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Renovatio - Activated Phenolics + APSKIN Antioxidant Skin Care

It is not easy to find a supplement which can cater for the whole family until I spoke to Dr Vincent Candrawinata, scientist from University of Newcastle and founder of Renovatio, about Activated Phenolics. I could not make it for the event and was really grateful that Dr Vincent made time out a day before just to explain more about this supplement to me upon request.

It was only when Vera turned 4, then I started introducing supplements to her as I strongly believed that the immunity of a young child should be built up naturally and not loading their young liver with loads of supplements for the first three years. To add on, given her eczema history, I am starting to give her supplements to improve her intestinal and gut health, adding on enzymes to help break down the nutrients for better absorption just one year ago.

I was intrigued by the fact that Activated Phenolics uses a specific blend of 100% Australian apples, 6 different types of apples. What made me even wanted to let Vera try it was, unlike most supplements, the extraction for Activated Phenolics does not involved any chemical solvent unlike most of the supplements on shelves. The revolutionary process only involves apples and water, the first in the 80 year history of supplement development.

Activated Phenolics is one of  the rare among the supplements I knew of, that can be cater to improve the well being for the old and and young. Totally safe for :

- Kids ( 2- 15 years old) 
It helps with improving the immunity, cognitive function for better concentration, nutrient absorption and skin conditions caused by cellular inflammation. It is also good for digestive issues, as the powder contains a propriety fibre (alkalizing Oligospectine) with prebiotic function which helps promote digestive health and maintainance of hydration.

Recommended dossage: One teaspoon of Activated Phenolics powder daily in water or juices.

I sprinkled on top of one of her most hateful fruits, dragonfruit. Vera actually ate more than half portion of it unlike the normal days. Either that, or I will make a teaspoon and add some water and she drinks it up.

- Adults (16-55 years old) 

It helps with fighting fatigue (if you are feeling sluggish everyday), weight management, better nutrients absorption, digestive and gut health issues, good skin health and hydration maintenance, recovery from drinking alcohol as well as after exercise.

Recommended dosage: For maintenance in healthy adult bodies, a heaped teaspoon up to twice a day or one tablet a day. For extra protection or help, you can up to one tablespoon of Activated Phenolics powder twice a day or two tablets per day. Activated Phenolics Powder is retailing at $72 Sgd per tube of 280g.

Recently, I visited my regular TCM and she asked if my energy level was really low based on my pulse, I must say she was quite spot on. All the out-and-about on certain mornings to report for work, pick Xav from school, bringing Vera for her therapies and all the accumulated solo-parenting moments had definately drained me out. For weeks right up till the exam period in mid may, by 4pm in the day, I was totally dead. I would plonk and fall asleep after doing a bit of revision with  Xav around 4pm, taking a 30-45 mins catnap to recharge before Vera returns. 

Just when I received Renovatio - An Apple a DayI took one tablet a day in the morning, after a week, I observed that I was more energetic and I could actually do away with that 30 mins power nap. Acivated Phenolics are powerful antioxidants that neutralise a wide range of free radicals which can be taken daily to protect your cells from damage and inflammation and to give support to promote better health and wellbeing. 

I am a lazy person when it comes to supplements. I will prefer to go for tablet for more convenience and if you have been feeling really sluggish and low in energy, I would suggest look into working on your adrenals too, on top of taking supplements.

- Eldery (55 - 90 years old)

As one ages, the recovery process slows down and the immunity as well. Activated Phenolics helps the eldery in terms of improving energy level and immune system, cognitive functions like memory and concentration, helps to bring down inflammatory joints and joint pain, protecting the liver, pancreas and kidney as well as serving as additional support for eldery fighting more serious condition.

Recommended dosage: For enhanced cellular protection, go up to one tablespoon of Activated Phenolics powder twice a day or two tablets a day.

Dr. Vincent did shared that his grandmother who had difficulty walking long distance due to pain at the knee joints, after taking the powder for a period of three months, her condition improved significantly and he was really surprised to see her being able to walk a long distance during her visit to him in Australia.

I have always believed in personal testimonial, it is the most powerful when it comes to how well a product worked for one purely from a personal experience. I am going to get this for my mum to try it out for her ostheo-arithis, the constant, nagging pain which she has been experiencing all these while.
An Apple a Day is retailing at $42 Sgd for a bottle of 30 tablets.

Renovatio - APSkin Skin Care (100ml)

When I learnt that APSkin Skin Care can help with cell regeneration and supporting cellular repair. It contains the right broad spectrum antioxidants offering powerful cellular repair and reducing cellular inflammation to help with conditions such as eczema, sun damage, dermititis, keloid, acne scarring, persistant acne, wrinkles and age spots. The properties of how the product could help with the above convinced me that I would have to try it out as a moisturizer on my face. Just a tiny bit on my cheeks which were more on the dry side to keep it moisturized and it did not leave a sticky feel nor make my face appeared oily after application.

Photo credit: Biovida

Unfortunately, I have a recent episode from Vera to show you how her skin has improved with two application. It was not an eczema flare but somehow it started off with some rashes at the groin area which gradually spreaded to the labia and inner thighs. She had a history of such similar rashes that spreaded from her back to her legs and the itch would usually last for 2 weeks and it took weeks for those rough patches to go off on their own. Her complexion was akin to back to those days where she had those dry and rough patches during her eczema flares. It gave me goose-bumps at times when I have to bathe her and apply creams for her.

She was very uncomfortable by the itch and hence, started to scratch. Her skin was slightly broken from the scratches and I tried APSkin on the affected area and learnt that it had stung her by a little. I concluded that I could only apply APSkin IF there is no open wound. Her skin has been so rough and uncomfortable to touch but in less than a week, I could feel the difference on her inner thighs. The skin was restored gradually and was smoothened out by the fifth day! I will let the photos speak for how effective the cream was. Looking to restore back the skin without any steriod intervention, why not give Renovatio APSkin a try ! It is retailing at $49 Sgd per tube of 100ml.

You can visit Renovatio Facebook Page and Instagram: RenovatioBio for the latest updates and promotions and Activated Phenolics is now available in Singapore and you can purchase through Biovida Look out for their bundle deals too !

For more information, you can also turn to Biovida's social media pages for the latest promotion updates.
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If you would like to read back on Vera's eczema episode and how I managed it, click on the link below and I hope it helps you if you are in a similar situation:

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.


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