Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five >>> Top 5 favourite Daiso buys (Singapore Homes)

Daiso, for sure a well known to all, $2 shop, to shop for anything under the sun ! I have confirmed to have more than these 5s in my house. But these 5s are my top favourites !

The timer, which has been sticking on the kitchen fridge, has served me well for years !

Fridge Timer
Clothes pegs ! How will you choose yours ? Why I like Daiso clothes pegs and chose this particular design is simply because I do not like pegs with "teeth" or grooves at the end of it. I dislike seeing my clothes with "teeth" marks on them after drying. And yes, not forgetting I love white as it gives a clean feeling. If you ever come to my place and saw colourful pegs, those are confirmed not bought by me. I love to have one standard colour. =P

Clothes pegs with no "teeth"
Mega Keeper contiainers ! A must have to contain Xav's toys to categorize them. This is one of them to house the Citibloks.

Mega Keeper Containers

If you are going to making Bento, this is another great buy with five different colours ! Just mix into the rice !

Rice colouring
Last but not least, kitchen tools for Xav as he is always helping me out with the bakes and cooking in the kitchen. These are pretty kids friendly, they are either made of plastic or rubber, no sharp edges. Perfect for our lil' kitchen helpers !

Kitchen tools

What are your favourite Daiso buys ?

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