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[Review and Special Price] TCM Womb Care Therapy @ Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa

When Womb Care was mentioned, what came to my mind immediately was balancing of hormones (primarily referring to progesterone and estrogen), menstrual issues as well as maintaining our beauty from inside out.

My simple understanding of the Progesterone and it it's role from reading "Taming the Dragon" Written by LeAnne Deardeuff, DC & David Deardeuff, DC;
- Progesterone is produced in the ovaries, the adrenal glands (somewhere along your bra line) and in the placenta during pregnancy.
- It is needed to GET pregnant and to STAY pregnant.
- It may also plays an important role in cognitive and memory ability.
- It is necessary to increase the level of Progesterone after child birth, failing to do so may lead to post natal depression and low milk supply. (Breastfeeding moms to note! )

On the other hand, Estrogen is just as vital as Progesterone.
- It is responsible for preparing the uterus for pregnancy, maintaining skin, blood vessels and bones as well as other various functions throughout the body, including memory.
- However, if the estrogen level is too high, it is going to give you problems like:
weight management, weakened libido, insomnia, migraines, fatigue and water retention to name a few, worst scenario would be breast cancer.
- Too low level of Estrogen

If both of the above are not in balance, this is where the fire starts, everything goes haywired.

When I received an invitation from to try out a TCM Womb Care Workshop and therapy session @ Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa,  I accepted it without any hesitation being a supporter of TCM and natural healing!

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa, was voted the most popular beauty spa specializing in TCM Healing Spa Therapy, was founded by Dato Icemichelle Chen, who is a veteran in the wellness and beauty industry with 20 years of experience under her belt. She was crowned Mrs Singapore Universal Beauty in 2013 ! Not only this, IceMichelle had won several awards, read more about it HERE.

Photo credit to AT Marketing

When I first saw Icemichelle's picture in the email, my very instant reaction was a "WOW" at her flawless complexion ! You would not believe her age when you see her in real person, I know that it's weird to hear from a woman's mouth but I could not stop but steal a few more glances at her flawless complexion!

This gem is found in the heartland of Bishan, less than a 5 mins walk from Bishan Mrt Station.

During the Womb Care Workshop, I learnt of some ovaries and womb problems commonly faced by most women, to name a few are:
- Endometriosis
- Abnormal growth in uterus
- Cervical / Uterus/ Ovarian Cancer
- Ovarian Swell

Why is womb care necessary and how would one benefits from womb care therapy? I believe it can do more than that but to name a few:
- It helps to improve overall womb health, irregular menstrual cycles and the flow.
- It helps to with hormone imbalance.
- It helps to treat menstrual cramps.
- It helps improve skin conditions like uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dull complexion (seems like I needed it  badly), scars and acne.
- It helps with digestion.
- It detox the lymphatic system.
- It helps to detox the body and helps in flattening the tummy as well!

We were also introduced to Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream made of 100% Phyto ingredients, which would be used during the womb therapy massage. Some key ingredients in the cream included Fenugreek, Discorea, Grapeseed Extract, Chasteberry as well as Geranium oil.

The womb care therapy took around 45 mins. It began with the therapist warming up the meridian points on my back and certain parts of my legs to stimulate blood circulation. I felt hot sensation on the various points as she went along. Probably my tolerance level is higher, took quite a few attempts at certain points for me to feel the hot sensation.

When she started to "work" on my tummy, the moment she pressed, I could feel my tummy letting out some rumblings. I was told that my tummy was pretty bloated which was true because I hardly feel like eating nowadays or probably too tired to eat! I could even felt my own pulse at the pulse points.

Next, my womb area and thighs were worked on with firm yet comfortable circular strokes. I was glad that the therapist told me that my womb is still pretty healthy and pretty much in place. During the process, no pain was felt as compared to some clients whom she massaged for. She shared with me that some would have felt some pain when she pressed down halfway but she could actually went down pretty in depth for me. Cheers to a healthy womb for now and hope it maintains this way!

At certain points where the lymphatic points were, I felt some bearable aching sensation which was deem to be normal. Overall, the massage was pretty comfortable, a totally different kind of massage from the usual shoulder and back massage. The rumbles from my tummy were gone, I felt less bloated.

After the massage, I was served a warm bowl of Chinese dessert and a hot cup of tea. This is how Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa pampers their clients after a session!

I had the opportunity to do a Meridian Energy Value Testing. I was told to hold on to this metal rod, then the staff used another tool and positioned on a few points on my hand and foot lightly, while the software did the "reading".


She had shock when the results were out, my readings were mostly in the red alert zone (especially so for the meridian that links to the liver, heart and Kidney if I did not interpret it wrongly) .  The report is a good indication of telling me that my body is in distress after having only 2 hours of sleep every night for the past three weeks.

Focusing on the category with the red indication readings at the bottom of the graph, mainly :
- 精神状态比值refers to the Mental State Ratio
- 自律神經平衡度 refers to my Autonomic Nervous System (ANS Balance) 

both the above are totally out of the healthy range. I strongly believe that I was mentally stressed out by Vera's eczema flare condition for the past three weeks and due to the insufficient sleep with barely more than 3 hours a night, had greatly caused an imbalance in my ANS. Very familiar terms as the doctor tried to explain how this is affecting Vera's eczema flare. I am giving myself some time to make some sense out of the whole thing. It's a total stranger to me !

Back to the topic, I thank AT Marketing and Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa for the review opportunity once again ! By the way, do expect some discharge or aching at the lymphatic points that were being worked on for the next two days.

By the way, I did ask if they provide confinement services to help with healing after labour. Do enquire with them for their housecall services.

Here's a special price for the readers who would love to give this Womb Care Therapy a try! Simply call up for an appointment and quote"Blogger Serene" to get the special price of $79 on your first visit. 

Photo Credit : AT Marketing

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa is located:
Blk 513 Bishan St 13
#01-510 Singapore 570513
(opposite CPF Board Building)
Main line :6358 3029

Website :
Facebook :

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