Friday, April 25, 2014

10 mins Quick-fix - Otah Omelette

How about another no brainer yet yummy dish - Otah Omelette.  You've got to try this quick-fix. I went to the Baby Fair at Expo last weekend and conveniently popped by the Food Fair to see what's nice to eat.
As per dear's request, he wanted Otah as usual. Saw this brand after spotting a few other brands and decided to get this. Love that big chunk of fish meat in the paste.

Simply beat four or five eggs, no seasoning required. Just pour 3/4 portion of the egg into the heated sauce pan. While it's half cooked, spread the paste on the egg, pour the remaining egg over and let it cook. When it's about done, just fold the omelette into half. Cook for another 1 min and serve.

Can't finish ? Go kiap (sandwich) it with roti. =) I am going to try the steam version next !

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Mrs Mishra said...

cappuccino for my 1.5yo bub, he will be goinh to Europe with us soon, hopefully i dont have to wipe and sanitise high chairs anymore!

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