Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[Monthly Chinese Fun Linky ] When I grow up, I want to be a ... ...

This will be Xav's answer if you ask him what does he wants to be when he grows up, "I want to be a Policeman like Daddy !" But on some rare occasion, he will reply you "When I grow up, I want to get married and have children with my wife and be a DADDY !" The daddy must have inspired him that being a daddy, not only you need to be responsible and committed to the family, you can have fun too ! But too bad, I don't think the series of occupation books in Mandarin is going to have this title.

Anyway, I bought this series on Taobao with the help from a friend. It comes in a set of 10 ' I want to be ......"

Why did I like this set, it's not just based on a story about what a police man does.

It began with a story about what did Police Doggie came across while he was on duty and how he helped the characters in it. Parents who can't read Chinese characters, freak not. The characters come with Han Yu Pin Yin on the top row. But I will cover the hypy with a piece of white paper when Xav is reading.

A day of a Policeman to let the children have a basic understanding of what the routine is like for a policeman.

The book even covered the different types of policeman from various department, such as the Traffic Police, Prison Officer etc.

Some activities at the  last few pages of the story book such as Spot the  difference. colouring, maze ... ...

Personally, I find the books pretty fun to be read. These are the 10 titles in the set, ISBN No. is 9787807211266.


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