Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Label of Love Studio Advertorial Shoot

Firstly, I would like to shout out a BIG Thank you to all who have casted a vote for Xav. I sent in his photograph for Label of Love Studio casting call, under the Kids' category.

He was shortlisted among the 300 entries, got in as a finalist and emerged to be one of the top three, who will get to appear in the advertorial for Label of Love Studio.

The  photoshoot session for the advertorial was done by Ashley Low Photography at Singapore Botanical Gardens. The kids had a great time and I have to hand it to Ashley being so patient towards the kids. Why would I say that ? It was because I do encounter photographers who simply just give a "Black Face" and could not even make the child smile or laugh worse, no patience and just simply give a face as well to the parents. (No names mentioned but if you want to know, you can drop me an email or pm)

But I do encounter photographers like Ryan from Orange Studios. He is pretty patient and friendly to the kids when we went for Vera's Newborn shoot as well as our family photoshoot.

Some random snaps from my mobile while Ashley was doing the shoot.

My lil' footballer (Thanks Aqil for loaning them)

My pom pom boy

The kids were great and enjoyed themselves during the shoot. Thank you Audrey and Ashley ! Looking forward for the pictures !

Ashley & the little models

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