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[Review] Song-Cho Soup Maker

I bet the first thing that comes to your mind when Song-Cho is being mentioned, will be their stainless steel racks. If my memory did not failed me, 5 years ago when we had our new home, we decided to go for Song-Cho stainless steel racks for both my kitchen and bathrooms. I have even counter check with Don and he was sure that he did not see anything on kitchen appliances at all.

Until sometime in July, we were invited to Song-Cho live cooking demostration at their showroom at Mapex, I got to understand the company abit more. Song-Cho Singapore, a locally based company in Singapore, started in 1995 specializing in 304 stainless steel products. They have grown and expanded from kitchen accessories to kitchen appliances ! They even provide fitting service for kitchen cupboards and sinks ! Now, I am secretly wishing to give my kitchen an overhaul!

It was impressive when we saw how a sumptuous meal was prepared for 20 pax within an hour with the already prepared ingredients. These were the dishes that were whipped up with the various kitchen appliances; wok, magic cooker, rice cookers etc, soup maker to stainless steel wok.

A healthier choice - Brown Rice 

Fried Promfret

 Stir-fry Vegetables

Fried Bee Hoon
Curry Chicken

Freshly baked bread from the bread maker

Lotus Roots Soup

Longan Smoothie

Last but not least Cream of Mushroom Soup using the Soup Maker. The texture of the soup was really smooth ! I would think it is perfect to cook baby's puree with it given the end consistency.

Cream of Mushroom soup

Here's my personal experience with the Soup Maker. It comes with a durable 304 stainless steel inner jug, light weight and easy to carry around. Especially if you have a small kitchen space like mine. I had to fall in love with it being multi-functional as it has a total of 8 preset cooking modes.

You can make soymilk, bean paste, congee, porridge, soup, stew, fruit/ vegetable and even smoothie in the comfort of our home.

Soup Maker [ SCSM15B ]
Dimension: 1.5 Litres (Dia16.5cm x H31.5cm)

The blades

If you look at the television screen below, it showed the raised "humps" around the jug. This is specially designed so that when you are cooking soy milk with it, the fibres will be evenly drawn back to the center so that the drink will not have much residue. 

and I decided to try making my own soy bean drink from home. You can find the soy bean recipe on their website which makes it easier for all users to refer to ! Totally love it ! The soup maker is pretty smart as in it will give a beeping sound when you "overfill" the jug ,beyond the maximum capacity as marked on the interior of the jug. It will also beep if it is overheating and for safety measure, it will not work until it has cooled down.

My homemade soy bean milk with gula melaka 

Best to go with one of my favourite, You Char Kway also known as You Tiao
(Chinese Fried Churros).

This is the fifth attempt on making sorbet. I am still trouble shooting where and what has
gone wrong. At first, I used rounded ice cubes and the size was much bigger than the
size of half my thumb. I ended up with was a jar of floating ice and the frozen pineapple
/ water melon cubes remained unblended. 

The fifth attempt, I used another ice tray, which is slightly smaller in size and of a mixture
of rectangular cubes and irregular hello kitty head-shaped ice cubes. I succeeded half
and managed to get something similar.

Let me try again sometime soon and hope I can share with you, what exactly works. 

Next to try out will be making Black Sesame Paste for dessert. No blender needed as it can
be  done just using the soup maker alone.

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Song-Cho conducts cooking demos and if you would like to be updated on their events,
products and promotions. Do visit them on their social media pages:

For recipes using Song-Cho appliances:
Instagram: Song_KitchenSpace  

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review for Song Cho, no monetary compensation is
involved and all opinions are of my own. 

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