Friday, October 31, 2014

Homemade Lavender & Orange infused Hong Kong Egglets aka Gei Dan Zai (雞蛋仔 )

For all who are using Young Living Essential Oils like myself, here's something which you can try out.

Xav loves the egglets when we visited Hong Kong. Everyday without fail, he will request to eat them as snacks while we were on a vacation there. To an extent, I bought the egglets pan back and has been preparing for him occasionally. Refer to recipe HERE.

Feeling more adventurous, occasionally, I will "play" with the  essential oils in the kitchen. This time, I improvised the recipe by adding in cocoa powder and the essential oils and made two new flavours; lavender flavoured and choco-orange flavoured egglets.

This is one of the easiest recipe which I don't mind preparing with Xav with minimal washing, now that we no longer have a helper.

After the batter was done, I divided into two portions. In one bowl, I dripped a drop of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil into the batter while in the other bowl, I mixed in cocoa powder and  a drop of YL Orange Essential Oil.

Pour the batter over the heated, greased pan and cook over the stove as per normal.

The lavender infused ones were on the brighter ones, and cocoa orange for the darker ones.

Nope, they don't taste bitter at all. Infact, the egglets were infused with nice aroma from the eos used. Needless to say, Xav gave himself a huge serving and keep coming back for more.

Have fun experimenting with other essential oils and drop me a comment if you have cook any dishes using these 100% pure essentials.

I have cooked the following with Young Living Essential Oils :
Salt & Pepper cod fish fillet or if you want to go simple, just do a simple pan seared codfish fillet.

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Do note that I only trust and use only Young Living Essential Oils in my cooking but not other brands.

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