Thursday, May 23, 2013

Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q - Children's Season 2013

We are back again for the Children's Season 2013 @ SAM.

He remembered that there will be activities inside SAM and he requested me to bring him in. Oh well, what caught his eyes was the balloon sculpting station and he happily went to join the Q and got himself a machine gun !!

Then, we went into the Glass Hall for a short activity "Button it up". They will be given a handful of mini colourful buttons and a picec of foam. You can make into a collage or a badge. Xav chose a flower template telling me "mummy, flower for you ok ? To him, seems like every weekend it's Mother's Day =p

Happy with his badge !
After this, we made our way up to Level 2 and they had a counter for body painting. This lil' buddy of mine went up and requested to have a yellow bird painted on his arm.

I called him "Mr Vain"
After this, we hopped over to SAM @ 8Q. As usual, we visited the exhibition in the descending mode, starting from Level 4 onwards.

Level Four - Love. Revolve the world

An installation by Sun Yu-li. I did not managed to take pics of this section as I was busy settling Xav down at the table for his craft.

If you can make out what he is drawing ...... that is his version of MRT map.

His mini creation of an airport
He got mummy's help to draw a crowd at the viewing gallery
On Level Three - Stella Cave II

This piece of stunning work piece is made entirely of screws and thread. Inspired by the prehistoric paintings in France's Lascaux Caves. The entire installation was created by wrapping thread around each metal screw, where the screws represents the stars in the sky.

After you exit the "Cave", behind the curtains, there were several stations around the room where you can give it a go with the screws and yarns, forming your own constellation. Xav's giving a go at it.

The incredibly magical expanding room which was also located within the same room as the Stellar Cave. Watch the transformation of the four walls as it responded to our voice. See what happens when you whisper, talk or shout. You may get to hear the children screaming and shouting behind the curtains, as they are encouraged to do so as to see the effect of their voices have on the graphics which are being projected on the four walls.

On the other side of the building, you can visit "Glossy Dreams in Depth". Be warned that children who don't like dark spaces, this may be a little scary to them. This room is filled with 3D drawings and halograms.

We were first given a pair of 3D glasses, sat on a bed with settings of a children's room. After a 180 deg turn on the turnstile, we were brought into "another world" of nightmares and bad dreams. Overcome the fears as you go along through the exploration of the room filled with peculiar objects.

Photo credit to Singapore Art Museum

There is also a mask making section on the other end of the room.

On Level Two - Film Screenings

A selection of local short films and animations. But we did not managed to catch this as it's near to closing time. Hence, I skipped this and hopped over to the other side "Around the day in 80 worlds "

I loved this room ! It got me fascinated ! Kids get to make their own kaleidescope too but we skipped this due to time constraint.
Do you see a meow in the pic ?
You can change the expression of the face by just changing the shape of the string which outlined the face. Pretty interesting !

On Level One - The Enchanted Garden City

Created by Artist Sandra Lee, step into the whimsical enchanted garden city. It's all abour fairy tales with an Asian twist !

They have this machine whereby your drawings can be scanned. Xav created his drawing, got it scanned and got his drawing appeared on the Magic Mirror.

Mirror mirror on the wall ......
Here's Xav trying to be Jack climbing up the giant beanstalk !

Heeeelp ! I heard the giant's nearby !
There is a beautiful rainbow bridge nicely decorated for the kids to play on.

Level One - Landscape in the box

There were a total of 134 boxes, designed by NUS Architecture Students. Some random pics of their creation.

We could have stayed on longer if we have more time. Probably will just pop by again on another day !

The Children's Season is held from 18 May 2013 - 30 June 2013.

From 18 May onwards, there will be free admission to all NHB Museums and Heritage institutions for all Singapore Citizens and PRs.


Dee said...

I'm planning to bring my girl there too!! :)

Serene Seah said...

Dee, good to go early if u r going on a weekend. That Sat I went was pretty crowded ! Din managed to catch the movie screening too as we went there too late. By the time we finished the rest of the stns its near to closing time.

Enjoy ur trip !

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