Monday, April 18, 2016

Captain K - Seafood in Tiers

If you are a seafood lover, you might want to check out Captain K. Located opposite SOTA, along Prinsep Street.  You can find Captain K right beside Cheers.

Price list for the different tiers

On the wall, you will see some doodling on which sauce to go with for the different type of seafood. 

Don got me the Tangy Yuzu Doenjang Dip. But to experience and taste the freshness of the seafood, it is the best to eat it on it's own without any sauce.

 Kimchi as appetizer before food was served.

Our lunch was served in tiers !

The prawns were succulent, fresh and sweet ! I tried both with and without sauce. I prefer to eat it on it's own.

1st tier
2nd tier

Tanghoon and scallop on a shell. A pretty good idea to serve when our friends come over for a meal.

Another type of shrimp ? It's shell is similar to that of crayfish.

3rd tier

Xav whacked this tray of clams and mussels ! Usually, I don't take mussels but this does not have any stale smell and tasted fresh and sweet. I had a few helpings.

4th tier

We were told it was Sri Lanka crabs hence, we ordered 600g to add on but the size of it was disappointing. But the meat was firm and sweet !

5th tier

One of the popular add-ons to order, stuffed squid. I am still afraid of those tentacles and really dislike the chewy texture of the squid. The rice was pretty nice but a little spicy though.

We ordered Ginseng Chicken soup base but feel free to ask for refill. It was rich in flavour and the shiokness when we drank it piping hot ! Kimchi soup base was another popular choice. You can also order those colour plates available in the fridge to add on and eat it like steamboat style.

Soup base add-on

Our damage for the whole lunch was around $250 inclusive of gst and service charge. If you ask me, I felt that it's good if you can come and experience once. Overall, food was nice and fresh, service of the staff was great too but it's pretty damaging on the pocket if you intend to eat this often. It's not really wallet friendly.

Should you decide to make your way down, do give them a call to make a reservation before hand :

Website :
Facebook :

Operating hours from Monday to Sunday:
11am- 3pm , 5.30pm to 10pm

Captain K is located at:
30 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188647
(Beside Rendezvous Hotel)

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