Monday, July 6, 2015

{Review & Giveaway} QuickGrab Fragrance Nappy Disposal Bags

No more nose pinching with QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags.  Here I share some situations where these bags came into great use !

Before QuickGrab sent the bags over, what I usually do is disposing diapers with poop in small plastic bags accumulated over time from groceries shopping. I will tie them up in the small bags and chucked them into my bin as I will not make a special trip out just to discard the diaper down the chute. If the rubbish chute is located out of your unit, am pretty sure you will have bins in your kitchen like me. But in no less than  3 hours, my kitchen will be filled with the stench of poop.

But after trying out QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags, the stench was totally concealed after 3 hours. In fact, the stench only started to come out at the end of the day which I thought it was really so much better as compared to less than 3 hours and the stench was really, really minimal!

Sometimes, I have to change Vera on the pram when am out and about to somewhere with no baby changing facilities and rubbish bins are rarely in sight. I would usually leave the diaper under the pram, in the holding basket. Worse, the diaper will only be wrapped up with the Velcro, no plastic bags to contain, left in the holding basket until we have a chance to discard it. In fact, it's pretty embarrassing to walk around, with the diaper being exposed underneath.

And If you have ever stepped into a baby changing room, choked with stinky smell of poop, such that you would secretly wish that you can just leave the room immediately or wear an oxygen mask over your face.

Going on a road trip with the little ones and you can't stop them from doing it in their diapers. You can't possibly allow them to sit in the soiled diapers for long and changing has to take place in the car just like how I did during my recent trip to the States as the road trip can be between 6 to 8 hours of driving. QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags were simply the best choice to hold the soiled diapers in until you reach a resting point to discard it away as . If you love travelling with your budds like us. This is a must-have item on-the-go !
For mums on the go, the pack holds 125 bags. Just simply pull out some if you do not wish to carry out the whole pack. In any way, the pack is not heavy to be brought out.

So with QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags, the above issues are solved !! Why is it a must have in the diaper bag :
- The dark tint of this nappy bag is stylish and functional as it subtly disguises the contents. No more exposed diapers !

-  Most convenient, hygienic and fuss-free way of disposing soiled nappies, wipes and tissues. No more nose pinching from the stench in the changing rooms. Each naturally degradable bag is embedded with a long-lasting clean and fresh scent which helps to neutralize the odour. I think it's really considerate to keep the area odour free or least to the minimal for other users. This has greatly help to keep my kitchen stench free !

Should you want to get hold of QuickGrab Nappy Bags, the Nappy Bags are currently retailing at :
- Kulily
- Vaby
- Mummy's Market

It costs $4.50 per pack of 125 pieces (IMO, it's really value for money) You may want to check out if they have any bundle deals to get some savings. For more information, you can visit QuickGrab on their website and Facebook page.

And after raving about it, it's Giveaway Time ! QuickGrab have 3 packs to giveaway to 3 lucky readers of Xavvy-licious! Simply follow the Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Condition:
-Giveaway will be from 7th - 12th July 2015, 2359 hours.
- Giveaway is for contestants residing in Singapore only.
- Winners will be notified by email. (Remember to leave your email address and preferred set in the comments section)

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Disclaimer : I received a pack of QuickGrab Nappy  Disposal Bags for review purposes. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.


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