Sunday, January 11, 2015

Time Saving Tool - Ikea Garlic Press

Ever since after I starting cooking 6 years back, Ikea's garlic press is one of my best tool to help save time in the kitchen. Before that, I was busy chopping away with the chopper just to mince those garlic until my sis introduced me this. It surely, has helped shorten the preparation time in the kitchen.

Garlic Press from Ikea, $8.90

Do share with me what's your favourite tool in the kitchen !

Not only that I have to save time prepping, I am trying to save time on cooking too. Need some ideas for some quickfix ? These area some quick and easy recipes I have shared:

Seafood :
Lobster Lettuce Wrap
Salt and Pepper Cod Fish Fillet
Sliced Fish Soup

Meat :
Mini Pork Chops
Pan fried Pork Ribs with black bean soy sauce paste
Yakiniku Don
Wagyu Beef Steaks

Vegetables :
Easy Broccoli Dishes
French Beans with Olive Vegetables
Kailan with mushrooms

Otah omelette
Should you have any quickfix recipes to share, drop them in my comment box. =)

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