Sunday, April 13, 2014

Take 2 Cafe

Previously, if you asked me about Mee Hoon Kway, I will tell you I will go for "Chiew Lian" Mee Hoon Kway. But after my sis recommended me to try the hand made Mee Hoon Kway from Take 2 Cafe,


I will say that you should try it if you have yet to try !

Right at the other end of the café, it's a hair saloon, separated by glass partition.

A cosy corner right at the end of the cafe

Dry Mee Hoon Kway ( Handmade Noodle) / Nasi Lemak / Yam Cake are their signatures. I have yet to try but my preference is still a bowl of piping hot Bee Hoon Kway. The texture of the kway was not too thick and it was springy , soup base was tasty yet not gluey.

Take 2 Café is located at :
Goldhill Shopping Centre
159 Thomson Rd
Tel : 6258 5380

Operating hours :
Daily from 7am- 7pm

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Jacob Silitonga said...

Niche post,
Great,thanks For Sharing

Zodiac Today

xavvy said...

Hi Jacob Silitonga, thanks for coming by ! Do try out that café =)

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