Monday, September 16, 2019

[Review] Bee Choo Origin Ladies

Bee Choo is not uncommon if you have read my review on Herbal Hair Treatment with Bee Choo Origin. This time, I am going to share with you Bee Choo Origin Ladies, it is offering the same service as Bee Choo Origin, to help their clients with hair loss, oily or sensitive hair scalp, greying hair as well as dandruff problems. What is special about this outlet is, this outlet is for ladies only, the concept is good for especially Muslim ladies who want more privacy.

The ambience was totally different from the rest of the Bee Choo Origin outlets1 The ambience at Bee Choo Origin Ladies was totally feminine and beautiful! With floral design wallpaper plastered onto the wall, beautifully matched with Victorian style mirrors and the warm lightings. I fell in love with this place and I seriously, will not mind travelling a little further to get some aesthetic satisfaction.

I noticed my mum's silver strands have been increasing over the past 6 months. Hence, I asked her out for a date to Bee Choo Origin Ladies! The perk about going in the morning was, we could get the Microscopic Scalp Analysis done during the off-peak hours.

This time, my scalp analysis was bad. Refer to the picture below:
top photo: scalp could be a little dry as the pore seemed to be surrounded with a flake.
middle photo: a blocked follicle was shown, which was a result of an oily scalp.
bottom photo: showed a reddened part which was irritated badly two weeks ago. I thought that since the itch was gone, the scalp should be back to normal but not in this case.

It seemed like the reddened part of the scalp was sensitive certain chemicals, it could be the colouring I did in late July that aggravated the scalp, as a result causing irritation as well as mild inflammation that did not go away!

The procedure at Bee Choo Origin Ladies was no different from the previous review. After massaging ginger wine onto the scalp to help promote better blood circulation and stimulate the opening of the pores to help with better absorption of nutrients from the herbal paste. This was another special request which could only be done at Bee Choo Origin Ladies, 'colourless' herbal paste so that it would not cover my current hair colour and highlights. 

All done with the herbal paste coupled with a really good shoulder massage to loosen those tight knots!

The staff were really warm and friendly and I could hear my mom chatting with them happily!

Enjoying the treatment! 

Happily selfie-ing away because of the pretty wallpaper and mirror!

The steaming took about 45mins, in between I got some posts done too while waiting via the see-through hair-cutting cape.

We could either shut and rest our eyes or enjoy the beautiful painting on the wall right in front of the beds. My scalp was being pampered by the minty shampoo and felt instantly refresh and clean!

The treatment was done with the completion of blowing dry the hair for the last step. The staff would usually inform us what she would be applying on our hair to keep it soft and manageable. You could also purchase the full-sized product from the shop to accompany home-care maintenance for treatment to be more effective.

I bought the  Damaged Hair Rebuilder for both Xavier and Vera. Their hair has been exposed to chlorine weekly and in Xav's case, almost daily. His hair has become so dry and hard to manage. Just rub onto wet hair and blow-dry, I get soft to touch hair after use!

The orangy part on my mum was the part where most of the silver strands were sprouted out while my hair colour remains unchanged. Here, we are done and I had a happy and satisfied mum who said that she is going to bring her friend here the next visit and as for me, I had a clean, happy scalp again! Thanks, Bee Choo Origin Ladies for pampering our scalps!

Bee Choo Origin Ladies
5 Pahang Street
Singapore 198606 
Phone: +65 62915354

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10am to 8pm 
Sat, Sun and PH: 10am t0 8pm 

For more information, you can also check out Bee Choo Ladies' 
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