Friday, January 9, 2015

Curry Pork Ribs

In 2015, you will likely see more foodie posts as am warming up my stove as well as my "engine" again to start cooking more for the family, especially when Xav has embarked on a new journey on his official schooling. Long story short for this post, it is another mouth watering yet simple to cook dish. I was inspired by my friend,  Pearl when we had a potluck party at her place. This was one of the many dishes she cooked for that day - Curry Pork Ribs.

No turning back, I kept thinking of this dish after that day and was really dying to try cooking it myself ! How creative she was, instead of using chicken, she used pork ribs for the curry instead.

So the secret behind her mouth watering curry pork ribs is , you just had to get the correct ribs from the butcher. I requested for the more meaty prime ribs.

A1 Instant Chicken Curry Sauce and Kara UHT natural coconut cream. Perhaps for a healthier version, I would try using evaporated milk the next round.

Pan fried the ribs with A1 Instant Chicken Curry Sauce, add potatoes, water (as per indication behind the pack, 600ml), bring to boil and add in Kara coconut cream at the last and simmer. I did not simmer as I was using a pressure cooker to speed things up.

Do note on the amount of potatoes used. I used only 2 pieces as we were not a fan of it but the gravy was a little watery. Add more potatoes may help "thicken" the gravy. Do enlightened me if you know.

Overall, it's another noob cook recipe and can be easily cooked should you need to host a gathering at home. Here, I present my very own Curry Pork Ribs.

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