Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quick Fix - Sliced Fish Soup

With a new baby to look after on top of the five year old. I seriously need to come up with quick fix for a one dish meal. Hence, decided to make my first attempt on cooking Sliced fish soup.

I have frozen some stock which my confinement lady helped me to prepare. I de-froze it the night before and added some  water as the soup base and bring to boil with a few pieces of ginger slice.

Ingredients :
-slices threadfin (marinated with a dash of pepper)
- few slices of ginger
- 2 tomatoes
- lettuce (wash and rinse)

You can add other ingredients like tofu or prawns if you want.

It does not take up much time to cook this, probably a 5-10 mins. I added in the tomatoes, as well as the lettuce. Threadfin slices were added in last, bring to boil and there you are ready to serve.

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