures as we packed all the food back to Inhouse Hotel. We were checking in to the same hotel again =)

That's about it for Day 3 ! Day 4, we were on our own. Guess where will we be going ?

This is our 8D7N Hello, Taiwan 2014 itinerary :
Day 1 - Inhouse Hotel  薆悅酒店 & Shilin Night Market  士林夜市
Day 2 [Part 1] -  Cingjing, Lu Ma Ma 清境  魯媽媽 
Day 2 [Part 2] -  Cingjing , The Evergreen Grassland 清境 清境农场 & Starry House 觀星園景觀山莊
Day 3 - Day 3 Cingjing 清境  >>  Taichung 台中
Day 4 - Hot Spring Thermal Valley 地熱谷 >>  Dan Shui 淡水老街 >> Mengjia Night Market 艋舺夜市
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