Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Homebaked Teba Shio [手羽塩] - Salted Chicken Wing

I am a wing lover especially mid-joints. So happened that I saw Janice's post on Teba Shio, the craving came. No matter how engaged or dreadful I felt about having to wash up after cooking, did not deter me from trying out this dish. No, not for dinner. We polished them off as our tea-break. Many of my friends were asking for the recipe. So here it is. I tweeked the recipe and this is my combination. I bought the steak and BBQ for meat marination and decided to buy the sea salt and black pepper to try as well.

- Lemon slices (Optional)
- Mid joints
- Sea Salt
- Black Pepper Corns
- Herbs for bbq
- Shichimi Togarashi (Optional but it really tasted better with a tinge of spiciness. You can omit if you are cooking for the kids.)
- Sake (I replaced with Chinese cooking oil.)
- Small amount of oil for brushing

It's all by estimation. I marinated the wings with some Chinese cooking wine, grinded a generous amount of sea salt and black pepper. I mixed all together and left it aside for at least 15 mins. But I left them aside for about an hour.

I baked them at 180 Degree Celsius. I did not note the time but I baked them till they turned golden brown. In between, I did brushed on some oil. Before serving, I grounded another round of the condiments shown above.

Verdict: Skin of the wings was crispy and tasty, the meat was tender from within. Going for a picnic this evening to celebrate the Nation's 51st birthday and to catch some fireworks? Try baking this and bring along.

Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore !

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Janice said...

hahaha nice right? Aiyo i hungry again!! i wanna make it soon!

xavvy said...

@ Janice hahah ! Yes ! simple to make too! Gonna make another batch soon!

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