Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Xav @ 38 months

My lil' preschooler is growing up fast and gaining more knowledge from his school and enrichment classes.

He amazes me with his really superb memory ! He self learnt on spelling the tens; 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 ... 90 ! He is still learning 100 though.

He interlinked twenty and one and spelt twenty-one ... twenty-nine and did it for other tens.

He had also self learnt his times tables from Tables 2 to Tables 12 through the catchy songs. Please don't say that I am stressing him because I have never made him sit down and listen to the songs or read the tables. He played the disc himself daily and sings to the catchy songs happily!

So right now, am making more kits to reinforce on his learning. Aren't they cute ?? We love them !

Btw, this kits are open for orders should you be interested =) I have a few orders on hold so please be patient and bear with me.

He can't understand the concepts for sure at his age. But I would feel that it's a good memory training for him.

After he attended school, he is able to converse much better than before ! More expressive and is able to comprehend simple questions that we have for him.

As his school is much pretty focusing on Mandarin, I think I wouldn't have any worries on his mandarin. He is able to converse in simple mandarin and he is at the same time learning "San Zi Jing", "Di Zi Gui" as well as "Qian Zi Wen" as per his request. He is totally in love with these and has been reciting them to me whenever he can and wherever he goes !

To balance up, I signed him up for MindChamps - Joey Reading Programme.

Not that he can't read, inface I brought him for the reading assessment and the result was he was tested and could read up to level 12 of the graded books used by Mindchamps, which at this instance, kids of age 3 normally can only read up to level 4.

However, he was pretty bad in the listening and comprehension part. He couldn't really understand the questions posed to him. In terms of writing, he couldn't write too.

At this stage, he only knew how to write "A, H, L, I, T, O and X" and number 1, 4, 7 and 10. But he actually attempted to write his name during the assessment as he knows how to spell his name !

Hopefully, through this programme, it can help to improve on his listening and comprehension skills, as they use stories and related activities to relate to the kids. It's a 2 hour drop off and hereby, I got my precious 2 hours of "ME" time !

Out of academic, we signed him up at Seimpi School of Music - MIM IN ME Programme. Curriculum is planned to enhance whole brain training, encouraging early note reading, rhythmic training, aural training, concentration training as well as memory training - photographic and audio, recognition of keys and perfect/ relative pitch training. They also learn to play the kepboard !

After a month, he knows the four note values and is able to read some notes. He could play using C, D, E notes too on the keyboard at the same time singing along.

and here I am with my own flashcards for music ! And I am loving it as I learn together with him right from scratch !

Thank you, my son for giving me a chance to learn something which I yearned to learn since young. =) Isn't it a blessing ?

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Unknown said...

What songs did you use to teach him multiplication?

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