Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY Colours Sorting Game below $2

This is for moms who are into making their own learning kit. How about a colour sorting kit below $2 but of course you need to put in a little effort in the cutting after you laminated.

I bought this pack from Daiso with the main intent to mark down the pages that need to do corrections. Xav just need to look for these pencil markers found in the book. This idea just came to my mind when I saw the colourful "pencils" lying there. Since, I did not make Xav any colour sorting kit the last time, this time I can make it for Vera.

This pack of colourful sticky memo help you save ink as well for not having the need to print out any graphics of coloured pencils. Good deal isn't ?

My house as usual, is in its typical messy state and I can't locate the block to hold the clear stamp. Hence, I use the cover of the plastic box that holds my name cards.

I stamped the name of the colours on the "pencils" , making 5 pieces of each colour. If you have a nice hand writing, you can hand write instead.

The completed "labelled" pencils

Laminate and cut them up. The set can go a long way ! Remember to round off the corners of the cut outs for safety reasons.

You can get magnetic tapes or sheets from Daiso too, cut a little strip and stick them behind the laminated pencils. There you go, you can have them stick to your store room door when playing the sorting game or onto the magnetic white board.

Here are a few ways you can utilise the set :
- Word Recognition (Name of the colours)
- Sort the colours
- Math counters

Have fun making and learning with the little ones !

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