Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Maternity & Mustela - Beautiful Moms Private Event

I was invited to be one of the guest speaker to share about my breastfeeding experience and to offer some tips to a group of first time moms-to-be, without any hesitation, nor checking on my planner, I rsvp immediately ! Reason being, I'm pro-breastfeeding and it's always great to share tips, don't you agree !

The event started with Denise giving an introduction of Mustela and their range of products catered specifically for breastfeeding.

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Shortly after, it's Boobies sharing session ! The panel of 5 mums, including myself, were asked about our breastfeeding journey, the chllenges faced, how to tell if baby drinks enough and how do we take care of our boobs. This is my journey documented last year.

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My tips for that day (Probably sent some moms looking down at their boobs) : Regardless what size of your boobs are, don't think just because you have small boobs, your supply will be low. It's all about hard work, waking up 3 hourly to pump diligently in the middle of the night.

Look, breastfeeding is definitely the mom's job, but it is utmost important to have the support and help of the dads ! In the night, while the mom pumps, the dad can do the job of feeding to help speed up the whole process. Else the poor mom will be so sleep deprived. So dads, do help to render some help and support the moms !

Follow up next, Danielle from Spring Maternity, shared the latest Summer Blue Collection and some outfits that cater to breastfeeding moms.

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The cardigan with a magnetic feature on the shoulder. Perfect for breastfeeding !

Raise hands, who loves confinement food ! I am totally missing it ! Ms Carolynne Ng, Project Manager from Thomson Medical Centre (TMC), emphasised on the importance of eating well during the confinement. If you  are not planning to hire a confinement lady, do consider Thomson Confinement Food. It does delivery for both lunch and dinner. We were all treated to a set of five confinement dishes, the verdict is if I were to go through another childbirth (which is definitely not possible for now and in the future unless "er hem"), I would go for Thomson Confinement Food !!

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I am not a fan of Pig's Trotter in Vinegar. But I missed the one my confinement lady cooked (Recipe can be found HERE) and you have got to taste this from Thomson Confinement Food. I went for a second serving, just taking the vinegar. The taste is just nice for my tastebud ! I do not usually like it too sourish.

The Sesame Sakura Chicken rocks too ! Love the taste of the wine !! There was this tasty Hong Zao Chicken served as well.

Photo credit : Cottony Photography
The wonderful teams from Mustela,Spring Maternity & TMC
The panel of mums from L to R : Estella, Myself, Beverly, Celestia & Ju Ann 
Thank you Mustela and Spring Maternity for having us and the opportunity to share my breastfeeding journey with all !

Photo credit : Cottony Photography

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