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Family Photography by Orange Studios << Sponsored Photoshoot >>

Orange Studios - Be Loving. Be Fun. Be Spontaneous !

The newly set up Orange Studios, specializes in family photography which includes maternity, newborn babies, children as well as pets. Gearing towards personalization, what you get from Orange Studios is sure to be solely one of a kind ! Just be sure to turn up at the studio, with your favourite things or probably a concept of your own and let the friendly photographer, Ryan know about it.

Thank you Princess Dana Diaries for referring us, we were happy to receive an invitation from Wini of Orange Studios for a photography session. The session came in just nice as we would normally go for an annual family photography session and in addition, we have a new family member in our family - Baby Vera !

(These are the images we have shortlisted )

Seriously, I was really cracking my head when I was informed by Ryan to bring my own props as they do not provide with any and to decide on some colour theme for their background is only a white backdrop.

Initially, when Ryan asked me what is the favourite activity we do as a family during our free time (cycling) and what best describes us (Outdoor kind of family). The idea of bringing our bicycles to the studio as suggested by Ryan was pretty cool but we do not drive and plus carrying a newborn with our bicycles definitely is not feasible. So what else ?

Just a day before the shoot, I finally decided that TOYS theme it shall be ! Since Daddy and Xav are always into it and yes, they are colourful !

As for attire, we wanted to have the same colour theme. But to the pieces Baby Vera has, pink is the most common. Definitely not very outstanding in the white backdrop, but am sure Ryan would be able to bring it out well.

Welcomed by Ryan and Wini, we stepped into the cosy studio, settled down and had a quick update to Ryan on what my "theme" is going to be. Without further delay, we got started with Baby Vera before she gets wide awake.

The sweet lil' one
 After a few attempts of moving her, being the light sleeper her was awake ! And this was before she started to be cranky, Ryan managed to capture her alertness. We totally love this !

Baby Vera
Next was Xav as I was called for milk feed duty to the cranky Vera. I was behind the curtains when Xav was with Ryan. Though I did not see what went on, but I could hear Ryan was pretty good with Xav and I believed he has a way with kids which is one of the important factor I look for if I were to look for a photographer for kids. (Personally I have encountered twice whereby the PG couldn't communicate with the child at all).

Here are some of Xav's shots. We brought his favourite toys for the session.
The Iron man fan !

Minions frenzy
His new friend, Zespri, the golden kiwi ! By Xav's request to bring along for the session.
Xav & his Kiwi !

With his best buddy - daddy
 Now the doting brother with his beloved sister
The Siblings
Mummy and baby ...
Mummy & the babe
Another family picture that we selected. I did Vera's name using washi tapes and canvas boards.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing through our pictures.

Thank you Orange Studios for having us and the lovely pictures taken ! We will definitely recommend your personalized service to friends who would want something extraordinary ! Of course we are much looking forward to receive our 20" by 20" family portrait too !

Pricing starts from :
$150 for a Creative Session
$200 upwards for the packages (Excluding Creative Session)
Refer to their menu for the number of photographs for each package as well as the pricing for the different canvas sizes.

If you are planning to have your family photography sessions or a session with your friends, Orange Studios is offering a promotional rate for all Xavvy-licious' Readers.
Simply quote Xavvy-licious for a $150 discount to offset *Packages only*

Bookings to be made by 30th September 2013.

To find out more about Orange Studios,
you can visit their website at :
or visit their Facebook Fan Page, Orange Studios

1, Yishun Industrial Street 1
Singapore 768160
Email :
Mobile : 8606-6950

Disclaimer : We are offered a sponsored photography session by Orange Studios. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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