Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello Taiwan 2014 ! Day 2 [Part 1] - Cingjing, Lu Ma Ma 清境 << 魯媽媽 >>

Day 2 - The jounrney to Cingjing << 清境>> takes about 4 hours from Taipei City. We did stop by for a toilet break before continuing to have our lunch at Lu Ma Ma << 魯媽媽 >>. Along the way, we could see massive amount of Betalnut (Taiwan's second largest agricultural crop)  plantations, the trees looks almost similar to coconut trees as we drove past, standing up high  !

Four hours of journey is neither too challenging nor easy. Snack , eat , sleep is what Vera did.

Loving her eyelashes !

We arrived at Cingjing, Lu Ma Ma << 魯媽媽 >> for lunch. The surrounding was awesome,with a view from where we were seated, serene and cool ! Totally, no noise pollution unlike the bustling city, unlimited supply of clean and cool air !

Ground floor of the restaurant
2nd floor
Hello, is my food here yet ?

The dishes were simple yet tasty and not too greasy.

I'm not a fan of cabbage but their cabbage tasted really sweet and crunchy !

The soup was great to drink it piping hot especially when you are feeling cold, up high in the mountains.

This is something like preserved meat and sausages? It tasted saltish and tasty if you go with the sauce that comes with it.

View from our table

The price of the meal was pretty reasonable as per my boss, I did not really went to check out the bill. But how much can it cost for two adults, one child and one baby who occasionally asked for some plain white rice to eat ? It's like Tze Char price =)

We took a few shots after eating before we proceed on to check in at one of the Minsu; Starry House 清境 – 觀星園景觀山莊,  which was located further high up in the mountains.

Below is our itinerary for Hello, Taiwan 2014 ! 8D7N :
Day 1 - Inhouse Hotel  薆悅酒店 & Shilin Night Market  士林夜市
Day 2 [Part 1] -  Cingjing, Lu Ma Ma 清境  魯媽媽 
Day 2 [Part 2] -  Cingjing , The Evergreen Grassland 清境 清境农场 & Starry House 觀星園景觀山莊
Day 3 - Day 3 Cingjing 清境  >>  Taichung 台中
Day 4 - Hot Spring Thermal Valley 地熱谷 >>  Dan Shui 淡水老街 >> Mengjia Night Market 艋舺夜市

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vandy said...


Chance upon your blog, I will like to ask if you hire the driver from Taipei to bring you all to Cingjing directly? Do you still remember the price you pay for?

Thank you.

xavvy said...

@ V lim , sorry for the late reply. Didn't realised you commented till now. Yes , we engaged Tour Taiwan to drive us there. Forgot the price though, you may want to go to Facebook Page and search for Taiwan Hong Lee to ask him for the rate. =)

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